Now they say I have learned a valuable lesson about messing around with the powers of the Men, but it is entirely laughable. They started it years ago when it simply will not stop that the process of screwing with my career to get rich quick implied that although I thought I was a Man, that I am really tough, their wives and daughters can take care of any issues I might pose as a problem and it did quickly become their answer for everything, such that they were so completely dependent on it, that while I had sacked their City centre under belly partying that comes with the money they make from these kinds of abusive processes, as part of the business of stopping the distracting and insulting threats over money which comes with their civil rights, they carried on still right up to this very moment. I have never been able to make sense of how I set out a couple of years of my time to support some women in my life, becoming something like this on a global scale either – complete with vile features like claims I think I am a Man but am really a woman and talk of my sexuality; it gives way to Americans who have nothing to live for, showing up here to tackle me over their need to get rich, telling lies which they have built up to a point that suggests they are learned in bullying to degree level or something like that and it is the stage where they had started to develop from claims I am afraid of them to claims that I am gay, which will lead to an outcome that sees me want to make them sit back and watch how I plan to handle their own lives too.

The story of me in a difficult situation does not merit anything that looks like factual consideration; what really happens is their insults and those carry on to a stage where they believe they are able to blackmail me into a paying a Kings ransom, in order to make them stop, considering their whole lives are about money but I really don’t care which ones they respect for my part anyway – the boast is that there is nothing I can do about it, reality is that I am an Arch Prince and if I got out of bed everyday to play games with other peoples Careers and Jobs, not even the pornographers they complain about will match the kind of carnage I will wrought on those insulting money that keeps abusing me to destroy everything around here and make their popularity profitable in a condition where they were apparently more important than I am altogether and then there will be a test to no avail of what it is that they can do about it, while the whole thing will serve as a handle that I have screwed unto the problem in order to allow me the upper hand every time.

I do not think the matter to be a crisis either, they do speak of a fear factor that gets me panicking but it is much the same as claims I am in a difficulty when I am rather having a hard time keeping my people from responding to their abuses, since the outcome will be the process of solving USA internal Political problems and when people respond to the bits that are provocative, these are not good problems but will go on for an eternity. So, the only fear factor they create here is running around telling everybody in Africa and Europe that the US rules the world and people need to shut up and put up. Republicans are not doing this however, only Democrats are, so supporting Republicans will create Bias and more problems for the Americans as a whole, hence eventually it is actually worth a price paying for USA investment in the U, besides which if we were to find a way around the whole shut up and put up because USA rules the world gimmicks, so will we have banished from mainstream living, black America with nothing to live for, following people around to make a mess of peoples lives and career, which got completely out of hand since Obama took Office. Assessing its impacts and other prognosis, they would say in terms of the prognosis, that this is largely a matter of targeting black America for every problem there is in the USA, which is utter nonsense, the reality is that what we have been made to think is a Policy is actually a habit; for instance when it wrecks your whole life and follows you around to do it, blabbing about which culture and society your moral disposition have affected, the day it agrees with what you are doing at your Office will be the day it wrecks it again to make some quick money, flatter you and build a crowd that will join it in doing so, especially when such behaviour is expressed on Media or Stock Market, it does therefore educate on why people kill people – the whole thing churns the tummy all the time and there is no Policy that looks like that. The impact is that the fact the only thing they care about is money was the main reason they drove US National Interest into the hands of China, now the conundrum the US Economy faces is how to run US International interests without the sorts of issues that leads to almighty explosions which are not good for the world as a whole. The other part of the story being White America and their own is the worlds most insulting money game that justifies their wickedness and lack of scruples, especially when they invite their silly selves into other people’s concerns and cannot keep the big mouth shut on Media until they got a response for their behaviour – American dream always means pillaging other peoples lives especially when their victims are Royalty, then the purpose will be to fool around with Fashion and Celebrity, outcome being that you don’t get to see where they keep the millions of currency and the big Houses they got from it like an excuse for their ethnic minority criminal counterparts to invite themselves into my personal life with an outlook that is about smells and my tummy, as stupidly as possible and then we find those House Wives and those Television shows set out to put stupid abusive family finance wrecking questions to me, that makes their silly popularity profitable every day, can only carry on until it secures a response thereof.

I do get told I paint a gloomy picture but I have been seen resolving this matter with ease and yes I have; as mentioned above, they think I am in trouble but I am doing a lot of work which involves keeping my people extracting personal dignity from their stupid lives, just in order to dress flamboyantly on a regular basis for instance and I am referring to something of talking that good old idea you are able to decide what society does, while its just hanging around with you so it might do its own thing but it is all in the business of getting to run economic interests, boiling down to shut up and put up because USA rules the world gimmicks, which Democrats believe will solve the problems they have created.

So I get told the Muslims get away with Murder which they don’t; it comes up with those strange and stupid ideas that allows it to invent reasons its civil disobedience and insanity should show up in the most personal aspects of your life and then it runs it to a stage where it can draw up a link between your body fluids and money and spends every moment it sees you and everything its violent lasciviousness does concerning the fact your Bedroom has a Window attached to it, running off stupidities that ensures you lost something for every product it dispatched to a consumer; we will then find that when I had set it out like so, it will blab that big mouth off on how it was about to become more important than I am using my Public image, before I had the effrontery to get involved again – so I guess what they mean by the trouble I have gotten myself into messing with the world of Men, refers the alliance between them and Democrats in the USA.