It had become quite clear a long time ago that the venture to grab my public image was being explained to the world as a matter which occurs because they were either mad or stupid and they do say I will get into trouble when they want me to which will never happen – saying they are either mad or stupid is simple enough. The details are rather that the ones who are most interested in my income margins blab all the time about dunces who want to run the world while their clever children who spend time on practical jokes everybody hates but want to engage in had to do some hard work at school for nothing – the not so clever goons at society spend all their time running some arrangement that has to do with wrecking people’s lives and becoming pointlessly violent over their own in order to protect it – their children spend their time making a mess of people concerns and neighbourhoods, once they were lowest of the low like their parents chose poverty to help them oppress important people or blab insults at me like they bread win for me as well as their children when they are not, they begin to obsess with what Celebrities have and are seen to wear, such that they were rotten to the core but the good part about them is the money they spend on the High Streets, such that it enables all sorts of criminal behaviour to ensure that other people do not as they put it ‘do their stuff’; so this is a little bit about me as well and their problem began when they wrecked the academic work, since I already know that everything we hear them complain about is a problem they create for themselves, like when the blacks tackle my career because I think when I spend time with white people their black community madness will not handle me successfully, only for me to end up with an eating disorder and get into the Kitchen to experiment and build my own feeding arrangements, which has now led to stories of cultural philanthropy on my part and whole communities built up to discuss my tummy as insultingly and abusively as possible, same as the process of getting imagination up peoples bottoms which has quickly followed this, in a bid to ensure I was doing what they wanted, then complain and issue threats for the smell and we can list the one that happens close to us all the time but the pattern will still be the same i.e. a problem they build for themselves which they have decided other people were to be responsible for, how it gets off thinking it can grab my Public image is something I have reasoned as simply as the one above i.e. they do it because they were either mad or stupid, especially when we know it can get serious in terms of me wanting to ‘grab their stuff’ and ensure as well that my tracks were covered well enough for me to avoid every one of those stupid consequences we hear them boast about – that said, I would not respond to it as well if they had not wrecked the academic work; wrecked academic work and a story of me spending time learning other people’s careers about which they must grab my public image is meant to be incredibly stupid but makes sense never the less. So I don’t know if they are projecting themselves unto me since they are the ones who chose poverty and spend their time trying to oppress important people all together when they do but grabbing my Public image will either be madness or stupidities, if they feel I should be threatened, then I think they need get this done as soon as possible as I am on a schedule or keep their big mouth firmly shut. So we do hear that they follow me around because they were sharing their problems with my life naturally and I would fancy they had stopped spiking my stress levels by complaining about the smell as well, the complaining makes it worse and there is nothing in the world that their stupidities can do about me.

I am also told naturally that I am talking like racists which might be true since the same way they drive racists insane and whisper nonsense into people’s ears with their bullying as a local community is the same things they do to me – however, I am different in the sense I am very well aware of the full extent of them hanging around the neighbourhoods to build secret gatherings that facilitate all these nonsense rather than work for money and how those secret gatherings want to run their lives by violent lasciviousness that is about my tummy, then issue threats and complain about some smell they cause like the patter we see in other parts of their stupid behaviour. So they always claim that I have no respect for their achievements and it’s never about their achievements as it is rather more about Industrial stalking, where standing up during an international technology show to say none knows who the hell I am, is just the part where they are trying to have a drink with people that will help them get to the top of companies I had gotten involved with, so as to control their kid on whom their future depends etc and naturally the fact I am still broke has never been that they prevailed but rather that I have been built a Publicity where people want to buy something else instead of the Books I have written such that each time they invented other ideas about what I should be doing for them, it gets serious very quickly.

So it is now suggested that there has to be an explanation for the hate people channel at me but it really has no meaning whatsoever, it’s just something I have not provided a response for while it has had National Media Publicity spent on it for years, so for each lie they tell on it, there is a process where as time elapsed, they got to believe those lies and act as if the tall tales represent what their social and human rights actually are. Their Industrial friends say that the matter is too big for me and it is not; what happens is the same tale of me finding out there were rumours I was trying to make a living from the shadow big businesses have created all over the world, which some people use as career points distributing the products of those businesses and since it was not what I was doing, I had to clear up such facts as well – once done I ended up stuck with their stupidities making a case of how they get off a recession from grabbing Market that people who are incapable of defending themselves such as myself have created and so we find that beyond that is a business of making sure I have to deal with some very stupid individuals that have found one thing about me that they can feed on which does not do me much good but their need to get involved with and handle my person in order to feed on it wrecks my whole life, while my possessions appear to have ended up in a condition where rules do not apply whether or not those rules existed, claiming that it is how they get out of a recession that they created instead of getting back to the drawing board for the businesses that get to their heads and then we find that they can never stop appealing for a violent kind of help to support them against me in the matter. What has as such become clear is that they are not going to make fame on my public image because I will not allow it and the threats are a big mouth blabbing for it too – they are running out of time as such and becoming too old to chase the fame and this is the beginning of the consequences associated with the damage they do here; the academic work is still wrecked and the debt incurred from the first time I attempted it have not yet been paid off, while they complain that they could have spent their time on somebody they were able to take advantage of, if I did not present myself as somebody that they could take advantage of years ago, the entire time of which the stupid behaviour have not receded but rather become increasingly violent. They do complain that it hurts but the hurt associated with their stupidities and how their involved with others makes it a form of power is everywhere; for every time their idiocy applies with respect to risks I take to run a business alongside a social issue that ensures I have a cut of my market set aside while they prepared products to absorb it and make money, I still have the responsibility to look after it never the less – the pain of their stupidities works on either side as it were.

I don’t consider it to be a huge problem mostly; it’s largely a matter of revenge for things I have done to allow young Women make money from popular culture industries while supporting other younger people at school because they never allow people complete the academic work – in my case it started out as a matter of bumping into tales of me being their kid on whom their future depends and ended with Industrial stalking which resulted in the destruction of my academic work to prevent me shutting down a personality they wanted to get rich with and since them despite the debt burden caused, the abuses associated with their stupidities becoming important people while I am a bum is yet another reason that they are poor as they spend their silly time on nothing else. So they have now had their revenge for it which does not change the fact that if for each time I assessed that stupid popular culture I found up to 60% of my property show up in it, that it does belong to them either – compliments the fact that a large portion of the popular culture businesses that people who are associated with me have been doing popularity culture business with actually belongs to them but it is all an example of how they make things very, very dangerous for absolutely no reason. They have no need of these, for survival, for support or due to desperation, they are just twisted and evil.

I have been asked about the society problem many times and it’s not an issue here at all; it’s all tax payer funded success that they boast and bully for, so if I made a case for that and said something about it on and on and on to match the ferocity and frequency of their insults, the ego that keeps it going will be dead and buried. The rest of the time it’s a matter of the financial problems being a product of the fact people who find my Books useful want to buy something else and have built me a publicity for that to work their squander with; their threats are s short sighted stupidities associated with the fact they know very little about me but it gets serious each time they invite their stupid selves into my concerns or get on Media to invent ideas of what I should do for them – we all know what walks around the local communities with a bad behaviour and an incredible laziness that is responsible for its poverty, while I am set out as a character that can do things and should do things for them, get taken advantage of by everybody until I am too tired to defend myself against women, are their mothers and grandmothers and their stupidities runs of tribalism raids to reach the best jobs at Industry through it, showing up on my Public image all the time and blabbing foolish assumptions about being able to predict what I am capable of as well. It is not a difficult issue either; they need get a Book when they show up here or pay for anything that they got to handle, otherwise we will soon end up putting to the test that foolish theory they have that there is nothing I can do about their stupidities or that I would have failed for want of trying; the part where the tax payer funded success allows claims they are more important and more successful is all good, except the threat issued all the time because of the smell it causes when I spend more time on general matters instead of the direct business of stopping the loss that they build for me like we see them create any or give the one that they have created to the frugal, will likely be the point at which it all kicks off.

They do boast it’s all a cry for help on my part which is utter nonsense – we are very well aware that the Ball ends up in their Court more times than it does mine; I thought the issue would be resolved when I had rounded up the Celebrities like sheep as well, to make my own statements on social Media, then rounded up the Film and Music Producers in the same way, then placed a handle on it to ensure that while I ran a Bookshop they got on with their own lives to and grew up in the process but we have ended up talking about the activities of their community croons before I did, so it’s another example of how the ball ends up in their Court and leaves them to make the decisions about putting a stop to this nonsense before it got more serious.

They do claim that I don’t stand a chance naturally but we know that the federated goons of the world have been complaining about my attitude towards their culture and society to a stage where it is a global phenomenon at this point but not only is there still ample disrespect from them, there is also a sense alongside the insults that civilians will be deploying the Royal Order at this Hermitage that makes it so too. It has been years now of gimmicks being put up around ideas they have on British fighting spirit but cannot keep the commitments of not swearing at others or allow people who have suspended a Career for some other reason to return and find the career the way that they left it; we have ended up talking about their need to make a mess of my Books in terms of their stupidities specifically before I got off rounding up the Celebrities and the Film and Music Producers like sheep as well and it’s still blabbing at me for it all together. I do like to assume it is a defence mechanism associated with a condition whereby they understand how bad they have been and take steps accordingly to ensure that they did not suffer more punishment for it but we can see that foolish culture and society is a place where my potential goes to disappear and none makes use of it either, the only thing gained from it is a spiritually evil process of establishing a relationship with me like I have a history with the devil, while they looked deathly dangerous all the time and believe that to add up to the means by which I will come up with an income they will grab, usually it’s all shrouded in mystery before we find them complain about my attitude towards it like we see them share their own lives with the frugal.

I have been told that I playdown the level of betrayal I have suffered at Government concerns and it’s not betrayal as such I should say, since I am already aware the character who perform such behaviour have been spending years of everybody’s time preaching some war on religion at Government buildings and then attacking those who know what to do about the problems they have created and their inability to handle immoral democracy they have unleashed, on account they want to continue building their stupid Political careers. So what happened with it in my case goes beyond what we see today being that even my academic pursuits are being peddled on Media as an explanation for the bullying people channel at me, at that beginning stage years ago, it was mainly about how they needed a world that was so corrupt that because the poor were getting poorer and the rich were getting richer, it was possible for girls to stop dead on the tracks certain boys from whom they can grab the work that a man was strong enough to do but a Girl was beautiful enough to get comfortable with and specifically with respect to me, the targeting me due to my Public image had ensued and the outcome was that I was a flesh man getting into a Church which means an outcome where I will blame women for the fact that I was unable to fight my corner on the money issues – such that I had also endured enough of such nonsense to respond with a test of how indeed exactly their really tough and superior stupidities may grab my career, which has now taken up all of their time to get famous and made me a hate figure on Media. So the work that I had done as such was to spend time moving these trouble makers into an arena where they might exhibit their immoral and Godless stupidities, such that when some people say they don’t believe in God, it is still alright for the rest of us, even those who believe in God because nobody’s personal concerns have been affected – this work has now been taken up and completely destroyed, these gits built some platform that allows them get their stupidities to permeate mainstream living, complete with features like some National Media attention every day to help them spurt out alternative statements where and when necessary. Then once they had started complaining about people getting imagination up their bottoms, they realised that the business of wrecking my academic work to claim that the manner in which I studied was a threat to these characters and needed to be stopped, was the point at which they had found somebody who knew what to do about it and had to be forced to give up the secrets; the resulting first stage at this point is that they find the effects and the fact the amount of pressure they have put on me allows them to get their imagination up my bum whenever they wanted but once it begins to develop into something of controlling my life to solve the problem that is now linked to the hole they have dug themselves into, it will certainly blow up in their faces for the part that I have to play in the matter as well. They always claim that the Monarchy does the getting imagination up peoples bottoms too and its utter nonsense – what the Monarchy does is very different, I am part of the Monarchy so the one I do counts, however the one about the Monarchy is that these goons are low lives who bottom feed and get imagination up peoples bottoms to blab about the nice things they have seen Celebrities wear and eat which they claim is what existence is all about, much the same as their Men run around claiming I am a poor person thereby wrecking any prospects of my Books getting sold to keep me on benefits, build a crowd that will support me in a sense that they might be the one to help me sort out my financial issues while I had no respect for their Fatherhood and the result of it is that I have ended up looking like a character who runs a Bookshop that does not get paid by those who make use of it – it’s impossible to tell how hard Politicians find the business of letting bottom feeders bottom feed until they got themselves into trouble, instead of making a mess of their disposition if the Parliament was likely to be the first to complain of the consequences. I mean if I want to make a mess of their lives as well, I can always start with the neighbourhood where their Offices are situated and the main point will be to draw attention to the mess they make of esteemed Government work because they are greedy i.e. if the local shops and businesses were getting investments from the Politicians and the bottom hurt either because he needed to get going with it or because people did not trust him, at the same time which he needed to look after the Government Office from whence the main salary came, the whole thing will get increasingly more serious as such – otherwise it was rather clear what the benefits of Government concerns were and why it was organised the way that it was i.e. there isn’t huge sums as salary but it is comfortable and we know that compared to a business world Family Man, if a Government Family Man said they were going to beat you up, probability is that they could, since there are little in the form of public matters that split their personality and sap their energy all day; the point being that when it fools around like so and allows outcomes such as criminals who are being pushed into difficult corners by the rest of society, that leaves the Criminals to take it out on some random person and end up in prison, to get loose enough for the means that allows them run people’s lives and the dissidents to clear it out, the theory that I act as if I love to be told what to do by dissidents will immediately be replaced with an understanding that the reasons you are always emotionally and physically better off at Government work is that you may one day need to do a 9 hour speed drive from London to Holyrood in order to prevent a civil war for example. The biggest question of all is largely that great old one about whether I am aware of what their needs and demands were and it has always been a matter of power – the Americans are the very head of this nonsense, where we find Democrats set about wrecking my Books like I signed a Contract with them that did not make doing so illegal, then we find their stupidities rely on me not to take offence while they got into Government buildings to work out a master servant relationship with me that the Celebrities will make exceedingly profitable at popular culture; what has ended up in their CV is that for the first time in History the American Government was closed for business and the main reason in this case was largely that of characters who dream all the time of people being successful, building a comfortable life and then losing it all, such that persons of this situation will have been expected to go into the Gym where they can prepare their bodies to fit into the world of Hoodlums and vices but there are people who will never allow them accomplish such wellbeing because they know secrets on how people may get rich and comfortable and need to be forced to share it, this was the one that got them shutting down Government and there are bigger problems out there still, we can only say they need keep fooling around to find out every aspect. For my part, it appears I will always be a target because I am unusual; where some people have a disposition of Law and Morality and some a disposition of Law and Liberty, I have a disposition of Morality and Morality, have no real reason to exist, live with the sense people will want to collect my body parts when I am dead all the time but have done well enough to reach the Top levels of Government.

They always play up that gimmick that this is the UK losing Global influence and its utter nonsense as we find that what it does is a mindset that is impossible to understand, where people spend time getting out of bed every day to wreck other people’s property, lives and careers, then generally set out other things they can steal which is put beyond the owners through popular culture and exempts them from being deterred by the Law – soon after we find it stifle my Book sales to make me behave in a way that agrees with its stupidities in the sense that I too got off a Hermitage to get stuck between the Communities and the Children who passed exams from it to help control the High streets before I may pay off my invoices by selling some Books at the Shop and cannot stop wrecking everything it sees here while the pubescent ones get imagination up my bottom to join them singing the tune of insults that suggest I am never going to say or back up anything I say where it mattered, like the world of Fashion and Celebrities, while they got to grab my career and get famous on my Public image – the complain that my attitude towards their culture and society according to recent history is now a Global Phenomenon but we have not yet seen this behaviour change for the better and keep its abusive imagination off people that are associated with me, likewise its criminal stupidities off markets I build for my Bookshop. In any case of which there are people that will make statements from the behaviour that their mindset have facilitated here and we do no need look too far to see that those will be criminals whose career is being wrecked by the Police, clowning around.

Their discourse about grabbing my career never gets better and yet it’s only content is this business of damaging my Bookshop to get me stuck between communities and kids who do well at school to help control the high streets in order to make sense of not wanting to smell on my own without bringing others down too like they do, while the younger ones will be the reasons Popularity people have hurting bottoms when they look like they were deviating and this is the sort of nonsense that will stop me saying or doing what I want to say or do in certain places where their stupidities are trying to get rich and famous on my Public image – it is such an insignificant issue brought to bear by the sheer weight of controversial publicity that Media accords it, hence understood why I don’t respond to it often. Replacing the work court with Society people is still on the Cards, the reality here is that a Celebrity or Media operative playing around with you while looking the part will do it nevertheless.