The story of my problem with women surfaces this time on the basis of the idea people have completely wrecked my life and I am becoming more and more powerless to do a thing about it – I suppose then it tended to have shown that the supposition that we can continue to lie to ourselves as a Community about the way that those who warm themselves into people’s concerns and lay waste peoples family finance bases actually operate. Then again, to get into the details, the reality of it is rather that of an old case where we say there are women over there but there are some who have adopted an exclusive right to hang by a goon who sits about looking for trouble, which purpose is to come with life changing insults they can channel at me because I look clever and weak, can achieve but have little strength to protect it and they have been teasing some public discrimination in order to establish a social relationship with me; I simply cannot believe at this point, that the Goons had built their careers on it, which tended to suggest that there was no way that I could stop it as well – I mean there is no real meaning, definition or purpose for women who hang around with goons that need to raise questions about me getting into a fight and how they can beat me up, thereby having something to do with every facet of my living and warms its way into Politics and Public living, there is no reason or explanation for this behaviour and it we came up with one, the explanation wouldn’t have had a meaning as well but here we are, talking about it as though it is part of the real world because despite all that blabbing we cannot be free from, what the goons are really good at, is looking for trouble. It has never been a problem for me either, when I was younger, I used to wonder why women are always predisposed to immoral behaviour, then I wondered if the reason was that I had a penis, once I had eliminated the part where I had a penis and it meant something, I had only eliminated 5% of the problem but on growing older I found myself doing the checks until it became a habit, got down to business on the matter and talked less, so when I build a Court for women in my life, the gits show up and take over the whole thing, find out why they have and get faced with the fact I want to be a man who does not get bloodied and bruised and battered to make women feel safe and comfortable which is something that they need to stop – so in like manner they are learning the extent of public problems that women should be solving as well and are also finding out that having babies is still a National stage obligation in terms of being a woman properly in this Country is concerned. However on the part where it gets serious, we are talking about such reality as when I had begun to put the question to them because I am feeling very angry and violent due to their imagination getting up my bum incessantly because they had adopted a position on the side of a goon that never stops blabbing about me getting into a fight and how I can be beaten up, the question of whether hanging around by the side of such idiots is where their own part of society is located, I should say that with respect to what my nature is like, the beginning of this question popping out of me frequently will have been the start of me showing some of these fools how destructive I can be as well. As for the part where they have wrecked my life, they have wrecked nothing and if people showed up here to buy and read my Books instead of make a mess of Royal work, there will be no problems going into the future; this is not a problem for me like the assume it is, as I mentioned above, we tell lies all the time on how people who warm their way into other people’s concerns to squander family finance bases operate and with respect to me, telling those lies at my expense is creating the bottom hurting issues that people blame and threaten me for as well – I can confidently say I am not friend of rich people and I am no friend of poor people either; the rich have their own ways that largely operates in terms of warning me concerning the power of their money and I will have assumed then that if I am a bad person and I am meant to be afraid of the money, then the money was a good thing, except it is not because it does it again every time I had run off a campaign for my Books until I broke through a barrier, it builds Media attention to absorb the market making stupid people rich and builds me an alternative publicity that says I should be getting into a fight, very stupid and very rich, never has a plan yet to show up here and read something associated with a Bookshop for its involvement. The poor on the other hand do not like this women issue that comes up all the time, think that I am the one committing crimes against women, they just think that I am a punching bag. I don’t have a serious issue with it as such, these are a bunch of incredibly stupid people – it may set out a business and by engaging with its own enterprise spotted a Book I had written which helps sort out issues concerning bad people buying shares on floating day and hanging around the business pillaging their dignity whenever they work at an Office and it will decide to build Publicity for its stupid self-making a mess of the property Assets and Equity that I set out to get it done by, killing off the Book sales and my earnings and once done, it fails to recognise the consequences of the fact it has behaved in this way and starts to corner off my Business in order to get me fulfilling a promise, so I have waited and waited and this behaviour will not improve, hence am going to stop it – I do not respond often to their insults because it comes through to me as the many types of sex that people can have and this is actually true of what they do with their time i.e. wreck people’s lives to make money and look after the body, buy expensive make up and then fuck endlessly but I am also completely fed up with the business of paying the price for their stupidities, contrary to the idea that I am a very angry person, it needs to show up here to buy Books I have written and stop making a mess of it.

They do speak of the dangerous aspects of these activities which road I never take and its utter nonsense – the dangerous parts are only life threatening and life threatening does not stop me doing what I want to do. It’s like when they say I am only responding to what the Men want me to do which is utter nonsense as well know the Men think they should be getting their imagination up my Bum and I think I should be selling their culture and society for a living as there are no consequences associated with each behaviour – the insults that facilitate it in the first place are indicative of an abusive behaviour that would have made sense of channelled towards their Children for whom they bread win but when channelled towards me it’s all gain and no loss, the reason being that I listen to what others are saying and they were taking advantage of it, such that they know nothing about me but can see me naked enough for it, hence making sure that selling their culture and society gets their toilets where they work is a good way to explain my position each time they did it. The dangerous ones are usually very busy assuming that if I had set out some equities to work Market associated with destroying what I have not yet wrecked of that popular culture they make a mess around here to get rich quick by, I will not be successful and that there is a whole lot their guns and knives can do once I am, the reasons I don’t being that it is a matter of how exactly the Queen wants you to do it and a reasonable behaviour in the sense that this matters affect Police work and you cannot pick up Public matters to make yourself Judge, Jury and executioner while you were part of the Monarchy. They do not scare me half as much as they are rather convinced that they do, hence it feeds into certain behaviour at the Monarchy whereby they claim that they control me which is utter nonsense; what they have been doing is interfere with everything I did with friends and superiors, so that they might build some popularity on claims they make a puppet out of me, they have done this to such an extent that dialogue has emerged i.e. they do it because they need to peddle my public image to get rich and I don’t want to do any such thing, while they have made it quite clear their stupidities think I am running their lives for them when I take such a position and it is usually a clear indication in terms of the blabbing we hear all the time and the fact that the only thing these goons do well really, is looking for trouble – the blow out being the claim that I subvert HM decisions when some people have behaved terribly at the Armed Forces to face consequences, while I have done no such thing my whole life, what I know being that I set out some matters of social Media and they got about claiming I accepted liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel and then set out building it, which also leaves me a sense that I need to stop their Celebrity culture as well.

It is all developing into a matter of the multitude of problems that would be solved in a single stroke, if only I had a mind that said I hated the fame freaks, Celebrities and rich people. Like when they claim the British do not aim to be friendly with every Country while Brexit for instance is simply a matter of an inability to co-operate to a certain extent due to the conditions; the Germans and French and most prolific in the creating of this sorts of conditions, whereby its all okay in German society but the Government is completely unable because of the way their Politics works, to control young people getting around with trouble maker ageists to get their imagination up peoples bottoms while people are at work, however if the British are good at it, their finances must be controlled while they do it and the same favours involving trouble makers in the UK need to be enacted to subvert any plans for superiority – the French are just really good at spreading the influences whereby it is the bad things that happen to them that mould how they behave towards those who are trying to help and then be the first to enact a counter measure where those who cannot tell lies about it have their whole lives suspended until those who are famous and important catch up with a world where speaking of it will not affect the career and the money and in my case for instance we have been doing it with Liberal America for the best part of 16 years with them being so stupid they have not been able to achieve it in that time, so bearing in mind the way it shows up on National and International Media, I am now completely fed up with the business of being the one to pay the price for stupidities they invent, while as I have pointed out it is developing into a mind that says I hated them, since last they found where my Books are located, they have had a need to secure leverage on it, their women and insatiable Celebrities pointing to feminist stupidities as the reason that it is necessary, claiming I am a threat. They say the respect for women issues they bring up all the time is a matter with Royal Women and I can understand as well; what happens on the ground however is that the people that Royals spend time with are the people they end up getting married to, so this matter was never a case for concern – the concern has always been that of those who can never stop adopting Public disposition that allow them berate me endlessly over my money issues and it has now become a Public problem that needs to be resolved i.e. they have a problem they need resolve and I have money issues – it does nothing around here except vandalism and the outcome is that I have ended up with a sense that there is no exit from the people who surround me because of it and they are all a bunch of goons, ready to exert the kind of marital relationship with me that their badly behaved, barely pornographic in attitude Royal women want, as it helps them dig fortunes from peoples lives.