It is now said that people have been trying to find me, especially the Terrorists that have been set lose through rehabilitation and some had finally succeeded but its utter nonsense – the list of goons who would succeed in finding me are a group of fools who started out putting labels on me which suggest I am a man they can understand and control, suddenly which I ended up with a reputation for being the character that women bully for self-advancement as if a thought process that inflicts such nonsense on those who are already thought to be weak is something that exists normally, hence their stupidities were not given an opportunity to get on as it were – then it got worse at University when I appeared to have become a character that had positioned myself in a certain way that allowed me to be a compatible partner with certain white Girls who then set out to ensure it costs me everything because they were a big deal, usually which I notice such things are happening once the costs and vandalisms had begun to occur – Then there were the others who thought I could not exist without trying to get my head around the way their lives deal with problems on the left and one the right making a mess of my whole life with stupid cynicism all the time, which eventually culminated in going overseas to bring trouble makers that will chase my bum at University and once that had wrecked the academic work, while I hung around somewhere thinking of what I needed to do to rectify it, the fact I had dropped out of University became their biggest achievement for the purpose of chasing money and they had provided public leadership for bottom feeders to follow me around and get up my bum lest I did anything about their newly developed position in the wealth system and work force, those that have become homosexual want to do it with my personal life half the time and the rest of the time want to tell lies that it’s my fault they were homosexual, to seek conveniences at my expense – then there are the men who spend most of my time telling lies and stealing things at my expense, having recently developed the idea that my feeding patterns and food had cost them their business, mainly because the corrupt aspects of US security system had allowed them access to my personal life to play foolish games with, meaning I smell of what I ate every time I step outside of my door and there is no limit to the bullying and stupid threats which is apparently what happens to bums i.e. they have all their property spent and wasted so they cannot meet their own needs and therefore become homeless, with a big mouth – then there are the ageists who keep making those stupid statement of insults associated with the way I have handled myself in terms of when I think their violent lasciviousness targeting me endlessly is a bigger problem than younger people beating me down to get rich all the time and their own is starting to develop into ideas I have about watching my back in terms of those stupid tier three warehouses and shops on the streets, likely outcome will be that they will either have to keep the money safe at home so people might steal it from them or they will buy shares in companies run by people they hate and then the air will be free for me to breathe as well, only when that was their option in life. So technically, I don’t want to be found.

We see that it’s never really worth it spending time on such nonsense as such but at this stage my ability to get into a relationship with other people is now controlled by them, so when I do tell them about the way their need to get on Media and beat me down all day affects my career and finances, it will be a no can do situation as far as they were concerned, when I get home and want to beat them down before bedtime too, then the story is for instance that people have been trying to find me and have now succeeded in doing that – so I am never going to commit myself to a deadline and ensure another of those sort of conditions where Men do not fight for them anymore and they had difficulty developing into real women was created here and for the rest, it is very likely that I will work such a deadline for the sole purpose of getting away with it again, when their future and that of their children is based on jobs that will be had, careers that will be gained wealth that will be acquired because people had fought my wars. Generally, there are so many reasons they ought to desist from these activities and I don’t want to be found either, I need to be left alone.

The other side of the story they claim they are keen to discuss is that I appear to spend my time with other people’s women and I don’t know why they do it either; I know that I started noticing it has become a real problem for me, around 2003, when it was becoming clear that if you are said to have spent time with peoples women on Media, they could do whatever they liked with you before the truth was found out every time and I will never stop making them squirm for it too. The men even have their own version where somebody got involved with me and the issue became that it’s never clear why it is that on matters of well-being and safety, children who ought to see the merits of protecting their daddies, tend to think women are more in need of protection instead, the assumption being each time that their involvement, welcome or not will always enforce their version of existence on others and that I will be the one providing the security because I have a penis. It had since developed into a case of statements being made by some real Men, that they knew their corruption of involvement came with consequences but did not think those consequences would have applied in my case because I am a bum and I have felt like exploding since too for my part in the matter.

They make those statements that the world thinks the UK is inseparable from the US but facts are turning out to be unsafe which is utter nonsense as we know what will likely happen if there is a guy who constantly enjoys telling American women to tidy up, is that somebody is going to get killed and the women will not be ones getting killed – we know which one feels the effects of terrorism and tyranny first. They say I think I can do whatever I like at the Monarchy and its utter nonsense; the problem is that I was expected to do whatever I liked at the Monarchy but have not, so those who built their futures on that have now lost, they have become desperate people and their children will now be preferred for jobs and opportunities on account they fought my wars but they are not the only ones either, the children are much the same – I don’t want any peddling the faith, personal life or public image but they have not in a decade and a half stopped following me around for reasons of abusive purposes that help them express the great things they would do with their lives if they had my personality; they are past it now as such naturally, hence the increased processes of targeting me all the time too.

It is still a wonder what fun people get from the idea racism means white people versus us and that the implication was that on such a platform they had unfettered access to me and could do whatever they liked with my person and career if they had no money, such that it’s impossible to locate which part is so amusing about a process where I clear it out by setting off the facts to counter the violent gossips, only to face responses where such an activity on my part was to belong to somebody else on account I was owned by a handful of absolute scum, I have no idea what is amusing about it, like their friends who become homosexuals because they would love to have dirty corrupt sex on my personality and when that had ran its course we find their stupidities off on another corner, getting around with fellow equally stupid Celebrity characters on grounds it was my fault their idiocy became homosexual. So, if I do not find it amusing and the result gets people complaining about me, it is clearly an easily avoidable problem.