I am told that the problem with the Men is getting worse and I am aware that it is too from here. It is a story of questions on whether somebody who is older and keeps making sure a big case of their responsibility being greater than mine, should be galvanising a crowd that made the most of ripping up my career to get imagination up my bum and churn my tummy with bad habits, so that the threat of violence and a process of me being socially ostracised, may become a reality to be taken advantage of, whether somebody who speaks of greater responsibilities they bear should behave in such ways and continue to rip up my finances with it. I do not think it a crisis either, it’s simply a matter of everything I did being followed up with some sort of insult that bears towards questions that affected my career, so they might show to people who turned up in their social group, what happens to people they did not like and I think I have set a deadline for those insults to stop lest I began retaliating as well for my part. The question of whether the Prince of Wales had a part in it which is an old story that it had 100% part in it, as he was of the opinion that it was important to make a case of people being fucked in the line of duty and during work, by a handful of idiots with ideas about being man while they spent more time as Men who would be women, working up geopolitics gimmicks, which adds to his lack of respect for the Queen and the leadership of the Head of State and a long stand history of consistently suggesting that a different set of rules applied to him at the Monarchy, which these stupid men could make the most of when they were done spending their youth being tough or committing crimes and needed a plan to sort out their retirement after. The way it applies to me being that my finances were stifled by these idiots every day and a behaviour that prevents the public engaging, thereafter which they employ me and then decide that not only were they planning to get rich with those Books, which makes the work environment hell for me, they also galvanised employees that mainly comprised of the gits I have described here, to abuse me all day and get imagination up my bum while at work because the sense that they owned their businesses mattered and when they talk about ownership people ought to think their position relevant – after I settled up a way to work with employers that twisted and corrupt, my respite lasts 10 minutes on average before the Prince of Wales and then the Celebrities who clearly had a part in the matter, sent out another signal.

They do get about claiming the problem to be that I had to be right even when I am wrong and it leaves me wondering where they are right anyway – we are talking about claims this nonsense feeds into the way Americans were working the Geopolitics and yet we know that they were the same as Americans in the sense that when women speak of people telling others what to do when they had no authority, the outcome was sexual assault, when I protest the sexual assault epidemic, the outcome was a suspension of my career and finances with social abuses worked by hoodlums and ex-convicts, until they had built a public image which suggested they were more important than I am and then depending on my attitude, I may pick up my career again. The position of Americans with respect to my actions bearing towards a specific point where women were more vocal about people handling those they were accustomed to getting involved with, not being heeded and then we find that they believed the history of trashing my University studies for their geopolitics and starting a mini war because I had written a book, once the insults had successfully built a social condition where people laughed at my CV before they read it, keeping me unemployed had set in, plays into what they believed was my responsibility on account that the poverty of the poor people who have tried surviving the geopolitics was so intense and the abuses to weighty that they had lost their minds, with American men and their British friends supported by Celebrities, as the last thing on it when they became insane – my view of which is that they are now out of their depth and will have to kill some insane people, need stop talking rubbish at me when we know especially that it is the sort of thing they encourage, the Celebrities were not insane, they were famous and they were certain the purpose of their existence was to provoke me until I committed murder at Government business. Where the men’s world gits claim they were right being the idea that this nonsense about people being fucked in the line of duty played into the way Americans worked the geopolitics that is and in a while we are set to find out it is not how it should be done but I need to begin devising a way to protect my property and interests from their stupidities as well, so I will continue to spend time with the hoodlums and ex-convicts and trouble makers, so that when the Prince of Wales is king, his fucking in the line of duty a good leader and parent, will be ready too.

I could never make sense of the point that the Celebrities thought they had a role to play in the matter either – we know they are simply mimicking the Prince of Wales, to saddle me with their own social problems of building communities of idiots that finger my bum and display pictures of me naked for gimmicks, on account I rented a space with them and regularly took a bath in that space. I have provided a deadline for the famous idiots to organise their career another way and beyond that deadline will I begin my own gimmicks to manage their insults as well. For those who ask, it is never actually true that Celebrities were desperate enough on such matters to wreck peoples career and finances in a bid to get people taking responsibility for their personal decisions, like the men’s world idiots believe that their stupidities concerning the men who would be women, fooling around with geopolitics was the way things should be done, the famous idiots do what they do to top up convenient personality and they particularly love targeting work that is done to facilitate State Ceremony.