I am told that I am now in desperate need of some mercy and I could never make out which part of activity has brought about this assessment either – what I know is that there are three main parts of behaviour associated with the destruction of my property that American Democrats are actively involved with and one of them is the destruction of any arrangements I have with other businesses, the other is the destruction of my own business image and the third is the destruction of my market which is done mainly through Media abuses and stupid individuals getting rich at my expense to make my social media toxic; the only of the three I have responded to is the first and we know it has already become a global phenomenon, the last two are now subject to the question of whether they will make the choice to keep away from my Books and stop following me around or carry on to find out what I am capable of as well – either way it should not be making stupid assessments of any situation when it is done destroying my property in order to churn my tummy, unless damage is resulting reciprocate damage around here, which is what really should be happening, about which when I spend my time talking instead, I clearly am not talking to their stupidities, it does not have the premise to make any assessments on what it thinks of as its foolishness adding up to a power that rules over or controls me. I do get told I deny I am at war with Americans and it is utter nonsense as I am not; what happens in effect is that we do not see Republicans engage in this activity unless the Democrats are finding some very desperate persons to take advantage of; it has been spending its time tackling any business arrangements that the British have with other entities naturally and it’s the simple process of getting it running again which the idiots have made into a global phenomenon their idiocy cannot live with, there is yet to be a response to the direct destruction of business image and market, so we have not yet heard a freedom based leadership aimed at hating British yet.

They speak of me criticising them over the way that they conducted the war I Iraq being the main point here and yes I did as what happened when Obama three weapons at Islamic State and when they Liberated Iraqi Towns set lose some Terrorists on Allies that are not behaving, is simply a more obvious version of what I criticised them for; they are a bunch of sociopaths and the trouble with sociopaths is that we are only able to measure their criminal activity in two ways i.e. the way they chase money others have worked for especially through Celebrity culture and any physical crimes they have committed, so we have to go by the blind process of measuring the way to control their stupidities on the basis of the prognosis friendliness that they develop with those they wish to attack in the future, while the psychopaths are a bit more obvious in the sense that when you have a conversation with somebody, it quickly veers off into a corner for a story about the extent of your powers. What we have found is the money madness these idiots who really have a pathological fear of work but would not settle for a living wage if those who worked for it offered it to them on a platter have invented with their Muslim friends since the badly conducted war in Iraq which I criticised heavily as well, that when they were done getting ordinary people killed through the war because they needed to blackmail everybody else with bloodshed in order to get rich, it will become far more difficult to plan the aftermath of the war all together – since their New Alliance with the Democrats they have gotten closer to the Germans too, while the British ones that joined in cannot keep their insulting imagination off my anus for it and there is a war over my diet to ensure they got the most damaging results from their stupidities being channelled at me as well – the moral of the story being that peoples Office of State needs to stop being subject for Liberal America practical jokes if they are complaining and that they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing, their incompetence only rivalled by their disrespect for those who do. There is no such thing as their new alliance with Muslim friends being a threat to me and if they have not seen me run off an attack on their business image and market as well, they do need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, instead of finding out that such behaviour leads to outcomes where they cannot keep their mouth shut as well, on account they have not been getting a response. What we know as a matter of certainty is that they are now out of their depth since it started getting serious as it were.

The other part of their story naturally is that people do not need more punishment and I don’t care what they need around here anymore, it is as simple as the fact they do not write my Books and should handle only the copies that they have paid for – as for what they need in its own merit getting attention from me, they are now very well informed that I have had enough of them. So it does feed into that old case of a problem with Women disliking me which is not unusual; we all know that it does not allow people breathe because of money and there is one fighting after another for its stupidities to do here, thus my main challenge is that I am Royalty while younger people are fighting my battles which is what needs to change, it does not talk about those stupid Children inventing all sorts of nonsense that relies on me until I drop out of school if it is more interested in ripping up my career to chase female lovers which could have been made easier should it put a sticker on its silly face to tell everybody she was a lesbian lest people stepped in it as it were – so there is always one fighting after another, after another for them to conduct around here, the way that every little part of my life must now be protected by some women who are predisposed to see things that I don’t and there is nothing wrong with private schools contrary to the blabbing we hear from their Politicians. They love to flatter themselves with those stories of how I think that I am finished when I have done things like these and it is utter nonsense as all I have mainly said is that they need stop churning my tummy and making my social media toxic by those stupid narcissism crowd pleasing assessments they make of what I am feeling about them on Media and see that they do not have the right to handle my Books – there is nothing wrong with handling the Books, they just need to handle only the one that they have paid for – I have mentioned before the next thing I am about to sack for them is what Politicians have spent money on to constitute something of business connections they can get involved with when they finished preparing for their careers, then it will stop how they wanted it and I will be truly done.

They do claim the Labour Party is a big problem for me and it is not, it is a problem but its not a problem I cannot get my head around. It is a party full of very evil people who dream of nothing but getting good looking people to take the clothes off in Public places and love to suggest equality is when ugly people got their penises inside of the good looking which sets off all sorts of nonsense that gets them attacking me for the results of their personal decision which I also think will not end very well if their stupidities made it physical too – they leave it out every time that the Government they ran was engaged in the titanic battle that it did to get me off my academic work, because it wanted me to be caught up with mentally disturbed community croons that do not get to access good looking people for sex, everything else is an excuse they make up as they go along with the lies they tell for the incredibly bad social behaviour they exhibit and then set about building Publicity which suggest others were responsible. I already know it’s a party of very evil people who think about the idea of me being naked so people might get their imagination up my bum all the time and then set about clinging to my earnings to work the idea that I will at some stage desire justice but all I will get is more corruption that will ensure it appeared the age of 60 was a luxury for me, they spend so much time on it that their own money now depends on me, as stupidly as possible. As I have mentioned before, it has now come to the stage where they need to handle my Books only when it is the copy that they actually paid money for all together and its all developing into something of doing so or finding out if I will sack their business image and market as well. I do get told I make things unnecessarily complicated for myself but it was simple enough when I said none was to peddle my faith, personal life or Public image; at the time they were busier with such things as the older people attacking me because I got into an argument with them and won the argument, while the younger people claimed that my disposition was one which meant I was running their lives by trying to get rid of conditions in which they were dominant power over me – now I have been running an Intellectual Property Administration business and the whole thing has gotten a lot more serious, especially in terms of their problems with market honesty where they need buy a product if they need it, save up for a product if they don’t have the money to buy it or get a Credit facility if the product is limited availability and they will not catch on should they try saving for it.

They claim I could never handle them but like to think that I can and this is a dangerous supposition to entertain; their behaviour generally means that things have happened around my concerns since last I got my Books Published and they are as follows; that they have been buying shares in the business and Companies that get involved with me in order to control me, meaning people end up with immense problems for publishing my Books and the abuses get worse the more successful I get because an entire Political Party is stalking me over the fact that they are nearly out of time to get famous on my Public image – Popular culture idiots have also done the same but their own is specifically geared towards something they describe as Pop power, when other popular culture goons with money sit around with each other and develop an idea of how the world ought to work on my Public image and personal finances and the number of establishments which trouble makers have erected for the purpose of pretending they are set out to employ people and provide service while they are out to hurt people have gone through the roof – it has become serious enough for the matter of every instance in which they handle my Books being one that involves a copy that they had paid for or the Consequences will be equally as grave for them as well. Where people say they have heard about the Labour Party but not my rationale and the fact I never care about poorer people has never been an issue; this is a matter of these very twisted and evil people working hard enough on Public immorality that as I mentioned before, the number of establishments set up to hurt people instead of trade and employ have gone through the roof, because of the amount of resources that have been poured into the business of letting their stupidities permeate mainstream living – they have been caught saying that they will make me do something about it and that is largely their big mouth wagging; we are talking about a condition where somebody who was 12 years old when there were 20 companies in the Area of which 6 existed to hurt people is now 18 and needs to find a job in a condition where that number has risen to 19 Companies in the Area, what I am going to do is ask them how much their bottom hurts regularly while I look after my own interests; it’s a matter of gathering up my own money as well and in good enough time to ensure that I can make a life for myself and to extend that support to those who get involved. They already know blabbing about how I cannot handle them is done in a condition where I am engaged with Intellectual Property Administration and already know that Celebrities work for less than 5% of the money they make, so its money that people have given them as leverage to buy venues and equipment for the purpose of tearing down other people’s family finances and here in the UK, the Labour Party is at the forefront of pushing down Government funds into such nonsense – they have also heard me mention of people finding out what I am capable of as well when this stupidities means that their need to collect other peoples money and add to their money in order to build up a sense they have been making profit, got desperate enough to see them mess around with matters concerning National treasury and how it will get me showing them what I am capable of too; the idea I cannot handle them is stupid, short sighted and dangerous. The Americans have constantly told these lies about how I have set out a Book which allows people to chase their bottoms when people know they were famous and their whole world depended on it but what my Books do is support people and at the daily concerns and although I am a little fearful of making the same decisions that older people made about their behaviour which I used to think was sometimes overbearing when I was a young person, the reality on the ground are such facts for instance as a world where those who ran the private security services 30 years ago, are still the people who own such establishments today and their view of what theft is has not changed in anyway – hence I am only finding out that the behaviour of Celebrities which brands those that are tolerant of their madness as fools who did not know how to tackle peoples livelihoods, wreck it and take trophy parts they can make money with because it is how they make their money, facilitates behaviour where people take money from the tills at Businesses that have employed them to look after the shops because my Books causes Celebrity smell and they all cannot make me do anything with the big mouth they have got. It conjures up an image of what makes sense in terms of getting out of bed to organise your life in a way that leaves them in pain for some reason, so I have had to come up with an alternative as described above – that said, when I speak of fear of making decisions, I am talking about the fact I picked up mine during the economic crisis and so it was impossible to say that these were characters that took equities and Assets where they did not work for it everyday because we had too much to lose to them if I did, now I am a bit more confident than that, blabbing about making me do anything or how I am not able to handle the fact that if Celebrities get money from Industry goons as leverage, they will be funding some Politicians that will help them grab other peoples money and add to it because that was their ideas of what profit looked like, is dangerous.