I am now told I am at the mercy of public place abuses with no prospects of resolution and its utter nonsense too – what really happens with these idiots is the usual case of wanting to be able to hurt me physically and get away with it; the point of it is to hit two birds with a stone i.e. when I am hurt, it stops me doing what I am doing if they wanted to get ahead and then it also ensures I am too afraid to protect what I have earned so they might grab it – it comes on the back of years spent discovering the violent bits inside of me which I didn’t know were there and they cannot attend University unless they did that first, while each time they attended the University, I dropped out because they never give it a rest. I have warned them that I have had enough of the fact they wish to be able to get away with applying violence on me and the fact that how much of that violence they want to get away with as a concept beats the imagination all the time with the big mouth they have got – I am now preparing to launch my own attack on their careers too and when the attack begins we can see that the prospect of a way back from it does actually exist.

It has always been the story of ending up in a condition where you interfered with peoples plans to get rich without knowing it, since protecting what you had spent your energy working for will be lost if you backed down – this means the idiots can get around bottom whipping me while grabbing my work and property Assets to seek their own fortunes in the City centre with; it is the only reason for this behaviour and we can see as ever that their stupidities know no limits thereof. They do speak of a set bone of contention with them and it’s an old tale of people curtseying to me as per I do not have the range due to my ethnic disposition, to get around the diverse societies in the UK but even then give it a decade and they had confiscated my Public image which got physical abusive very quickly and I have now responded to by pushing them into such a difficult corner they hurt themselves and kept up a blabbing on Media which suggests I am the one chasing careers that are too important for me. In the end every other bits do stop; society trouble makers do stop, Culture trouble makers do stop, even the Celebrities do stop but the Media never stops, it’s as though I have a very bad relationship with some of the most violent squatters in the City centre, it does not mean I am at their stupid mercy for it either.

They speak of external influences behind it naturally and yes there is – same case of German Government and Industry on one side, Communities full of boys who slap women panties and extend the behaviour to men that their stupid community croons stereotyped for them to fool around with on the other; when it targets me I do nothing about it because it’s meant to be the internal Politics of Germany which reflects also on other parts of the world where they have huge economic interests but time and again we find the fun at my expense is so addictive there is always an excuse to play up a game of very violently and sexually abusive obscurity gimmicks on me every day that feeds into their corruption at popular culture, Media and Politics which ensured I felt as if the retirement age was a luxury and whilst I dreamt of justice, will only find corruption with their big mouth. So I have reached a stage now where there is enough warnings out there to show I have had enough of their stupidities and will begin to launch my own attacks on their career very soon too – I mean I could have done it years before; selling the culture and society for money, making sure the goons with imagination up my bum felt as though the roof over their heads was never a home, making myself a part of the families and journey to daily concerns even the companies that the Middle aged goons worked in but I have done none of those and cannot understand what the incentive to target me really was, save the usage of my personality as insultingly as possible and the fun of their narcissism before they remembered they had not worked out how their stupid bills will be paid and I ended up paying the price for their stupidities every instance that their social and sexual corruption talked all sorts of nonsense about democracy and freedom. Much the same as Politicians who have gone along with it, to show up here talking nonsense about what is happening overseas all the time claim if I had said and done these things, Brexit could have been avoided, where it affects them as well that is but I have pointed out enough times that although I never needed Brexit, majority of the Population who voted for it were more compromised on the matter than I was when they decided Brexit more so. In terms of my career , we know of new surveys which have shown that Boys like to read from Screens than they like to read Books, laughable as culture issues are catching up with people, since we also know that the English Language and the Literature in the English Language are two separate things, that it is quite possible women invented Literature – as their gimmicks with my Books have since gotten serious, hanging around the Books without a plan to read it but a need to hang around it making a mess, looking for trouble that it soon finds and targeting me with abusive bullying all the time because it had ended up a character that would do well being “pegged” by a Girl with a dildo, since I rather do also enjoy picking up their stupidities and making publicity out of it to run the Bookshop on my websites.

We find the Media gits even so will pick off what I have said here and have already suggested that my response to previous work makes it impossible to resolve the problems that I had identified, an example of how its bottom hurts because its stupid girls and women never have enough, on and on and on until cracked up out of my league invents his own reputation of supporting and helping women, which feeds into criminal feminism and hangs around the City making all sorts of trouble that causes everything around here to feel toxic and it could always have been as easy as the bloody idiots reading what I have written whenever they showed up here and or their stupid media jobs showing regard for the fact I am working within the parameters of the Corporate identity I had set out at this Hermitage. It’s never really an unusual issue as such in any case – there is always a sense that one ought to feel as though there is a part of their stupidities which is salvageable, that where their choices have placed them should be a major concern and that their business should be paid attention to with intent on supporting or helping them. The process of repeating everything I have done is obviously incredibly destructive for my Bookshop accounts, they know this but do not feel as though they want to stop the fun – the process of coming up with an assessment of what I have paid for and what I have gained free of charge to play with on Media is obviously very destructive for my Bookshop but they do not wish to stop it naturally, especially as if offers up incentive to whisper, gossip, backbite and get connected but they have no wish to stop their chosen form of fun naturally, so it does feed into what I mentioned earlier, everything else including the culture and society trouble makers, the Celebrities do stop but their Media stupidities continue always constantly, which I think will end very well too if it is not shut down.

I am told that I am a typical example of how the Church is a law unto itself which is well understood but this is not about the Church, its about my Books which their stupidities, Celebrities and Media and or their new Royal friends did not write; if these nonsense are not done on grounds of the criminals that show up at my religious backyard, they will be done on grounds of the existence of State power and always follow the same pattern i.e. a behaviour that is deserving of inescapable punishment and lies being the same as truth while somebody completely innocent is sought out to bear it as they get rich and famous, the great Nelson Mandela operated like this and even while he was an old Man who had no more need for Publicity was still targeting me from South Africa to get more, and we know they always use Media and Celebrities to make it happen, while the person to get all the Publicity for being a populist on a global stage was never Obama or Mandela, it was Donald Trump. It has always been the main feature of Populism, to decide they were big enough to wade the powers of the state while deciding how existential behaviour that dares to have something that they have not got ought to be eliminated – it always come through via the same process i.e. telling tales of the existence of Religious personages in order to discuss their wicked behaviour at Government buildings, long enough for it to permeate mainstream living and the ace presently is Media appearances while gaining access to what I write before others do due to the fact all other processes have failed miserably. Presently they are making it good by claiming I hung around at a security Guarding Job, crying for help the entire time I was on it, only to work against their stupidities when they responded and set about confiscating the Royal Office because they were better than I am.