The story that I am the lowest thing that ever happened at the Monarchy has never really been an emotive one – we know it’s the same as the need to make money from market I had built for the Hermitage Bookshop becoming so intense with a sense of lies, Communities and entitlement, that I am being threatened for it with their big mouth all the time. This other story about being the lowest thing that ever happened at the Monarchy occurs in the same family as the insult I am an Arch Prince when they say so or the day I claim such things in Public I will end up in Hospital for some reason and it mainly facilitates the insults that make their popularity profitable, no idea why it means they are more important when those insults are never profitable for them at their expense anyway. What we find makes me lowest of the low then becomes a matter of the fact that I don’t want money issues to over shadow everything at this Hermitage but I need to get the invoices funded, where either way their stupidities will make my decisions for me every step of the way, while the older ones relate with me worse than they do their children and become very surprised that I think I have never encountered human beings as stupid as they are when their access to Media means Industry goons spent money on their claims I am making money from the access I have to the Country because of a Royal Office and because they need to ensure this became a sustainable career, set about the destruction of my property and building me another public image which will make this nonsense into some sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. I really don’t have a problem with the fact these idiots have always wanted dominance which is why this nonsense started off with a story of how I get respect from Women while they were the Men who were more deserving of respect and regularly stand up on Public places to say everybody is stuck with their lives and what I say offers a solution that I need to provide if I wish to avoid trouble with their big mouth, believing that although they knew there were consequences to such things, they were so important they did not think it will apply to them, I just want them to buy it and when they buy the Books they can get home and do whatever they liked with it.

I do get told that I am not categorial enough about this case where I need people to deploy my work for support in very difficult circumstances during their careers and to buy the Books on their way home, instead of build me a Publicity that my Website is free for all but I have been; when Companies follow my social Media and deploy my work to get things done, it’s not really an alarming situation as they are whole companies and one endorsement could mean I recovered all my losses but when we find these barely criminal idiots have been deploying my work to win their own contracts and are not buying the Books on their way home, then alarm bells will ring and I will need to do something about it. The sheer insult of coming up with something like that is usually astounding but then again their threats are all very good, save when it becomes a classic case of who is more important in a condition where Government worker deals with Public issues and when popularity gits make money from taking advantage they build him a publicity that suggests they are more important, required an overt response – for now they say the reason these matters are getting worse is that people hurt them on my behalf i.e. that I have State provided security and should get around without it and also that when their society gits show up here to make trouble and get a bad experience off me, each time some Royal Women see them like that in Public they want to express all the hate in the world for the expression on their faces as well, which feeds into claims what I have done on my Social Media is an acceptance of Liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel in the Fields, adding to their behaviour predisposing people to sexual abuse at Royal work – when I do mention it so, we find this nonsense has no more validity and that the fact their stupid bottoms are sore is the barest minimum.

So it will easily have developed into a story of how none knows what I want on one hand while their Celebrity culture is in a state on the other; while what I want is to ensure their stupidities making public matters that have been resolved worse because of the opportunities they believe they are getting from claims such as me making money with the Country at Royal Office, needs to come to a stop and that I don’t have a problem with their need to dominate people and take advantage right up to a point where they have so many people that they have taken advantage of and abused, that it is impossible for them to run out of options when it comes to the avoiding the monotonous, mundane and repetitive processes of preparing home and family systems that are set out to bring about an income into something that lasts into the future, it is important that they buy it as it were. That they are tackling me because their Celebrity culture is a mess was an old story; I built wealth inequality structures here because people loved to show up here to talk of it endlessly – they have not given it a days break from vandalism and dominance since and have now accomplished what they desired most i.e. criminals being the ones to make popular culture that runs and runs and runs on the radio waves to churn the tummy of Government operatives and encumber mobility, while the young people who usually did it to prevent criminals moving around and hurting or killing people had nothing and I am unable to prevent them from making money with my property which puts their Media stupidities at the top of the food chain – so their Celebrity culture in a state should be the least of their worries presently.

In the end they are starting to learn the physical aspects of the fact I have a schedule and like they show up here to perform these activities because they have money, they can see when I started catching up with schedule to build my own money up as well and to do so in a good enough time to make a statement too, they would have power over nothing around here. Legitimate purchase and legitimate review is all I ask when they show up, buying the Books when they need equities to abuse for money and keeping off my Royal Office, Public work and property when they are interested and rewarding an Author for deploying his Literary work to win an Income in the City which is respectful as well, is not deaths door.