So today the main case has been one of my Books taking a battering from Politicians which is all very well the same case we never get a lot of Publicity on – always more important to beat down those that are struggling and tell lies over it, than it is to say Government is supporting people on matters of git who set about turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan their personal finances on the lives of those who are talented, then show up at Industry to claim such persons are seen making a mess of parts of Industry where the families of those who own the Companies should be able to make money by the way side, we see that the wealth inequality idiots at Government actively want to be a part of this nonsense and have wrecked my Bookshop again for the day over it, meanwhile which for my part in the matter, what makes me vulnerable to their wealth inequality gimmicks is that I give away information from my Books if there is a sense it will help people in a dire situation and nobody has yet gotten an explanation from them as per the reasons they are wealth inequality preachers who have a problem with it to such an extent either, then there is the part where they point out facts on where their Political parties get facilitation and donations naturally and I did not as such donate my Books to them.

The rest will be the Celebrity idiots that can obviously see that getting involved with a writer for other purposes save reading what he writes, especially in terms of standing up on Media to get him responding to Public matters he had already dealt with is incredibly stupid but generally it is becoming a case of responding to those insults, especially the part where they never stop doing it even when I had told them off because they were very important people who were more important than I am, while we know the fools had no sense of direction whatsoever, such that their personal relationships are developed on building up problems that are insurmountable, such that a Man they will chose will have been said to have been able to resolve those problems while their stupidities then sets out the involvement with my concerns as the alternative whenever their men had fallen short, this then plays into the fact their toxic show business nonsense involves turning up to shove me in order to get random crowds planning personal finances at my expense, just so they might own a show business and it’s the same process of building this nonsense that got them chasing me around at University, once they had deployed something I had done for such a purpose, we then found them digging holes around me in a hope I will do something unusual and become a character people pick on whenever people want to get famous while setting their abusive popularity low lives of me to chase my bum until I had dropped out. I have no idea why the assumption is always that I want to get into a relationship them when it’s about shutting down that stupid problematic show business they run at my expense and stopping their involvement with me, especially on the front of picking up my work to perform their own version of it where they are because the issues bothered them, such as means I am a 40 year old single Man because their directionless existence is to well caught up with mine on Media. They do say that they have a value in society and would like to know what I really think of them but there is nothing to think of them; they are out of my league and need to buy a product i.e. we all know more so from the history they can no longer deny here, that my talents, hard work and years of preparation for what I do will all be spent on the business of kissing their bums better and that their stupidities needed to understand very clearly it was becoming very provocative to get involved with a writer for other reasons save buying his Books and whenever they show up need to pay for what they use. I am sure there is no part of the suggestion here that their marketeers will never get an exit from me regarding the business of being stuck with me so badly they are no longer able to chase their show business, getting them to claim I am the one destroying it, has been lost in translation here but for me it is becoming a matter of choice between Government being the famous thing around what I do or their stupidities and their insults along with the need to continue clinging to my concerns means that I will be taking drastic measures on it too, especially as their low lives are the ones who make a case for my tummy and then set about bullying me in public for the smell they cause, then issue threats over it while the business of people telling them off for the threats have never meant a serious matter for them the entire time.

They do claim it’s a matter of some very powerful allies I have at the Monarchy and the fact I am unable to keep up with them – it is utter rubbish; what happens is that they are not my Allies, they can be The Queen’s Aides, sometimes even Ladies in waiting who are one of about 3 people who spend the most time in HM Presence, it may be general Government Aides and so on and it can be a matter of what delegates from all these people have been doing with what I did to defend myself as a result of being tackled by a bunch of very disobedient fools who make themselves out to be people that have the right to on account they were very important and love to think of the truth and the lie and one and the same thing. We find the last time I went to Buckingham Palace to find out where we were, they found me taking notes and the usual need to read my mind produced an outcome where the one they noticed was the only bit that existed was that HM spent a lot of time in Australia and does not visit Canada very often, everything else I saw and made a note of that day has not mattered since – it then feeds into this case where they pick up my work to make products that will continue to help their stupidities along the path of getting rich naturally and I had decided there wasn’t a chance I will show up at the Law Courts with them over the matter when we can all do it socially and their large legal teams will be helpless while we did as it were; the part where I have readied publicity systems to ensure that once those products went into market their lives and family concerns will be deployed to fix the problems associated with the products they had created, so that people may buy it for the problems that they fixed and if they don’t, will find me sending them to rehab and depression pills by doing it for them. The sheer nepotism is that they are still at it as we speak which is why I am so annoyed; Media idiots were very important while society gits will never stop tapping a bit of me, use it to get things done, develop into a bunch of characters who meet in secret and show up with very violent practical jokes that get others doing their bidding on grounds they were getting rich, all of which adds up to the same case of going against the position of not peddling the faith, personal life and or public image if they complain so much about the consequences of doing so; we see the same attitude applies at all times – truth and lies are one and the same thing depending on how people feel, if they are not hanging around somewhere in Asia claiming I have no respect for other people’s religion and the involvement with my concerns for other reason save reading what I had written continues. I am therefore set on a stage that means there is about to be a clash between me and Industry fools who furnish this nonsense with equipment and venues that allow their hoodlums take advantage of talented people because show business was a business – it will only add up to progression from the other goons who turn up to work the same thing while employing criminals in the neighbourhood, to tell me the goons who chase the bottom are used to do business but I never listen while their bottom does not get chased and it’s difficult to locate how they decided it was how things worked all together, where it becomes difficult being the need to maintain superiority if the fact these idiots always chase peoples bottoms until they have to deal with some ageist at the Military who wants to drag them off to Boot Camp because they need to be right at all times. I have been told that they are trying to warn me of the dangers at the Monarchy and the discriminative activities going on there which is utter nonsense – usually a matter of their attitude and the trouble it gets them into like we have seen the market tap being turned up on my Books through a five year incredibly abusive period of insolence, to get me solving all their problems if I perhaps want them to pay attention to my Books; the Americans claiming they are trying to help the entire time while they needed my Books to exact their revenge on all those who hurt them when they did not deserve it, the entire time which I wait an eternity for them to pay for what they use.

Whilst they boast that I cannot get out of it and that they plan to ensure my whole life was riddled with one difficulty after another, the reality is that I certainly can get out of what I have warned them is a matter of family they leave behind to conduct their tribalism raids in the City, which will get them to the top end of Industry – the fact they leave a gap between where they work and the families which they breach with processes of travelling to and from work about which I am neither part of the family that is blissfully unaware of this nonsense or part of their foolish travel route or indeed part of the work place where they conduct their tribalism raids yet. As for the business of making my whole life difficult, they usually leave it out of the story all together – what we know is that they use tools for this sort of nonsense like Markets through which they blow off their big mouth about business, abusive neighbourhoods that allow them make a mess of people’s lives of blow off that big mouth all the time and of course the pyramid schemes that will teach them how to get rich by handling people’s lives and property naturally especially when black like me; once the process of gathering this tools at my expense, complain about me and leave out these facts in public endlessly, to blow off that big mouth at me is complete, I will begin my own attack processes for it as well, then will we find out which one they will ensure is mired in one difficulty after another. The business people say I interfere with their business and its utter nonsense just as much – what happens is the managers and client employees taking advantage of my property because I am that low life that gets involved with their bosses and need to pay for what they use if they are complaining about amount of work. The Politicians on the other hand like to claim I enjoy exploring Politics to feed my vanity and its utter nonsense as what happens is that they show up here to wreck finances and academic work and have spent so much tax payer funds and tax payer time doing it to make up excuses that allow them explore my personality abusively, that it has become a public problem – since I am not elected to do something about Politicians spending tax payer time and tax payer funds to chase my personality working my academic work and finances until it becomes a public problem for everybody, what I must do is wait until society trouble makers begin to tell me what to do alongside their Celebrities, in order to get imagination up my bum, then will that become a problem for everybody too, setting out very clearly that they are not to start these sorts of nonsense and stop it when they find most convenient to stop but stop when they find out they are causing another person a lot of distress.

They do claim I talk tough but cannot do much, while we know shop managers would not last if where you want your own piece is talking about Shipping and Exports and general distribution Global trading which is important for a Royal Hermitage Bookshop that has a Global reach naturally, so it might want to pay for the Books whenever it makes use of me not do so and blow off the big mouth because its stupidities runs shops and is in league with local hoodlums. The society goons do make a case about me every day and it is said I will never get out of this mess while there isn’t  really a mess – just a case of me tidying up over five years to chase my academic work once again, except as soon as it was clear I am about to chase academic work again, all those plans people had to make me into a character that was destroyed by ageists and spent time telling stories of it at Popular culture had come to naught, so they had to resort to plan B which involved getting young people that hang about fooling around with obscurity while seeking crime opportunities on my Public image with the help of Celebrities and Media, then build me a reputation for doing the wrong thing and always deserving of Punishment which is what I led to the sort of response they got from me as well – they point to the mess I had made of their society naturally but that was a deterrence, something I did as a replacement for a process whereby I instead set about making sure it was clear the idea I thought a part of their behaviour could be salvaged was all false by showing all the time that the only thing that tickles their interests is crime and criminal activities, which will leave very little time for the neighbourhoods to explode again as it were; their case is usually something that happens sparingly during the year and that is why the complaint it’s okay to tackle the small people and let the Celebrities get out of hand makes sense – 4 times a year discussing the difficulties you faced at work with your family is a good quota of trouble for people to live with acceptably I suppose but the Celebrity stupidities tends to happen several times every day, dispatching low lives to get imagination up my bum while they shoved me to help random crowd plan personal finances at my expense so they might sell show business products; then days run into weeks and weeks run into years and years run into decades.

I have been told I doubt my abilities and I don’t – it’s impossible to think about what comes off your Public life if somebody runs off such nonsense and gets hoodlums to shove their imagination up your bum while they got random crowds to plan personal finances at your expense to be nice enough for customers to think of parting with money on their show business products, at the same time another group of goons with freedom on their minds will throw the Books to the dogs and hang around somewhere making such a mess of the problems that the Books resolved to help them, that it was all possible for those who were responsible for those problems to make enough of a mess to create a National stage problem that had no name and yet the main issue I face is that they actually needed the Books. They do claim the result of this goes beyond a process of making sure that I conformed to their ideas of what acceptance means but in my view it’s still the same old purely evil spiritual wickedness they are good at, having it found a way into mainstream living cannot stop talking like it’s in need of an exorcist urgently at every day, so they have eventually reached that stage where they get to say they were lost and my personal life will give them solace and succour and they will never get it, there will be no such exists for them here – I have taken time to do the routines and display publicly the cycle of how they get themselves into such trouble and difficulty of peace and tranquillity that they need to lean on the morally upright in order to exist, right down to those of them who have built a reputation for being play idiots at the Monarchy, so none can argue with me that much on this matter as I do not have the time for it anymore. Hence the theory of making me conform to the way everybody lives is built on this nonsense but to me it’s the same spiritual evil that there has always been, only found its way into mainstream living because the Politicians are convinced chasing it to take up active roles with such nonsense is worth tax payer funded time, especially so because it will require me to do what I don’t need or want to do, to a point of personal humiliation and I don’t think such a humiliation will ever happen either as I don’t have to assist them on such stupidities all together – so it might be said that I am still not in touch with what people think of me and yes I am not because it is pointless; my outlook is very simple; if I had an apple tree, the theory these goons have invented is that I must eat all the fruits on it otherwise war and modernisation will happen and they have not got it. The stupidities at the heart of it is still a matter of how they plan to get the Church guy out there to do a Mans work and leave conveniences for women, so in my view, its idiots want an exit and they are not getting it either at my expense or by wrecking my Bookshop either.