Now it is said that the day of reckoning is fast approaching for me and its utter nonsense, no idea what the Day of reckoning will do or is really all about anyway. we all know that their wickedness and immorality will take every form that has been convinced and more, provided I did not respond to it in some way but the reasons I don’t respond is that the Politicians clearly want it to be part of mainstream living but then again, be that as it may, I don’t want it to be part of my daily concerns and they had better taken this into consideration as well.

They do speak of American power behind it and it is the Democrats, it has always been the Democrats but then again, with respect to the Democrats, there is nothing to do whatsoever, we know they said the Obamas were the best that black people had to offer and we know the Obamas have done very well thereof – I am not in anyway afraid of them as we can see the sort of things that will happen if this nonsense developed into a full fight with the Democrats. I have been asked many times about what the reasons are for these activities and it has always been as simple as the fact that these are people who have no idea what they are doing, especially in terms of Public leadership but the only way that they may make use of those who do is abuse and I have tolerated enough of it showing up here to make use of my work and my public image without paying for it, bearing in mind also that the paying for it bit was a latter thought attached to the level of vandalism wrought – it is quite comfortable with me dropping out of University, so it might run off some campaign over a period of years of paint itself in a different light in the eyes of the Public and thinks it is completely worth the effort as well – what we now know of the matter is that its teenage goons who show up to express very bad habits around a Royal Public image to leave me feeling like I want to vomit until I smell of what I ate, then get bullied and threatened over lies they tell on the reasons it has happened, will resolve whatever complex their stupidities have developed over my writing career and I have for my part reached that stage whereby I needed to move on as well. The abusive and threatening Children first ended up complaining about me on a global stage when they grew too old to get famous because they were stuck with me making a mess and getting Royal Public image publicity for it, so we can see where this new day of reckoning is heading thereof.

I am told that this explains what the Prime Minister is doing with Brexit but it is an old story of how we get told that Trump and Boris are not making any sense whatsoever but what they really mean is that the rest of us are blissfully unaware of the true extent of their superiority and will likely find out the hard way. Same as the story that I cannot do anything about them, so the incentive for these activities is still in play while reality is that I walk down the streets to find the tramp that is walking by with his cigarette decide he will draw attention to his new career that has emerged from my Public image in a matter of walking by in a few seconds because Obama provided them that leadership from the White House – all made possible by setting out a Personality and Public image I have built at a Hermitage as a place where their people can dump problems and decide which beauties they wish to deploy for their own fame and fortune popular culture, whereby should I want to gather up every bit of their stupid existence that offers them some sort of convenience and then set about writing some Books or blogs that will spend, waste and completely destroy it, the problem is that I have not got the time to execute such a plan. Their Politicians do not scare me in anyway; their lives are a case of people they are responsible for, their outlook and a completed academic study, mine is people I am responsible for, my outlook and uncompleted academic study because they were spending tax payer funds to wreck it and appear to have unlimited resources to play their foolish games with – now it has not yet become an ethic to organise the profession and Career in a way that gets them into a very difficult situation, I am facing everyday threats. They always say I have a perverse view of what should become of discrimination while the reality is that their behaviour expresses beyond truth, that what becomes of the ills of the society we live in, is usually determined by what leadership forces people to spend their time on. There will always be criminals, society itself, if it were a person, is very well aware of this, it spends a large portion of its time making sure criminals had such a difficult existence, that they ended up taking it out on somebody randomly to get locked up or rehabilitated. I want them keeping off my Books and all gimmicks associated with following me around to create this sense that I am one of those while their stupidities do not find it scary that they are unable to handle any of the result, to come to a dead stop.