Apparently Government is no longer able to control what happens in the general public, what happens with public spaces and if they are making trouble at Industry, such that there appears to be a need to have a Government operative oversee what is happening there, where are they hoping to get their money? So, it appears they think their money will come from the Celebrities and its culture, which is not my problem, save if they fail to keep from my Books and do not avoid following me around they will get a response that they are going to hate as usual. I am told that the way I have been beaten down has done it which is utter rubbish, I have not been beaten down in anyway – it’s the big old case of my Books going to Government buildings where it should be successful but that is rather where the sales got killed off because the Politicians had decided to go along with the needs of Industry idiots who said that it was meant to be an item that was to be spread around for everybody in order to increase the wealth of the wealthy and provide jobs for the poor in order to bring about economic recovery; I have put up with this nonsense for over a decade now, no signs then it will move on by itself and I smell like what I ate all the time because of the social effects that come through, then they say its racism but I would want to respond to such racism by finding out if ethnic majority wants to burn the Country, except the whole thing is teaming with Ethnic minority complicity. So what has really happened is that they said my work was to be spread around for everybody in order to bring about economic recovery once it had made the wealthy richer and I thought that since learned people who were schooled in economics thought the future looked that way, I had never seen anything so stupid but not long after, as soon as I had completed the process of showing Large Companies that although its never really a bad thing to as many successful businesses most of which have partnerships with them had started out in such ways, I am not running a Bookshop that was to be profitable as a result of the shadow their large companies cast all over the world and I did it to ensure I did not get the wrong interests, once done, returned to find out I had been rounded up like sheep by these fools and then got told that if I started a fight their money would never run out before I was finished  - that did not end well, so I am now contending with the other incredibly stupid bits involving Celebrities patenting my life to their names, the immense work of tying off Legal loopholes to ensure that since I am not dragging them into a Law Court, I did not get sued by their hassle stupidities for being me, on account their idiocy patented it to their name to maintain processes by which they achieved their stardom, concerning which when it blows off that big mouth at me about how its money will never run out if I started a fight, it will then be very clear that Celebrities had kicked their own off around here too. The Politicians who are stifling my income do make those statements about a little sacrifice for the Country but it does not involve Books I had written by taking such things into consideration either, which rather indicates what it is about and I need to start responding in terms of the fact that they are not sharing their own salaries, otherwise it will continue to be as perverse and will never stop. The other story by the way side is the sacrifices that people have made for the Country while I think I am exempt which is utter rubbish; that they got involved with the Military and got hurt or killed is something that they believe with determine what economic Policy or Diplomatic relations was beats my imagination all the time but what kills me completely is the fact that so many idiots who cannot handle this sorts of things show up at Government buildings to cope only through destroying my finances like an infection. So should we look into the details, I would say mine is a warning that their need to make a mess of my Book sales and get me hurtling down rabbit holes to the other side of Industry where I find they had laid down whole pipelines on how I am to get into a fight with hoodlums and paparazzi while they grabbed my Public image is about to earn its reprisals as well – for their part, they are apparently worried about Industry trouble makers because they are themselves compromised i.e. the same twisted corrupt evil people like the lies they tell, where my Books go to Government buildings to get killed off, have no other good sides to their attitude and behaviour, save the part where they spent money on the High Streets and are therefore always talking nonsense and insults at others about which of their stuff has been done and what consequences will follow. I have nothing to worry about because I am very aware that the serious parts of their stupidities are usually when I want to do their stuff and cover my tracks well enough to ensure they couldn’t do a thing about it. I have no idea why they think that their involvement with the Armed services makes me vulnerable anyway; it all began somewhere around 2013, while I have been involved with Armed service processes long before then; this was the Year that they got involved with my State provided security and have never looked back on corrupting it for their stupidities - I used to think that it could not have been that bad when people said that security guards were abusive but in my case it has become a matter of chasing my Public image while Public transport operatives drive around telling criminals and hoodlums their stupidities were supposed to control for the various establishments they worked for, where I lived and where I studied and where I worked etc.

I have been told I never do a thing properly and am never to be taken seriously which is never the case as well – what you will lose if a group of people have already made statements on how a recession has revealed the way rich people lives and therefore set the stage for the new sorts of social issue problems they will create to acquire those lifestyle as well, is Market and National income; it starts out as a concern that the self-preservation energy that is not affected by the fact criminals are doing crime and are being punished by Law enforcement in the neighbourhoods does not become a problem for the future, just like those who corrupt my state provided security are probably hoping a time will come when I become unempathetic towards Security service Operatives who have been harmed in the course of duty and so on and then it progresses into something about making sure whenever they messed with a Market they acquired a product from it or you will have to hunt them to the other side of the world. They do claim this is the Legacy of Colonialism and other forms of Tyranny but we know that right from the one where you put some products in the Garage to distribute to Next Door neighbours, to the one where you call your Team into an Office for a Seminar, its always everything to do with the system, right down to liquid cash has been marked out for somebody or for something – sane people understand it is stressful enough as it is and do not spend time sorting out the most abusive ways that will allow them, especially with the help of Media, to take money out of a system, simply because they know something about it – these guys are not sane people.

I am now told that I claimed to be informed about Women but do not know anything as my condition now shows and its utter rubbish as we know its mostly a matter of Obama telling every twit in America that they can take whatever they wanted from my property and USA Power will back them up, which comes on the back of the same idiots threatening me every time they needed money over their civil rights and then running off competition with me to find their own black person that will be the most powerful black Man in the world, living in moments their Federated stupidities as usual, which eventually culminated in the election of Obama into the White House and saddled me with conscience responsibility to avoid allowing certain matters to add up to the idea it’s a problem for a Black person to lead the USA – human beings are not usually this stupid and hence it’s not something I am able to get accustomed to as such. So the outcome of this has been the public place and Media perceptions created to the effect of what they want from all these things and because that is not working, they have resorted to property destruction and this destruction that makes them stupidities appear to have added up to a self-fulfilling prophesy, will have to stop, the question now is whether it will stop the way they want it or will stop the way that I want it. In terms of knowing things about women however, it eventually all adds up to a case of having to deal with nauseating financial complications inflicted by incredibly stupid individuals because some women get along with men and other women do not, so the women that do not are clearly likely to be very destructive characters which I will not have been able to get along with, all construed into something which tended to suggest that I want to speak to their penises. The theory I cannot do a thing about it is just shows how clear it is that if ever I thought of letting go the destruction of my academic pursuits, we have another example here in terms of my Books and Public image, indicating why I should obviously do so – by itself however, I have mentioned this damage of my property is about to stop as well, unless I write their Books around here, a bunch of idiots in suits on Public venues making out they have seen bad things and can behave in a way which avoid them but on the contrary instead – they clearly don’t like to come up with strange and stupid ideas which are proven wrong by those who know better, especially when it comes to the way they ought to behave towards other people and because they don’t like to be proven wrong, I must contend with nauseating financial complications, leaving the question of what they suppose should happen to their salary and what if they were a responsible idiots that got to share that with me too.

I have been asked if my position on these matter is what I can do or a false hope but it is not a false hope, these are a group of goons who spend all their time passing insults and abuses at me which are aimed to ensure I saw the world the way that they did, so the benefit of that being that they want to see the world the way I do while I saw the world the way they did, the importance being that I am Royalty and they want to be Royalty instead, what they then want to talk about endlessly is the way it affects my tummy, just like we hear them claim I am small Man with small penis who will now get into Government buildings to invent ideas on how they should be punished for doing the wrong thing, about which I will smell and their children will attack me and so on, having run this off all the way to Buckingham Palace, have never stopped suggesting the outcome is that I have been conquered. So we know they are an impediment to British overseas interests and are particularly supportive of the Germans, about which I have mentioned before why it is that we never really let the Germans know what we are feeling about such things all together, bearing in mind its better than World War Three, where you will be fighting the clever Germans instead of idiots introducing themselves to you are characters that are all over your concerns to inspect you and ensure you did not seek out and take what is the exclusive due of those that are good looking, wrecking your Public image and seeking your income margins or these other ugly people that are simply an impediment to National interest. Those who support these things here in the UK are usually happy to threaten me when my bottom hurts and the next time they follow me around with me when they see me attend academic institutions, I will burn their world for it; so it might be said mine is a dangerous disposition too but I am a Hermit and Primarily concern myself with Church matters, wondering what those who show up here with societies they have invented for the purpose of sexual abuses that put them in charge of peoples organised living and public image and therefore earnings, while attacking those who smell of what they ate want with me or indeed what they expect my reaction will likely be – yap, yap, yap will mean it is possible I am bluffing and I am never going to get away with it as it were. It’s the way they create these things for themselves; I appear to have spent time in a Hermitage, I am something pure, something that they wish to take advantage of and abuse which process of doing so can be linked to a means that leads to an end – so if I resist, hopefully I wouldn’t mind if abusing me is what is needed when people want to perform acts of security or operate in security services or abusing me is what people need when they have already done so and it runs right up to the other mean Cunts hanging around the Streets working some rich get richer and poor get poorer gimmicks, which eventually is meant to lead to an outcome where Girls are influential; they can grasp the part where the former disposition tended to mean some trouble makers get involved with the Military and show up to abuse people sexually in order to put themselves in control of the Country, over how they think National Economy Policy should be managed, what it is unable to grasp is the concept of an Arch Prince telling them his bottom hurts and they are going to likely progress from giving him a reason for it to giving him a closure for it. as I mentioned; the damage is going to stop, the question now is whether it will the way that they want it, or it will the way that I would like it. They claim we British think that we can dabble into Economic interests in any part of the world that we liked and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that it is always a problem for some Businesses, if the British are expanding and it is safer here, come here to Trade and do business, hence these trouble makers must have followed them here because the assumption held was that they are other peoples personal gods, what they have clashed with is that some people here are prepared for such contingencies. Even now, it will be suggested what I have said here is an example of how the Labour Party has forced me to work for them and we all know the Labour Party is the main Party in Parliament with International development Interests which are a threat to me and the only party to get responses from me such as sacking a vital part of it because it wrecked my academic work, left me tens of thousand of pounds in debt and set about telling me what I must do to co-operate with their needs over my Public image now that I have debts and know what it feels like, so this sort of talk happens at a really bad time naturally, we simply must wait until it produces results too. It’s like the story of Liberal America threats which appears to be the answer for all their problems but does not bother me in anyway since its largely a group of very abusive idiots doing what they do best whenever people have what they don’t but those threats are now about to develop from the deployment of big American market to tackle those they don’t like, such as means their stupidities had an idea to handle me and it does not actually include touching my Books any further than they already have for their problems, hence damage is about to stop either the way they like or the way I want too, into something of me solving that stupid Democrat and Republican corruption thing that is the main driving force behind the activities of every twat who show up here to try and ensure I saw the world the way they did while they got to be me. I do get told that it has nearly taken over my whole life which it hasn’t – if people spend their time tackling me and I spent some time responding to it, there was no meaning attached save the damage that is about to earn them another history for getting involved with my concerns the way the secret society fools they are loyal to claim those abusive powers they have acquired are meant to gangs and criminals but are never used on gangs and criminals, the problem being another group of gits mainly led by the Labour Party that appears to exist for the purpose of doing bad things while claiming others were responsible, shoving me all the time – the risk of my response usually being that I will allow it get away with all sorts and then find out what I have destroyed in the sanctity of the Government Law debating Chambers, so I like to say it will soon lead to an outcome where I want to make the neighbourhood of its Local Constituency Office very rough as well.

What is happening to Parliament is clearly evident prove of the Labour Party being exactly the same thing Germany’s Nazi Party in the 1940s, the fact other Parties have been complicit with it producing a result where the Parliament has no sense of itself: they appear to be very good at doing very bad things which they claim others were responsible and can never allow us a moments peace from claims that racism can be avoided if those who had property handed it over to those who didn’t, once they got around bribing criminals to avoid Crime, are no longer able to make sense of what they are doing and have always desired to abuse me sexually until they are in control while I became a great orator looking for more of what its stupidities were complaining about the last time I become determined to be right in every argument I got involved with if they were the opposing side and when other Parties are complicit with it, the Parliament does not know what it is doing anymore. For my part they say I am the character who thinks he can handle anything while reality is that I am example of how they get into Government buildings to delude themselves of what they actually can do out there in the open world, so I am dragged back to that point where I drop out of University again and again because their involvement with hoodlums and paparazzi at the backyards of Industry means they flushed my whole life down the loo and are constantly seen with my property Equity Assets in the City Centre any spare time they have, running around with other fellow goons in suits winning contracts on my Public image, followed on from other insults that they need to do something about me because in my heart of hearts I do not think of them as my Bosses.