I am now told that I am stuck in this condition where I will never be free of getting hurt by this people and I am not; they have consistently complained with their American backed master servant insults, that my Books are disrespectful and I have never been clearly informed of the exact stage and point at which it become disrespectful anyway – what we know however is that the Father figures I am meant to have disrespected started me off as a character that was to be dominated spiritually before he could complete his academic work and or get a job which either way will eventually depend on his attitude towards them, by 2008, I had been made a University drop out with Student Debt and no qualification, while my personal diaries were so full I was beginning to repeat myself and it was impossible to write anything without their issues getting all over it because their involved with me as community was that intense and still is – so now I am being punished for writing the Books anyway, punished for just plodding on and it’s difficult to settle how they have decided I cannot do a thing about it when I have not yet invented one of my own. We all know it comes down to their insults, the American insults especially; we know if their Children were Royalty, these feelings towards such a Child would not have occurred, much the same way we know they do not address or handle their children the way that they do or presume to do me; it’s entirely typical that they believe it all taken care of if there are stories on Media all of the time, that I my Books are disrespectful of them.

I have never really thought of it as a crisis, since it is quite clear that it will always continue if it does not have to deal with an occasion in which I started one myself too but what people really want to know goes beyond the various realities concerning how these behaviour appears to be something of a necessity for them, looking for a response, into something of people wanting to know exactly where I am and in terms of this matter of the Men being disrespected, that will be the part where it needs to do these things and wreck whatever it likes here, so that whenever it is trying to make money, it may end up with options that can never run out, so it became rather clear that if I gave women the time and opportunity as well, then Women will make money and cannot be reasoned with because they had money in the bank to back them up and investments to spend their time on; for this it has developed from the idea that it is okay for me to deal with nauseating financial complications while they made a mess of my career into threats associated with keeping the dominance that will have been gained from wrecking my academic work and following me around to make a mess of every other alternative career, stemming from the need to be wily Daddies that can get off and play a game with the stock markets to end up with some lose thousands of pounds worth of pocket money, which is entirely worth me dropping out of University, staying out of it and ending up with debt, while its stupidities furnishes some media twerps with the means to spurt out endless nonsense in Public concerning how my Books were disrespectful.

They do like to boast that I am able to tackle the reasonable ones but cannot those who want a master servant relationship with me, about which I have been clear where I stand with their stupidities; they don’t know that I am stuck with this nonsense while I have not started my own gimmicks in terms of there being 20 businesses in an area 15 being legitimate arrangements for trading and employment and in no time have gone around expressing something of their insanity rounding me up like sheep, so there are only 5 left that engage in legitimate trade and employment not contraptions set out to hurt those that are finding their way in life for the first time – I have been clear about not getting an explanation for it or indeed on whether it is a matter of need in the first place – I have been clear about them running around the City, winning their own contracts with my Assets, to find that I deserve National Media Publicity that says my Books were disrespectful of their stupidities every blessed day – worth noting, in case I want to ensure that I do not wish to keep getting hurt by them any longer.

The other part of this story being that I could have made my work so much easier if I said this years ago, while what I would have lost is access to a handle for the tirade of insults and abuses from characters that the Queen does not want to do business with, concerning which these goons and their Politicians must ensure their activities affected the general Public who now never stop complaining and issuing threats at me when it does with a big mouth – the part especially where it is okay to launch an attack on my career and finances alongside their culture and society idiots because they hate women and want to develop parameters for security that benefits well off villains; it now has its well off villains, the terrorists too for good measure and I am sore all over for it all the time, smelling of what I ate, about which it’s impossible to tell what is really wrong with them and their Celebrities had already begun to handle my finances in terms of their insults meaning a master-servant relationship they want to have with me, looking for more of what their American insults stupidities are already complaining about; here being how disrespectful my Books really are.

I am then told that I talk and leave the hard work for unsuspecting people who are fans which is utter nonsense – all these matters had been resolved long before 2009 when I got my Books Published, we are going around and round with them because of a group of people who once complained I want to control people’s lives on account I am selling Books but once I had relaxed the way I took the Bookshop accounts to seriously, the business of following me around until I dropped out of University and then when I wrote a Book they wanted it free of charge developed into the threats that help them push off those insults we hear all the time about a master servant relationship they have built with me, where I am a character they can hurt and want to hurt all the time with a big mouth. So it does this endlessly and the insults mean that my social media loses people every day and then have to pick them the next and lose them again, while it dominates me as long as its happiness is built on my Public image and other publicity I have built for my Books and that Happiness is run off as a Community happiness – all of which I can always stop when I started to single out and pick off every single prejudicial insults they throw at me, to set about measures that prevent them from coming up with new ones. They do say it does not matter to them and I don’t care either, I want them off my Books; they are not the Bees Knees – only one of three categories we find at the work place i.e. successful people, those who are trying hard and their silly selves doing the best to make the most of the fact they are low lives grabbing opportunities and its bottom feeding, bottom feeding get the imagination up my Bum and start to talk about the possessions that Celebrities own, which makes sense of life itself and it doesn’t, needs to give me my space, I am not being slowly brought down to their level like they think I am. Off the back of it I get told I really hate Celebrities and I don’t; it’s not a love-hate thing, it’s the fact that since I wrote a Book and my Books were useful to Celebrities, my whole life has been flushed down the loo because they want to establish a master-servant relationship with me, want the Books to disappear and to get me working for them, has now destroyed market that my publishers built, destroyed the one I built, destroyed what the Books garnered for itself naturally in pursuit of this nonsense and if they are now complaining, instead of standing up somewhere to blow off the big mouth at me on a wish that hoodlums will attack me violently, while they tried their hands on being drag Queens in the City every time they had thwarted a potential Book sale deal for me, to claim that my Books were disrespectful on the premise when they are unhappy it matters while other people’s feelings do not, it needs to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, especially if it wants to stop complaining about me as well, since it is clear that I work so hard at this Office while my finances do not look the part and they have taken my Bookshop into a place where rules do not apply whether or not the rules exist on account their stupidities have Media to fool around with, and I do see them put makeup on it looking like they are in need of a good fuck as well, blabbing of beautiful people taking everything from those that are not so beautiful and attacking the owners if the owners tried to take it back in order to be famous. It does this and the hoodlums cannot stop following me around to get imagination up my bum while I do not have a real relationship with them and their gits at the Monarchy have confiscated a Royal Hermitage with it because it’s impossible for their stupidities to stop handling other people as well. their friends at the Monarchy say I cannot wade this storm which is utter nonsense as well; we all know it started out as some gimmick where I got to behave like a modern guy who liked the Celebrities because it displeased them that I did not – now it’s just a matter of following on the process of wrecking my academic work and finances with more damage before deciding that I am not worthy to hold my position unless I looked the part, as stupidly as possible, then tell me I wouldn’t say so where it really mattered, while it is now also developing into something of me investigating instances where people have passed abusive behaviour at them, so that I might use it to build my own fame too, ensure it keeps away from my Books and stop making me into a career Gladiator with its stupid American insults while the Americans will soon get from finding me enemies I can fight to fighting their own in Russia too. It’s not as drastic as most people consider it to be as far as I am concerned either; I have had to deal with nauseating financial complications and pornographers grabbing my income margins because a Fashion designer built me some Publicity; the reason being that this Publicity was a matter of the fact they had picked up my work and bits of my life and patented it to their names, having signed contracts on it build me a Publicity of what they think I really should be, the Celebrities are just overtly destructive because it’s a matter of my Books solving their problems and a case of the fact that should they enjoy that problem being solved or think of the fact I had solved it, my whole life will get flushed down the loo for writing a Book that matters to them; so the others at the Monarch blab which storm I cannot wade all the time because I have not yet burned their Celebrity culture instead of being lured towards the dirty business of categorising people yet, so that idiot who fools around with me in such ways is my mate obviously especially if he won an Oscar the other time, so it’s a storm that I cannot wade.

So I am told I have respect for nothing then but this is all about disrespect, everything that happens around the fact I had written a Book that helped people and put myself out there for it, so that those whom it helped got a crowd together to destroy it and make me serve them because they needed it so, while hoodlums got to chase my bottom and make me smell all the time as they ran wild with it on Media because they are incredibly important. No other profession does this save the Celebrity one and it’s starting to annoy me in a real world way, like I have mentioned before that when we want to stop the drug overdose and suicides, we do have to find an alternative as well; so it seems I will be investigating the instances where people have passed abuses or insults at them and then I will build my fame on that too. It’s the old case of the evil and wickedness of Hollywood finding its way into my concerns; so all it needed was some drinks with some friends talking about being able to do the kid better than anybody else, it has since gained a Director’s position at the Film or Music Company and I am being said to have gotten myself tangled up with Celebrities because unless we explain this outcome in terms of its madness being in desperate need of the services of an exorcist, no other ideas about the reason for this type of Celebrity Industry has ever made sense.

I have been told I have anxiety issues and I don’t; what happens is people picking up my work to acquire my attention and then set about seeing how far their civil disobedience may go on it, if it continues beyond this stage, I may end up with an anxiety problem but at this point I don’t actually have one. The part where my Books smack of it is utter nonsense; that is not what my Books did during the first three years of exposure, it follows the abuses of Celebrities to reach such supposition which does not make any sense whatsoever – it’s what happens with writing; all anxiety; that speech you prepared for the Crowd will not be delivered, it will be packed into a Book and sold to them; trade writers always avoid this and I have bene subjected to a process where abusing me provides them with options to ensure they never think about how they will sell their own Books, which is why I write my Books to be immune to their stupidities, earning their hate and abusive vandalism that is gradually getting a response from me as well in the process, it always avoids the anxiety, then it bashes the real writers and puts together some facts that will help the Public escape anxiety when it is not a bad thing for us to worry about our family and financial wellbeing or to organise work in a way that is nice to those who get involved with it and then goes off to become famous on Media, 300 years from now, the Books will still be making his Family money and none will be able to justify or explain it – I have decided to keep my originality by measuring each time if I needed to sell my Books or give it away and by virtue of the fact it has taken up enough of my time for me to get paid by those who read it, I am a writer by profession.

There is this question asked of how simply people may solve the problem that is me and it’s an old tale of their insults coming to stop because I am losing audiences on Social Media while those that stay cannot listen to what I am saying on account of it. It’s like that old tale of me antagonising Muslims, which is utter nonsense; we all know they cannot control the criminal activity happening in their backyard because of their close association with violent activity, we all know that they don’t like to discuss their religion while they claim I am an infidel, we also know that the one that gets the most overall attention is that each time they are involved with Celebrities and Popular culture, I feel sore all over and their imagination as a community is on my anus at all times, meaning I am in constant abdominal pain and smell of what I ate perpetually, then the same gangs and criminals start to notice and attack me for it while they begin to exact their nepotism which gives way to a daily discrimination that expresses whom their insanity considers themselves to be superior to over it and the destruction of my academic work to make way for their future was still one of their greatest achievements while the Politicians cannot get a moments peace for the complain about me and my attitude and they have not stopped getting involved with a certain writing career and the Public image of its owner. I wonder if they listened to anything I said or are blabbing about antagonising Islam which they believe scares me when it really doesn’t – what it will do is get me very interested in those secret gatherings of Men who show up to damage the very idea of people accepting me as a writing if that is what my profession is, then complain to Politicians about my attitude while at it too, the secret gatherings of Men that ensures that they can avoid working for money, especially through the nepotism of their ideas on whom their stupidities were superior to, scaring me will get me interested in it a lot more than usual. I mean we have religion in a society where people conduct their affairs in such ways as means that criminals face such a difficult life that they end up taking it out on a completely random person and they have never been able to control this because of their association with violent activity, time and again showing up here to forget where their religion is located in a threatening way. They speak of the evil people on the left and we have always been aware of those evil people on the left, the wicked activities of evil people on the left which was never part of mainstream living even when atheists claim they do not believe in God all together, until their insanity started killing people; now I am in a fight for my life because of what I know and can do, to move those evil people out of mainstream living, while they hang around somewhere claiming I am a flustered infidel who wants others to give me affirmation that I am a real Man, then set about claiming Credit for my work because if they didn’t their Muslim religion will lose followers to the infidel Christianity. It thinks it does not have to listen to what I am saying but if every time its Celebrities got the imagination up my Bum, I started a discourse on how we will winnow out all those prejudicial nonsense they have channelled at me throughout the years and have a dialogue about each and every one of them, with new ones facing rather difficult consequences in the process and when their own gets up my bum, I remind them they were stupid and demand to know what they are selling because I was looking down on them, there was nothing that they could do about it. They say we Christians behave in a way that fits the Islam definition of infidels and yes we do because they are more interested in their religion than the Persons that are meant to pay attention to it – I for instance have always had women in my head and if they knew me as a person, they would know it’s a matter of society and culture trouble makers dreaming of taking the clothes off a good looking person until it starts to become a distant violence they throw around and create war, hence I get covered up by Women, if they knew me, it probably would have been more important than their religion to know this is who I am as such and the story is usually that this can be avoided if they wanted but we know there is no religious Utopia that can avoid somebody being an evil person whose personal decisions has made them illiterate too and what they would be thinking about if they have not had any sex for 20 years because they are not good looking. Same as we see the Celebrities they have recently befriended, claiming I feed internet trolls when my social Media is set out in a way which ensures that those who get involved but have no real interest expose ways by which I can harm them each time they spent time on it, while my biggest problem now is the Celebrities patenting bits of my life to their names and making it toxic by building me a Publicity that has to do with fighting to protect their stupidities and my response to it was exhilarating because of my inability to talk demagogue and bigotry, failed to check the dictionary definition of fame and thinks the fact its fucking famous will get me into trouble any time soon.

They do claim if I went up against Celebrities it would go bad very quickly and yes it would, as we can see, I wrote a Book and my whole life got flushed down the loo because Celebrities want to be able to give an Arch Prince gay permission to obtain Public Image at Public service and so it plays up into a need to savage my academic work and finances and drag me in chains to bow before them, through which individuals with bad habits that their parents can no longer keep up with will have anything that they wanted; we can therefore see that if the need for this nonsense had driven them completely insane, they can also hear what I am saying as well, unless they were deaf Celebrities. I do get told I had taken over the gay permission for fame bits as well and yes I had as it were, I am talking about the silly threats getting all over the place as a matter of what their minions can do and those will be getting a response from me as well very soon. I don’t have a real relationship with them, so their culture and society goons need keep the imagination off my bum as soon as they can do it, whatever their problem is, is no concern of mine, a Bookshop is what I do as well and it does get to my head too. I do get asked to settle this matter of my animosity with Celebrities and there is nothing to settle; they spend their time seeking out who controls my Books and its distribution and want to deploy it for the purpose of securing their own power and influence either in British society or around the world but are not spending their time on it as well, which is why I am paying the price, right up to the stage where the dream of somebody attacking me on the streets and thereby doing their thing for them has now gotten completely out of hand and needs a response – the first occasion was the one about black Girls ogling at me while at University and getting their imagination up my bum until I dropped out and that happened in 2008, so we are talking about this in 2019 because I have not responded to it over a long period of time – they do speak of what happens because I am a coward naturally and it should always be done with an understanding that I am not emotionally attached to their insanity that adds up to a need for them to play around with spiritually evil matters, so as to show how immoral and Godless they, just important to remember that I don’t sit around thinking of what I could do with the money Celebrities have and therefore am not as influenced by it like they think I am. It’s as they say they see me everywhere and it’s the same way I see them all over my Bookshop numbers balance and not in a nice way all the time too – so some of them have been more forth coming in abusively describing me as a preacher who is now in desperate need of some collection and we know they have said the Vatican and Illuminati are the same thing as well; it wants a response too. I have heard their concerns about me run along the lines of what I will do if I get what I want but I have no idea what the do will be anyway; they wish to fool around with spiritually evil things as their contribution to the way that it plagues peoples peace and personal happiness and it wrecks my finances because they are showing that they can do me either which way they turned.

They do say it’s me assuming people want to take shit from me all the time and hence their imagination getting up my bum all the time and it’s not unusual either; what we see here are the beginnings of a process where an opportunistic hoodlum getting around their concerns is primed to get their imagination up my bum by idiots that want to be famous with my Public image, producing an outcome where I will find out I have little time left to raise myself a pension and then will I plan it on their Celebrity wallet and ensure the revenge was worth every bit of it too; as for the taking shit from me in its own right however, once it gives way to an interest in those secret gatherings they prefer for their stupidities instead of get a job for money, then will we find out how far their big mouth really stretches too. They are dangerous and I am aware of it too but it is also true that people do not treat characters who get low lives and hoodlums who are just getting opportunistic all over the place to get the imaginations up peoples bottoms kindly either, especially in terms of violence, so I like to think it is a defence mechanism and hopefully they learn from their lifestyle too; for my part I was usually content with the business of setting out my work such that their stupidities can do whatever they liked with it, knowing the trouble they make for me is about fame and that doing so was criminal activity which just adds to the fact some of them have picked up criminal activity while still famous while others were criminals before they were.