It is now said that should it have been clear that I would be such a problem at the Monarchy, I would not have been allowed to get anywhere near it and its utter nonsense, I am not a problem at the Monarchy, what happens is that HM is over 90 and one does not want the Queen intervening on one’s behalf every so often, so there has to be a behaviour to express that, as for those making the mess, when they get after HM all together, it seems they are unable to recognise the Royal Politics when it kicks off and need me to explain it to them at a price.

It cannot be so impossible to set out that I am a Hermit who writes Books and that none should peddle my faith, personal life and Public image, as I am an Arch Prince, if they do not want the own peddled where they have done the best work for their career as well – the wealthy claim the reasons they should be able to handle my property without consequences is their wealth that they can clearly afford it with. Such that we find the stories never go away that what really happens is younger people becoming more successful than I am and are therefore taking over where I had made a mark on the world, which is utter nonsense; we know they built this nonsense up, they wrecked the academic work and finances to build it up, they have continued to make out my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives until they attained this point where it can be said that I am a bum because their abuses operate best with mentally ill people and bums generally – either way, there is no real link between professionals or wealthy people and low lives running around grabbing opportunities, including the processes of working the benefit system, there is therefore no need for me to look like I am always trying to establish a link between the two or to dismiss one; what is happening here is those who continue to wreck the career and finances becoming completely fed up with the business of looking after me, right down to the part where we will soon be discussing those abusive insults that suggest they were my parents bread winning for me as well but whilst that is the case, there is no doubt I will be said to have been a bum working the benefit system as well, while the reality is that when I am unemployed they have to pay it and this is where it is out of hands too. Whilst there is all the complaint, the process has not stopped in the slightest – anything that agrees that I write Books with my time gets attacked and beaten down while I am never far from people making statements about something important that I have lost, alongside trying to get the Politicians to do something about my attitude because of the consequences of the damage this behaviour causes.

I do get asked what I would do if I were to put my hand on heart and say that I was destined for more than this and yes I was but that is largely a matter of the fact all is well, save the new issue that has emerged to show that young people have been following these abusive behaviour their adults put up, for the purpose of making sure they built me a public image that suggested my Books were things people should get involved with but not to read them – having done so, they have placed themselves in a position that means the problems I resolved to set up the Book shop now sets a stage that means they are marked out as the ones who will suffer the most whenever those issues are not fixed, while they have rather become convinced of when they became consummate trolls.

They claim in my heart of hearts, I don’t think Politicians are the ones who govern the Country but I suppose they can read my mind for their part as well all together – either way, we know they want to dominate Monarchy but have not yet dominated their society and the consequences of the vandalism is something they find amusing in Political arena until they got  response for it; so far my response is more a matter of bumping into society while they dominated me, meaning those gits at municipal living who think others ought to look after their bottoms while they grabbed public image to escape from what they regard as the abusive processes of having a day job and the acceptable processes of being famous and rich, should be allowed to continue this business of updating their knowledge on how the jobs of the Politicians really work and then it will be increasingly amusing that way. In the end I do get asked why I have such intense feelings about Politicians and an example is the daily destruction of my Bookshop which they claim is amusing as well and we now know they think it’s a matter of dominating Monarchy as well, hence I have to work out what would have the same effect on Politicians as a business of attacking everything that I have convinced and brought onto my side in terms of a writing career, to leave people who are interested in my Books thinking it is insane as involvement with it means loss of their own careers all together and the one that fits the bill is when they get out there to speak news about themselves for a job that will pay them up[ to £65,000 in Parliament – it should be noted I don’t actually have any of these problems with the Liberal Democrats at present, 80% of it is all Labour Party, 20% is the Conservative Party that holds me down for Labour to run off its abusive body language in the shop floor of Parliament until it became a sub culture at my expense, then claim I have stolen careers from my parents and try the hands on flushing my whole life down the loo, complete with racial violence; so whilst the Labour party finds it difficult to get on the Streets, the Conservatives end up with an unusually heavy Middle Ground or Centre right Politics which feels exactly the same as what they do to me. I do also get told that I make it all unusually complicated which I don’t – what happens is that I end up asking if we have whole Political parties that cannot stand the sight of an Intellectual Property Administration business, while at Industry it was more a matter of some idiots saying my Empire only exists in my head, at first which it didn’t matter because they should be insane to use something that only exists in my head but now my career is being affected, they are using my time over something that only exists in my head – I had considered that if I ran off the business during the recession, I would be successful probably with a Prestige Office in the City but it would only have been a Bookshop, so I considered all the Equities I had built up for it and gathered up Multinational Companies to broker it with, now I am unable to for the sheer weight of peoples insults, progress from Trust to Book sales and they say their main problem is that they made a face the last time I said something and when I checked again they made that face somewhere around the part of my career where I have done my best job and claim that it is what their civil rights now looks like, hence that my main problem is that I describe people as stupid.

The other part of the story is that it is incredible I have been trusted with the responsibility that I have which is not the case, as the claim will be that I am messy – the mess isn’t mine, it’s all the Politicians making a mess; their leadership allows people to set out members of the public as targets for abusive behaviour that means when their victims protest, they collected self-improvement and this is largely because the Politicians have no regard for those that can sort out the problems they complain of while they spend money on those who contribute to it – this then feeds into society that wants secretive society for organising communities to abuse certain targeted people into giving up proceeds of work or Public place property instead of getting a job and that feeds into a habit of making a statement around a dream that somebody has lost something very important on the left hand side or on the right hand side, which the Celebrities pick up and run off popularity on to a point where the victims begin to consider the rope age of 60 to be a luxury due to the pressure which adds to the pressure their employers put on them to deliver work – this is not my mess. They say they will  like to know exactly what I am trying to accomplish and it is the old tale of the fact we will never have a way of living as long as out daily routine is decided by municipal gits who want to escape what they think of as the abusive processes of getting a job, which is the reason the rest of us need to look into the issues that make them smell the obscurity at Government buildings. For those of us who think that employment and not Celebrity culture offers a structured way to organise finances and a retirement, we want a Country that is not experimenting on itself endlessly because everybody wants to be a business person, especially when we are trying to recover from an economic crisis and we will never have that until we stopped doing what they wanted. For my part personally, they are starting to get to that stage where they will end up showing how I ought to have become a character they can harm and want to attack all the time on grounds that tax payer funds were spent to help them out with financial problems and they thus needed self-confidence thereafter to be superior to me. an example is the fact I have been running off some Campaign for my Books for a while and whilst I have not spared the warnings on everything they have been doing to make my life toxic, I have ended up with interest in my Books but I have ended up with the wrong crowd never the less – while they follow up such nonsense with the idea that I am supposed to co-operate in terms of market I have built and how others may share it, with their Celebrities only recently finding out the Middle Aged corrupt fans who are caught between the Shops and Communities and do not want to smell by themselves, along with the young people getting imagination up peoples bottoms really can do very little about me – so the sharing of market will be the part where there is a family and it has a leader and they have a policy towards family finance led by that leader, who has trusted me a little because of my Bookshop and I am expected to share that trust with others – never thought it an issue now that they are happy to stifle my finances permanently over this nonsense either, just that when I do shut down the Bookshop they will not have it either, in such a way that nothing will be following me around to make a mess of my concerns which is linked to it as well – hence their pain at this stage is that they are growing too old for the fame and popularity, it’s not that when I wonder what is wrong with them I don’t know that I have made huge contributions to the way they are, goes without saying I shall now end all my problems by making it quite clear Celebrity involvement with me is something I find distracting, disruptive and destructive and especially for the blacks who are usually violent in everything they claim they do because they love those they do it t – the trouble makers at the Monarchy now know they should be spending more of their time getting the Celebrities to control their fans and clean up after themselves instead of handling me. They do say I never really finish anything that I start and it is utter nonsense too; I got out of bed this morning, thinking it was becoming clearer how complicated my work is and why I don’t want to be disturbed or why I am always so grumpy because it appears to happen all the time when it doesn’t but towards dusk that had vanished completely, replaced with this idea I get involved with Media, Police work and everything else I can but never really answer the call to get fully involved or to commit to something I had started and hence the need to make it clear that is not what I said I was doing i.e. writing Books to sell to Clients I have served on the Intellectual Property Administration front – we are looking for instance at such small matters as when a Client employs a Celebrities who is not an Ordinary Employee, so I like to categorise them as Client Employees and the business of handling their insatiable desire to destroy businesses with their ego as a work in progress, I am doing this on social media, did not tell people I was very important, I told them I did not want to be disturbed at all.

It’s like they speak of the environment and we know from recent events that the people most engaged with destroying it at this stage at the Europeans, while the Americans simply keep their destruction on it at a consistently high level – 5 years ago we were getting Europeans off securing cheap food unlike the British who eat everything that is expensive that is, by making sure they were not killing off the Fish stock in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific, now we know they are supplying their cheap food needs by burning the Amazon; after years of wasting Huge Assets and Asset Equity to buy time for Companies who wanted to make the transition, they are making their own transition for that like it was all so easy.