Recent tale is that I am now set for more suffering and it’s all a matter of the power that Politicians have got but I really don’t care what has got any power around here as long as people do not do any further damage to my Bookshop, it is the only reason people complain about me around here. We all know the only thing building up public instability is Politicians having a need to wreck my finances because of the prospect of having my Christian upbringing and life as a Hermit hanging around the Job centres being pushed around and ordered around by collection of gits that are loyal to them with respect to how important they want to feel, bearing in mind their Children do not follow such values and hence they don’t get it at home, therefore something they want to get accustomed to at my expense. It does feed into the activities of their stupid Celebrities who think I can never stop them inviting themselves into my concerns, while those of them that issue the foolish threats do not yet look like characters that get what is due to them when they get into trouble with the Police as a Community. I was under the impression when your work gets to the top levels of Government and is of benefit to people there, it was some sort of good PR, what we have in my case being that it is where the income gets completely destroyed and then I get dragged to that spot whereby I drop out of University over and over again because the gits were lining up to see how my Books helped their various Political careers while having conversations about my attitude and those they talk to on such things feel there isn’t a reason they ought to keep their mouth shut blabbing more punishment for me with a big mouth; shows up like they have done better than Hitler could ever have tried or something – so it’s still the old gimmick of wrecking my finances to get my hanging around the job centre being told what to do which was good for their silly self-confidence while each time I get on with my own concerns it was rather amazing from where they are. This matter has never been a problem for me like they believe it is, what happens is the usual process of getting some no assets and no liability money from Industry goons for the purpose of wrecking people’s lives, now that they have run out of options, the only action left to take is to ensure that I worked for market and they got off plugging products in it, to build up publicity which suggests this is how market and marketing works, while the outcome for me is that I now have a clearly set out situation I can point to as another case in which they have started a provocation again without losing credibility to babbling what people cannot make sense of. In the end this is a Bookshop and no Book purchases usually means no service, they can along with their American friends, build up whatever they like of the issues I resolved in the Books, to show up here and get their imagination up my Bum all the time but so have I mentioned it does appear the one they exhibit on Media will end very well before it stops and those threats will likely lead to outcomes where I am the one doing the beating up too. It’s rather remarkable how important they think they are, while reality is more a matter of an obsession with extremists, whereas they have no sense of what extremists will do to them or how they were meant to handle the extremists but what we find is that they were Politicians, hooligan big brother Politicians with a need to discuss my attitude, when they make use of my work to boost their incomes, as insultingly as possible, while tearing up my whole life because since I have a clue of it, I am a piece of meat while they were a handful of rabid dogs. They so claim it’s a matter of me reaching too high for my position all the time, all of which is senseless rubbish – the reality being that culture and society trouble makers were entirely my responsibility and we see time and time again that what I do concerning their activities is sufficient in every way possible, but will never be enough for white boys shoving me and ethnic minority idiots seeking conveniences that are abusive of my person among many other stupidities that they like to invent at my expense – I can only say that enough had not yet died over it as it were. The women love their abuses and it is always so palatable for them to push me down and make excuses to kick me in the teeth while I am and then we find the idiots make those statements of how I get on with everything I do by means of taking advantage of the world of women, as brainlessly as possible whereas we know it’s always between them alongside men that are bigger than me and my financial well-being, as though we had to pay for the air that we breathe, as stupidly as possible. It does love these insults because it has not yet gotten a full understanding of what I think of their parliamentary abusive social and sexual corruption as it were – the part where it thinks I talk about its sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships like a passing thought while in my view, the size of penis the idiots prefer is the reason my career is a mess on account their sexual activities comes with the divulge of secretes that are only accessible by means of age based discrimination and every problem I face could easily be linked to it as well; the fact when I am done with fools that want to organise their livelihood in a way that makes me uncomfortable, I am stuck with fat cat idiots telling me if I started a fight I will be finished before their money runs out, never mind Politicians blowing off the big mouth about my attitude while they cling to my earning margins and complain about benefits being paid at the Job centre, once done with that, stuck with their Celebrated gits, so I really do believe that their social and sexual stupidities is not actually something they should discuss with me as it is unbearably annoying at this stage. They always point out my affiliation with women who are older than I am naturally while we know women find it humiliating to get into relationships with younger Men and those who do it do not find it humiliating for some reason – hopefully a time will dawn when it spends its own time and resources on the kind of penis it wants, that I might be free of its stupid insolence and abusive behaviour before it goes hay wire as it were. I mean it’s a question of how many Hours a woman spends in front of the Mirror in any 24 hours, how much the makeup will have cost, supposing she had a job to deploy the Body for, once that is done, whom she decided to give it to and how anybody spent time discussing that sort of thing – I know I have a reputation for sexual impropriety and it’s all built up by idiots who have never supplied evidence but I think they are really pushing for a response on my part before their stupidities were no longer seen fooling around with my concerns, suffices to say the Media gimmicks will end very badly if it were to be stopped.

They do claim I appear to be very clear that I only want to establish relationships with White Women and its utter nonsense too, now we know that those years of insults and abuses that suggest I am the kind of man they ought to take advantage of to get what they want but will get off spending it on white women in order to deny them, had eventually secured a response and they are now the people spending time with white men all together in order to ensure I did not get what I wanted; I have indeed found that I am very good at this revenge thing myself. They do say they want me to stop and it’s never up to me – there is no incentive for responding to a behaviour people have put up, such that if I responded to it, I would have been responding to something that does not exist but it is the way they run it off abusively at Parliament and the Media until culture and society trouble makers undoubtedly identify me as the target for it and then the way they run it off from them until the hoodlums in the neighbourhoods cannot get on if they are not forcing me to do something about it but where they eventually get a response is when I am being distracted from what I am doing, this is usually the third and final line crossed in order to earn a response. It’s as when they say I have this huge problem I must set about resolving which I don’t; it’s all the Media and the part that makes me most bemused is the question of incentive behind it – we have all the history; started out with one where they provoked and abused people to get the jobs they were proud of, progressed to a need to wreck my career and finances in order to put me between them and the local hoodlums or even gangs, progressed to taking advantage of my work to make themselves comfortable and quite unexpectedly has become a matter of showing culture and society trouble makers a route through which they can claim ownership of my work, should I make people think of what I know because I have no wish to put up with their insanity on grounds they are working freedom and democracy any further and there is no part of this that is necessary – so we see that speaking in terms of getting a response because I am distracted, we are talking about very nasty stuff like society people running off scandals about being able to see my anus and people having ideas on what should happen with my bedroom window for instance – even this does not bother me too much since I can say here I am and over there are culture and society goons, they are tackling me over some space that should be created from my work and perhaps personality too, so I got off writing a Book on it but then nobody will read the Book, so it’s not a work that I should be doing when the ones I had already done have not been paid for, about which I hear others will take it up instead, whereby they would if it was their Royal Hermitage their stupidities were talking about and this was their corporate Identity thereof – and so we see that they have been the only ones to issue threats at me because their bottoms have hurt on account they are fostering these activities on National Media, they say I want to look after my career by means of war and I wonder if being a hooligan character on Television and Radio corrupting and ripping up my career to be a money clad big brother character who loves such activities but does not share the salary, was not a war, the entire time it has been easier to avoid the bottom hurting issues by keeping away from this Hermitage and the Bookshop – so it’s all media without which there would be no incentive for these activities, I am not in a position to stop anything. The rest of the time they say that my Books are extremely controversial and its utter nonsense as well – the only controversial thing here is their work place abuses and insults; sometimes I get messed around by a black Girl who walks down the streets with a couple of well to do villain white boys, making statements which suggest I am the world’s biggest bitch, it would sound very good naturally and I don’t make too much of it if the last time I responded to such things, I wanted to fool around with career, jobs and personal finances, the entire week after a couple of minutes doing so was spent on people who had arrangement with the Council that their interests were not to be called to question and that it had been, so I know I can take them, should I perform such behaviour well enough, I may just end up sacking whole business communities by it as it were.