Now they say it’s a matter of time before my activities become unbearably irritating at the Monarchy which does not make any sense whatsoever – what we are really dealing with is their need to get a Commission from the Monarchy at my expense and each time they do, everything I do is irritating while they don’t have to be nice to me, the big problem the government then faces from their stupid trader insults is that people have to come to the Country to do business with idiots that are not being nice which becomes more obvious each time I set out my own work all together. The Celebrities can never stop lying they are the best at it as it were – such that when these gits especially those who support their stupidities at the Monarchy turn up to build communities with imagination that gets up my bum, it’s me, all me, their foolish ego says they were more important than I am and I had a problem to solve, such that a process whereby they kept away from my Books and stopped following me around is no longer enough to move them on. Most recent development is that their insolent nonsense is beginning to develop outcomes where, he is irritating, and we don’t have to be nice creates problems for the Government which can be avoided if their stupidities hacked into my social Media.

I am told there isn’t a real assurance that I am not losing everything I have at the Monarchy and its utter nonsense – there isn’t a need for such things around here; the only thing that is happening at the Monarchy really is that of a group of characters setting about the business of wrecking everything I do in terms of the fact I have been running financial matters at this Hermitage to reflect the fact I think of money as something that gets back to the government once transaction is completed at the Market but just when I had decided to put together a couple of items in order to improve income margins, they set me a test which expressed something about their unbearable stupidities having more to do with how I like to boast about my abilities but people are taking whatever they want to take from me whenever they want to take it, especially at the Monarchy itself and that I don’t have any money , the effect being that when I push back, the position they have adopted on the Media serves as a tool that allows them copy the way I defend myself from them to defend themselves from more powerful people and people who have money for their part as well and then it becomes a crushing vicious cycle if they had their way, especially the incredible stupid black people that pave the way for it all together; it still hinges on the same story as far back as it goes i.e. they don’t get to peddle my faith and personal life and public image if they don’t want me to peddle the part of their career where they had done their best work as well. They always love to say that I partly need them and that is why this matter drags on frustratingly which is utter nonsense; as far as Church matters are concerned for instance, any disposition where you are thinking about the benefits of being a bigger and stronger person in terms of how other human beings were affected was the beginning of something very bad, to go from here onto a stage where I want people to beat up other people for me or indeed fight my battles is claim which goes to show how evil they really are, something that Politicians can no longer deny at this stage. Then there is the part that affects Government in the sense that I am irritating by my very existence but when they get off to Government work, the Government picks up the cost of what happens when they had decided they don’t have to be nice to me – adding to the Public control bits that they claim they have an advantage at which what really happens is their women threatening and attacking me over greed and money issues which they claim is the way their civil rights work and the business of finding out I am a character that will drive them into conflict after conflict, after conflict for it as well – it never is an issue except when society idiots have been busy with bear baiting as such but they are the same who leave their role in the matter out of the story when they complain to the Politicians seeking Government action for what I do to them as well. I mean, somebody must know that picking up young people and teaching them to get the imagination up my bum, then band together and pass insults at me all the time to chase my public image will be very distressing but they have done this never the less as though I cannot handle them, I cannot handle the society goons and cannot handle the Children whose lives they have perverted for such stupid cause anyway – we find that tidying it up like so feeds into the fact I got them stuck with me until they were too old to be famous and in this sense I have won again. The same case usually applies in terms of their Celebrities when it becomes quite obvious that their activities get out of hand due to the behaviour of goons who claim to be famous worked at my expense; those will show up to see Books I had written, pick up bits they gathered from their preview and set about rebuilding the problem to get me working for them or agreeing with their Political views and because I do no such thing, the whole thing hangs around churning their tummy and mine while their stupidities issued threats, meaning that this business of black society gits following me around to jeer and insult and abuse and make statements on being better than I am while everything I do to push them back plays into media access and allows them to claim it was their idea and way of life by which they defend themselves from tyrants, will be best expressed when I crushed the Celebrity culture as well. Then again, as I mentioned in terms of Government work I do have it completely under control in the sense that getting them stuck with me until they were too old to get famous on my Public image now plays into this nonsense and its abusive Bear Bate activities at the Monarchy with their fellow white society goons and means that the whole thing is not a threat to Public security and stability in anyway, which changes nothing about the fact the reason we have this nonsense going on is because they think they can do anything; very well expressed in terms of it being about stupid traders who fancy themselves Royalty like to pick on me, it progresses from insults about how irritating I am, through to not having to be nice which creates problems for the Government and eventually leads to an outcome where those of them that want to keep government contracts have started hacking my social Media – at the heart of it, we find those of them who have some sort of Royal property had thrown it to the society and culture trouble makers, once spent, returned to spend their time spending mine, which is what they mean by things I had lost at the Monarchy and is very tiresome i.e. they think they can do anything and it is still the biggest problem they have that they think the idea they can do anything as reality to be the case. I have been told that the way I operate is disgraceful but the fact they are purely evil tends to dispute this – we all know if I had difficulty with the criminality in my backyard because I had £10 more, so I decided to get rid of it in some way, it does not mean that the overall condition had gotten worse but what happens is that they soon start to play games that suggest they are aware of this effect and need to do something which ensured that I had no money, the assumption usually being just like the business of following me around to get involved with me is about insulting comparisons concerning those who have and those who don’t, this was a viable idea for tidying up the mess that they make around here – especially for the black people, involvement with me and my concerns still appears to be something they cannot stop doing, if the consequential results are not of a terrible nature just yet.

General state of affairs at this stage is that they showed up at a point where I had decided to improve earning margins of my Hermitage, to build me these nonsense, eventually feeding into their friends at the Monarchy wasting Royal Property so they might be able to squander mine, and their Liberal American friends begging them to make me stop, the entire time which the new society they have built on patents set out for my Books have not yet stopped, while they claim the way I talk is not good for their Alliance, whereas what happens is my Publisher introducing students to my Books, to be shocked with a response that said they will build up the problems from the previews, while building themselves fame on my Public image to say that their Country was very powerful and I will do what they wanted; it started around 2010 and I am writing this in 2019, not a 24 hour has been missed over their need to have fun with it so far. Again the same process applies here – they now know I am capable of pushing them into conflict after conflict in return for threatening and attacking me over their greed and civil rights, this fear must be counterbalanced with a process where they did not get to access my Public image from years of abusive media perception build up on it and having kept them stuck with me to prevent them getting famous at my expense until they were too old for it, I say the problem is well under control – they do say that I am unusual as most people would point out the purpose of this was to ensure every stupid woman that shows up here to abuse and take advantage of me over her money problems always knew that somebody was going to fight her wars for it somewhere, in terms of putting themselves in harm’s way but I use other people to do it and it’s never an emotive issue like they can avoid vengeance by not following me around to do more damage was simple enough, clearly, it’s a coward Arch Prince and nobody hates him, besides which he will be an Arch Prince when they said so and not when the ageists and their tourism economies where they put the feet up and live on easy street start to handle them because they have gained access to something that somebody had pioneered which was of a Public nature. They have pointed out other powers as such, usually Germany and they can never stop making out stories about my fear of Germany, while we know that this is all about corrupt ageist Men and their Boys getting the imagination all over peoples private parts to cause sensations of obscurity and that the British with their Ladies first society generally has a naturally rebuff against such things, while the incessant need to target me has now meant they never stop blabbing of the fear I have for them, when they are not complaining that I have counted all the Men in their society. This particularly feeds into the fact that people are fans of what I do and not haters which is precisely the reason I never blamed others for dropping out of University, as what happens is that I write a personal statement and respond to my studies, it is thought to be full of promise, so people heap responsibilities – what then happens is that these other goons show up, usually having experienced conflict that they were responsible for creating due to similar behaviour and why their friends at the Monarchy running off campaigns of hatred for women while seeking security for them as financially well off villains on my Public image, are always fighting my battles instead of their own – they show up with begin practical jokes that get their imagination up my bum and it is continuing as we speak, pointing out friends from every Country that is bigger and more powerful like Germany and France, especially the Muslims and is set to carry on I guess until it ends badly. It has always been the same story all round – very good at looking for trouble and then when the fighting is needed, it knows a lot about the violent things inside me that I didn’t know were there, before it shows up at University to wreck my academic work, pass its own and start me off a lifetime of finance based abuse with media friends.

They do claim the reasons for my activities is entirely a matter of fear and its utter nonsense too – it’s a matter of frustration and anger; the sheer number of times I am distracted from what I am doing by people who build me a Public image that says I am notorious for distracting them from matters concerning more important careers than the one I have – the sheer number of times it happens for every 24 Hours. The rich on the other hand tend to make up ideas about my vulnerability to them, so full of themselves they cannot hear me warn them about the problems they will pick up if I had taken up residence in a bad neighbourhood to write Books in a Hermitage by, so we always end up with those processes of gathering people to make stupid statements about my concerns which has wrecked my Bookshop a rich and stupid gimmicks again and again – never mind the other parts of their activity that suggest they have a right to produce and others must consume, when they want to consume they take what they wanted from anybody, whereby I find myself stuck with idiots that want to organise their business in a way that makes me uncomfortable, as though I was fundamentally prevented from organising my career to get such an effect out of their stupid selves – once done, I am stuck with fat cats telling me I will be finished before I had dented their money if I started a fight – once done, stuck with stupid feminists. Outcome is this business of terrifying them out of the saloon cars because they end up thinking that I have some backup hence they are unable to beat me down and as for the business of spending their money because I had created a sense of danger in terms of problems they will pick up for bothering me, I use it for local development until such a time as Council operatives think it is more profitable to attack me instead; good case of Arch Prince coward being a matter of the fact that Government work never does leaves people immune to a sense that whilst at their career, they did they spend too much time with one part of their lives, that somebody picked up the neglected parts, to get the better of them with. We find that European Companies, especially German ones who have been more public about the matter than most, have been happy to work with the British on these sorts of matters but these incredibly queer South Americans, Americans, Africans and Middle East goons always have these strange ideas about how it was perfectly fine to build crowds that got imagination up my bum on the streets but I ought to know that due to their crowd mentality, no part of the destruction of their society the way they ruin my career and finances, especially to show their love for their mothers as well, is acceptable.

The extent of the abusive tendency and behaviour is such that one needs to think about rounding up civil duties, so as to usher in an expectation that gets them performing the bits that are closely related to their activities i.e. the insults and abuses and deviance and the need to get women taking advantage of me, it’s corruption and insanity will certainly always in my case lead them down to violence and civil conflict. Hence every involvement with me that does not read what I write is utter nonsense as what they show up here to indicate interest for is that some of these goons gained access to my State provided security, which they can do nothing with by media of their abusive assumption of importance or stupid Media and Celebrity gimmicks – I have access to State provided security and they don’t. I for my part had no other choice but to stop it in this way.

Now it is said that I am incapable of handling the Politicians which has no link to reality, as what happens with the Politicians is that they are a group of trouble makers who seem to believe that every other consequence for damaging and vandalising people’s property is usually ineffective save reprisal career destruction, on account they had access to Media. The Labour Party is fund of the Career destruction because they are self-confidence hunters, since they wholly rely on Media salvation and if you know what to do to recover from it, there will be a license to do it every day – it also means that their behaviour develops into one of a certain body language in Parliament which they deny is a threat to the safety and wellbeing of their victims and have only recently started complaining about their safety as well. The Conservatives have always had a habit of finding a Clever way to use the Labour Party and its habit to perform the same damage on people’s lives and property, except their own is about supporting everything that denies the victims of the Labour Party everything required for self-protection and then find out they cannot get out of themselves on the other hand which will imply the necessity of state sanctioned violence against the same embattled victims, ensuring what needed to be given up once worked for was done a lot quicker, laden with bread winner insults all over the place in the City centre. So for my part, performing some of my Civic duties that ensure it is really attractive to turn up and screw with me in order to get their loose and badly behaved women planning a life on my work or wallet, pissing on me all the time, leads to outcomes whereby they start to look like their friends from overseas who are always at war, improving the prospects of them ending up in one as well – the outcome is that the society people in their Parties start to pick on them at Parliament and I could always have defended my career by doing it but I am a narcissist as well, so I fancy it this way instead, the benefits being that they will begin to enlist the support of Celebrities and I will have to beat down the Celebrities to protect myself, so it is a strategy that works all the time. They do claim I will never be able to defend myself from Tory Celebrity alliance and it is utter nonsense as the Tories are already complaining about not being able to handle the body language of a Labour Party they have been supporting against me for over a decade so far and as I have mentioned before, really don’t know why I have to put up with that insulting picture of out of my league and her boyfriend clinging to my income margins, making stupid statements and wreck the Public image and the Book shop to blab about courage and then putting makeup on it to look like they are in need of a good fuck, through which the insults will then get completely out of hand but I have been clear however that none asks their opinion on whether The Queen may take me to the Upper class, whether I am an Arch Prince and these abusive insults need to stop if they can testify to the fact I am not tearing down their salaries as well, it needs to stop with their stupidities channelling their big mouth somewhere else. Personally I could never make sense of it anyway – when I establish a trust system with poorer people whereby I sell them Books that will make them financially well off as a form of partnership, we find them build publicity that says I refuse to give the people what the people want and what their stupidities want is my trust system, I could never make out exactly what they hated about security of poorer people if they wanted the money so much. They have claimed that my supposition that I am Royalty makes a mess of their career and it doesn’t; what happens is the usual case of their foolish Celebrities extracting money from my Public image with equipment and venues that allow them engage with the Public to do so, then alongside their foolish American friends stifle my Bookshop and set about buying shares with Companies that have business with me, claiming my dealings with these Companies do not exist, in the stupid fantasy world their idiocy lives in – so it makes my social Media incredibly toxic, that for each time I try to get involved with people I already know and new people I may meet, I find that a Celebrity had extracted money from my Public image buying equipment and venues for it, then set about building a Crowd that will help them handle me for more by owning big parts of businesses I got involved with years ago – so they claim I denied that the process of tying up some Civic duties to ensure that the more of their stupid attention gets spent on me is the more they will be required to perform those civil duties, meaning the silly Men who help to threaten and handle me for them are now off fighting my battles, was not happening but so did they deny that they were doing the above mentioned behaviour. The other story I have been told I needed to address is my involvement with pornography which I have mentioned before is a matter of research – earlier when they asked it used to be a matter of general criminology and sociology issues, recently it has been a matter of the way people behave to keep Celebrities out of the personal life while they sell their bodies for a living if they had nothing left to sell, which adds up with the part where people drew succour from my public work through it for each time that Politicians have had abusive sexual needs that people had suffered for in their secret parties, which existed in both occasions; these matters do not show up on the pornography that people are selling, it shows up on promotional pornography only and I don’t use paid pornography to find out these facts.

They do say the fight with Celebrities is likely to last for eternity and yes it is, since it was clear that people really need to think about the number of times they got people they believe to be bigger than others to collect the incomes of their subjects for them, in any given 24 hours. They do love to take up my time with some stupid Media based boasting of how I have had such an impossible time facing the challenges they have had to deal with while I thought myself superior, as if their stupid lives looked that way, hence the foolish ideas they get about experimenting on people, to find their idiocy incapable of handling extremists thereafter – but it has always been an old story that the idiots will need help but not buy products, they will get the help without buying products and want to take over the leadership of those who had given it and we find as my case is more advanced, they make use of my property without permission to boost their incomes and then set about destroying it while telling lies; I simply want them to stop doing it, as it appears the only thing that communicates with their foolishness is any occasion in which they do not have money and I am going to sack their careers as well – their silly Celebrities are usually the worst of all, those are a stupidities which actually adds up to a business, a business called show business and all of it now needs to stop asap.

It is now said that I am completely unrepentant of my insults and its utter nonsense too – we all know the Prince of Wales does what he does as a matter of his relationship with his Mother except when he does get out of it to help drag me into a corner that means I drop out of University again and again due to the fact I got the Honour that my position allowed The Queen to handle some issues that he could not but nothing I have done have facilitated an outcome where he could not say, I am unable to do this, so I am passing it to Mum, as their relationship is a matter of Government. My Books were written in context as such and what really happens with these goons is that they hang around at the Monarchy inventing ideas on how anal sex can be done with Members of the Royal Family, so the prevalent sense there is that they are a group of people that The Queen does not want to do business with, having gotten up on the activities of their stupid women which The Prince of Wales facilitated over a five year period against me, eventually ripping up my studies in the process, they are now out of their closet so to speak and have pointed to my Books as the reason for it because they believe what is said on Media to be the truth. For my part, it may have become a global phenomenon that I have done what I have done to them but we are set for more, as the need to set out a message that what they care about may live and what they don’t may meet its maker, they were played and from the looks of it I did rather well and they will be played again as it were. The prevalent issue remains: the one of other Royals playing around with Celebrities to facilitate processes where utter idiots turn up here to wreck the career and finances, teaching me lessons about business using show business and my Public image.