So there is this thing people now do where they say they have been hitting this Hermitage pretty hard in the world of rich people taking whatever they wanted and now that I have exposed more facts of what they can take from me, they want to reset Capitalism; I could never understand it anyway – there is nothing wrong with the current Capitalist system, it is still the same process of selling things to those who have established a Partnership with you, that will ensure that they were better off financially for buying your product and hence a matter of getting to decide from which point your product will make them financially better off i.e. the Investment side or the savings side – we have always has this problem in the sense that fame idiots and Celebrities have spent their time on nothing else but grabbing the best of other peoples career i.e. in effect stealing peoples money at the market place and so I have no idea why they are convinced it will be easy to simply announce their Habits on Public media in terms of resetting Capitalism at the expense of someone they believe their stupidities to have a history of taking advantage of while it is all a lie developed by their culture and society goons who never stop doing me favours or claiming that I am a poor person stuck where I was years ago and need a lot of help and Public support, something which when begun wrecks the academic work or leaves me looking like a character that does not get paid for my work. their Politicians deny that the idiots complain about my attitude all the time because the very fact I got a Book Published and put myself out there for it being damaged was inextricably linked to how their ageism got to become as financially successful as its mates are, something to do with me being attacked and persecuted because I have the same sort of personality that their mates who became millionaires had – they claim it’s about how much I disrespect their stupidities and their Communities, becoming rather convinced I need to establish a relationship with ugly people that have been attacked for getting involved with their Celebrities, as stupidly as possible. The part of their story which is left out at all times is that my whole career is now a matter of Publicity associated with the corrupt fans they engage themselves with; the older ones supporting the Politicians mainly and the pubescent ones getting the imagination up peoples bottoms for the Celebrities and it has not yet decided it wants to stop getting involved with my concerns until it gets another response to add to the fact complaining about me had become a global phenomenon years ago.

I have been told that their confidence is all developed on the fact that the Labour Party has been able to handle me and it is utter nonsense too; we know for instance that Female Politicians really love to kick those that are already down in the teeth and that when it comes to that, the Labour Party Female Politicians exist in a league of their own, such that the history we now have is that what I have done to ensure they kept their insolence off me, by making sure they were unable to call for help from their male communities, is something they claim have left them incapable of growing into fully developed women, so I have stopped going too far on that but have not yet seen them spend their insults on the Men in their lives instead of me for it, so it means that I will need to do it all again. Tony Blair was the one that was all about the business of giving word that people ought to get me off his back since he was chasing my Public image to work religious corruption that will make their version of socialism very useful to the Public, pretending that it was not a death threat on the streets, I mean the getting me off my back being a matter of me just being myself while he was at it – Gordon Brown was primarily responsible for the destruction of my academic work because he was mostly a Prime Minister that was interested in the personalities of young people which those that associated themselves with Political Offices should be having – Jeremy Corbin is more a Racism and Antisemitism guy and we feel it more each time he is about to give some conspiracy based rousing speech to his crowd of followers and is mainly worked by big brother getting his imagination up peoples bottoms all the time; for me it came to a head since it was clear the reasons I dropped out of University in 2008, was primarily a matter of this stupid party establishing a link with parents who were scared of my financial success because they wanted to be family leaders and over time, we now know these parents have positioned themselves to get around with luvvies and spend the best part of my career on exhilarating stupidities, so I am now permitted to be successful and the fact that they don’t have me and developed a whole new form of vile society that heads off to Buckingham Palace to fight my battles and do me favours; so the illusion is that I get along well with the Labour Party but reality is that I have gone from fearing that damaging it will leave a vacuum in the Political lives of the Public to assuming that if such a vacuum were to arise, I would fix the problem – it has not taught any lessons like it boasts all the time and had not hammered anything, just looking for more and more and more trouble, like when its stupidities pass those insults at me that make the popularity financially profitable, it would have indicated they bread win for me like they do for their Children. The Labour Party actually is a very evil thing; its whole purpose at the heart is to develop a society where ugly people can fulfil dreams of getting good looking people to take the clothes off and get judges by culture and society and for all the insults of their business gits, they were very well informed of the trouble associated with pushing people into social issues but consider such nonsense to be an exhilarating fun, that makes sense of a business of choosing poverty as a tool that facilitates the process of being able to oppress those that are more successful.

The third part of this resetting Capitalism to hit me thing is this claim I wouldn’t do a thing about the Americans because I cannot, while reality is more a matter of Americans pitching me against Muslims and the business of getting me into a fight with Islam determines how they will spend my work and property on their Celebrity stupidities, meaning that I should be doing the same between them and Russia too but this is a rather extreme measure, as we can see that the idiots pick up and patent bits of my life to their stupid names, then show up to build me a Publicity that should decide how I lived, in terms of spending my time getting into a fight to protect them, fundamentally indicates the importance of getting into a habit of investigating their problems in order to make my own publicity on the finding for the purpose of running a Bookshop in a way that gets them taking the drug overdose and committing the suicides. There are three main outstanding facts on this and one of them is that I am having a hard time while reality is that The Queen knows if I wanted to work equities that will tackle the Celebrities all the way to the street gangs they intimidate people with, I would be successful at it but it is a matter of how HM wants it done, hence the fact I have been getting orientated with the parameters of my duties over the years – these goons believe themselves to be very important people who can dominate an oppress me but the reality is that that the culture and society they fool around with only exist for ageist to tackle me because I have a personality that is similar to what their millionaire age mates had when they were younger and the younger ones spend all their time putting it up as a barrier for me, such that anything I do to get past it is classed as damage to the culture and society which allows them make the problem worse – the third being that we have the bad ideas about our careers follow us around all the time, the Politicians do as well and everybody else for that matter but the only group of twerps who are the same goons performing oppression on those who have more money and property than they have are the Celebrities who never do a thing about their low lives running about grabbing opportunities – so handling my property to make a mess for me, patenting bits of my life to their names and building me publicity that suggests that should be getting into a fight to protect them as a matter of my own perfectly acceptable existence because the USA has a very big Military, does not really serve a purpose where I couldn’t do a thing about the Americans, it’s just looking for trouble and as mentioned, I am soon to start the process of investigating their problems to build my own publicity as well and I believe it should leave them taking the drug overdoses and committing the suicides.

They do say that they have nothing to fear from me because they have money to spend on any issues which arise and yes they do, so they should engage in economic activity with the money and stop bothering me – we know they got the money because they are a bunch of trouble makers and it still is the case as it was years ago; none peddles my faith, personal life and public image – the idea their stupidities are getting famous on it conjures up images of me dealing with all sorts of nonsense associated with a Habit that their Parents are no longer able to afford and will be responded to accordingly. In the time being however, they are becoming too old to live out any stupid dreams of getting famous on my Public image, the business of making out their American idiocy implies there will be no consequences for continued claims that the relationship I have with my distributors was their fame because my Books helped their important stupidities, is about to take a turn for something worse as far as my part in the matter is concerned – we can see they find the financial complications it causes me especially when they are engaged in red Carpet events, very amusing.