The case of how people are satisfied with the degree of damage done to my property to facilitate the prospects of US Democrats winning the next election is never an emotive issue but I do not think that they will want to make a case for it on Media either, I do not think that it is a PR that they would fancy, so I might breathe the free air as well, or they can find out how destructive I am capable of getting for myself as well instead. We all know for what its purpose is valued at, they want to tell everybody else what to think about Trump, while the reality is that the Obama Administration completely destroyed Trumps Hoteling and Hospitality Business and we all know the way things work in the US is that such behaviour likely gets voters to vote somebody that will damage their own as well, not just Trump – so what this would have meant is that they had progressed from telling me what to think as insulting as possible to ripping up my career and person life in order to ensure Democrats were winning elections again. Its like I get told my behaviour towards them is a hate campaign while it is nothing of that sort; those who have spouses are very well aware of the extent and viciousness of their social and sexual corruption, I am single, so I must accept that they have all the excuses in the world to come up with reasons that allow them target me with it as if I am living in hell and my whole life is a cascade of some stupid pornographic behaviour after another in public places – the social corruption will be the one where it is incapable of doing anything without gathering a crowd to get the imagination up my bottom and jeer at me for it while making stupid statements about my Royal status becoming property they own with a big mouth alongside, when they are not complaining about consequences as well, the sexual corruption will be how all these vandalism and destruction while they tell lies all the time to preserve their own is meant to ensure they simply got what they want – all together it makes people sleep around and not in a nice way, what I think of them and the way I express it has nothing to do with hate or prejudice. We all know since the time of Tony Blair, the obsession of the Labour Party with a game of spending tax payer funds to rip up peoples personal finances was developed on the basis of allowing community croons who seldom gain access to good looking men and likewise the women bits as well, to do so, I dropped out of University to facilitate it and they can no longer deny this because the results were so obvious – we also know they have given up a patch and it involves the stupidest ageists in the land running every aspect of our lives that makes sense, in order to ensure that it was more attractive to us to do some street riots, now we look like we never achieved anything and yet this is where it all finished, we look a certain way and their wicked nature finds it amusing too. I do get told they would like to help me get some reprieve but I make it difficult which is utter nonsense – the only reprieve they can give me will be when Celebrities kept their stupidities outside of my concerns completely – it’s a question of how many times in any 24 hours, it is acceptable for somebody to build publicity and gather photographers on a case of another person’s Bookshop becoming their own property for the purpose of their fame or crying Injustice when somebody who knows more does not deploy my Bookshop to make them happy and comfortable, how many times in any given 24 hours is acceptable for people to do this? At this stage I don’t think I have enough momentum to secure their attention yet, so the fact my Trust tends to exist between profit and none profit, allowing the access they have gained to it, develop into a means of complaining about inequality, extracting money from my work that they place in overseas accounts and then begin the entire stupid process all over again; soon I think I will be ready to ask them to keep out of my concerns or I will break their own, then it will be the beginning of an opportunity for people to live in the real world. The Politicians have continued to mention how this gets to teach me respect but so have I warned them about this insults, warned them about having enough of it enough times as well – I have never met them as a minor and they have never once remitted a penny towards my bills. Then we hear them claim my view of them is rather poor which is utter nonsense; the truth of it that the Labour Party is a group of goons who behave as if I took five surveyors and architects to a building site in the City and by 6.00am somebody burst a Major waterway, by 11.30am another person burst a second one and then another was burst around 3.00pm and the last was burst around 5.00pm and I had my 9-5 set out for me – half the problems naturally as the bloody idiots have now developed from telling me if I described them as a bunch of idiots I will end up in a difficult situation, to following me around and making a mess of my career as I go along, looking for a proper response.

They have continued to claim I hate Celebrities but hide such a fact to make myself a danger to them and its utter nonsense – they are the very pinnacle of the incredibly stupid behaviour we see people want to exhibit at my expense as violently as possible, where they put out their worst behaviour in Public and then we find their Politicians wreck my career and finances to give them reputation edge whenever they want to find employment and to say their stupidities are never nice about it will be an understatement, while getting me to hang around at the Civil service being told what to do because I am to be coached into employment as such; its all to do with looking like you always get what you want at other people’s expense – the women can just walk up to me and make their own statements on my Public image, the young people tell me I can never be right no matter what crimes are committed against me, if I stopped them trying to handle it, as insultingly as possible and the older ones are always getting after my personal life, it is becoming a matter of looking after myself well enough to ensure their money no longer relies on me. Some people have said I drag the matter out and hurt myself with it but doing it with a sense of finality will be a matter of taking the business of making sure their money no longer relies on me, once I am done building it up to that stage and then using it to ensure that there is no 24 hours in which Celebrities interfered with my life and career, as though I had disappeared as far as they were concerned and no traces of me were to be handled by them – like people say they get the better of me which is utter nonsense too, what they have done is try to secure this business of tackling me to make fame after being told off for grinding the show business into my personal life and public image before they began the process about a decade before and it involves building an obfuscation over my diet, claiming its food that can cost me my public image and fame, food that can ensure my fame goes to those who actually need it, they started it at the precise point where I had begun to trade my Books more seriously, just like they did the academic work and I ended up dropping out the same year the worlds worst recession began and the effect is that I now look like somebody who does not get paid when he does any work for their hoodlums and Industry idiots to fool around with, about which there is no love lost at this point. So we find that some people say I underestimate how good my work is in terms of my Royal Office i.e. if I am now set to sack their world for these activities, the building obfuscation of my diet to develop communities that get imagination up my bum to stop me in my tracks and secure attention for them at the same time, claiming it is food that can cause loss of public image and fame, it feeds into a business of taking good care of Armed Forces Interests at the Office.