I have been told my problem with society people is getting worse and worse and it is naturally; these are simply a group of people who think that you must respect the fact they are really stupid people and their involvement with anything damages everything that they got to handle but we are not as a society devoid of an experience for this as a whole, it just enjoy targeting me, never mind the Politicians spending tax payer funds to do some actual damage that allows them to. The whole business of respecting and fearing them because they are stupid and anything, they handle gets damaged is built on the premise that you could never do a thing about it and I now have a 17-year history of this nonsense. Hence we find the story of some complication condition having been created for my finances built on this as annoyingly as possible – which reality is that they pick off the business of stuffing society goons full of what I know and run around claiming society people have grabbed my career, which sets a stage for my work to be used as a tool for explaining anything done which adds up to bullying, thereby making it very clever bullying and making me a bum, and have immediately progressed from prejudicial insults to threats and will not stop building me Publicity more so the unsavoury one for that matter, knowing that as long as I spent my time clearing it out every day, people could never involved with the Bookshop for the right reasons, keeps its salary for the purpose of wanting access to my personality because I have good temperament claiming they need it to look after their feelings on grounds they have very important jobs or jobs that pay a lot of money and also for the purpose of taking advantage of the fact I listen to what other people are saying, to handle me as if I was a child endlessly. Once done we find the idiots claim my Books exist at a certain low point where having public life is concerned while it is designed to help Multinational Companies with Intellectual Property Administration issues, does not need any help or abusive nonsense from them thereof – will not stop thus it appears I will be facing difficulty should I introduce myself as an Arch Prince in Public places; of which it is usually okay when social and Political conditions are alright but not when social and political conditions are not okay, that we have progressed from a City where you expect the prospects of meeting important people and have to behave a certain way, to a city where those who do not have wealth must run and hide lest they interfere, as insultingly as possible the stupid wealth I can account for better than its stupidities showing up all over my Public image to talk with the Public and buy equipment to get famous by – should I encounter such difficulty, I do promise it will be the turn of the financially well off neighbourhoods to complain about me as well.

They now claim that I do what I do because I am of the opinion it is important to support the British Monarchy as it is the only way to oppress white people as well and it is utter rubbish either way – all our local Political nepotism; we all know that on the first instance they never show up here to read what I write and listen to what I am saying while they understand that people ought to do so as such a process will have been directly linked to the reasons I have set out a livelihood and processes involved with what I do for a living too and it is what they are supposed to every time that they show up here. The story of being hated by the British Labour Party is not an emotive one, it is a Party that has spent the last 18 years of my time working a relationship with my Mum who is worried about my financial success because she believes I will try my hands on Family leadership, after years of being chased around for my Christian believes on grounds I was suddenly selected to do gangs and violence for the family that is and it is the sort of nonsense that goes on in that trash hole they like to describe as a Party, which ensures that it does not interest me at all while their stupidities believe they will successfully force it on me – they always like to say that what they were determined to do was split my personality and move into my right hand to dwell in permanently and its all good blabbing as I too as no longer scared of the Political vacuum that will exist when I trash that stupid party of theirs too. We never see them deal with their own; the blacks will say the reason you must live in hell as a matter of practical jokes since proper oppression has no effect on you and will likely become something you took over and did better, is that white people sold black people into slavery – at the same time, when we travel to Africa we see most of their nepotism based insults that involve showing up in Public places to make out they were superior to me, fundamentally linked to the idea that I am one of those characters that served them as servants or my ancestors used to be traded into slavery by them; what then happens is that somebody will have invented something important and then gotten off telling everybody about his invention, the outcome will be that they want such a persons finances and well being to be decided by the power of history – so we have now reached a stage where we say things like their stupidities keeping off my case in such a way that Ancient Egypt has its corner where it gets its imagination up peoples private parts and so does Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece and Ancient Africa and Ancient Europe and so on but each time their stupidities showed up around here, they better got a Book and listened to what I am saying and that is what I do for a living too.  The other part of this story being that its all a matter of the powers of the USA and the Democrats is specifically referred to in the matter, which they believe I am afraid of in a fantasy world where they live and their nepotism based prejudicial insults when not responded to develops into violence and then abuse that is financially beneficial for them while I did all the work, looking for an eventuality where there will be something of a deadline for them to fuck off, all statements about my person, work and activities stopped – otherwise it is rather easy for all to see that they are only likely to move into my right hand if their Community croons got the imagination up my bum on grounds they were stupid, illiterate and evil people with ideas on how they can put me to errands, however which the existence of such characters is no news to me, so the Politicians and supporters need to think of the reasons their existence has become so intolerable, keep away from my Books and stop following me around. The Americans do not bother me in anyway, they are goon who live only to tell lies and grab peoples career; it starts to get serious when they took responsibility for it, such that we find when they engage in National service, they will have been fighting my battles as such and the reason is that when they foster these behaviour and spread it around the world, they support the stupidities of the Labour Party as described above and these parties they support have international development disposition which feeds right into the see and grab behaviours of tyrants from parts of the world where people have never head of freedom, no such thing as fighting my battles, we all know that when the race and ethnicity issues get completely out of hand over their stupidities, the disobedient student Union leadership will be blazing my trail as insultingly as possible, to fight for my civil rights as well; for the time being, all comments and stupid gestures about my Public image and my Books really do need to stop and their stupidities are always blabbing nonsense about beating up, about which I am never likely to act in a way that shows them how stupid they really are too.

They get off claiming I fail to understand the dynamics of racism all the time and its utter nonsense – we all know if there are more successful white people than there are black people and black people were spending time wrecking the talents in their Communities, once it becomes public knowledge, black people will need to stop doing so, in order to ensure they continued to maintain their Genuity when they complain of racism – these idiots don’t, once they realise that people are finding out this sort of truth, they want some Political co-operation to help them over a period of time until they had babies that will occupy such a space and there was Media to help support it and its all in the grand plan for easy fame and fortune money that suggests its okay to wreck my academic work and to expect to reprisals for it. Especially when the business of dealing with young Americans comes into the picture, it was always a matter of prejudicial insults that are developed on nepotism, running off to such an extent that they are starting to think they have a right of violence against me, which on grounds it feeds into popularity culture to brew up the corruption that makes me feel as if the age of 50 was a luxury, that I am done and finished – done and finished that is, if there isn’t something of a deadline set out for them on how their stupidities were going to stop it. the dynamic of racism we hear them talk about endlessly, referring to the fact that a White Parent will always have known that their Child was a racist, tendency being that they will have sorted out racism issues before the racists met you unless you want to do it yourself. So what is left is this need they have to run off this nonsense and wreck whatever they like here to blab off their big sociopath gimmicks in terms of establishing a relationship with me that ensures their practical jokes were financially profitable and now the main problem is that I describe it as stupid every so often, which I wouldn’t should they have given me a better word; we are looking at abusive insults and faces being made because what I say and do strikes a cord and provides public leadership and then to my horror that face making and abusive behaviour shows up somewhere at the pinnacle of my career to claim its stupid civil rights looks like that from then on. I am sure they now understand what University drop out Prince is, along with the actions of their Politicians being the main impediment to my ability to study and look after my career, need to keep off my Books and stop following me around.

There is this part where they boast about how people claim I am unstoppable but have been stopped by them as well, which is utter nonsense, same as the claim that I am mentally disturbed. They have not stopped anything, it’s just the enormity of a stupid task that involves the fact they have got to hustle and their hustling always involves the pinnacle of other people’s careers – step outside of your door and you will see that life itself means what they had gathered in secret to decide, especially the Men and how you leaves you with abdominal pain because their stupidities as hustling, then the insults that suggest their idiocy bread wins for you as well will follow soon after that – when I say such things they claim I will get into trouble with a big mouth but we know they have invented and adapted a new one specifically for me and I don’t have answers as to why their stupidities do it; so when it does boast about stopping, it should tell people which part it stopped as such, such that each time it complains about me as well, it will be easy for those who listen to those complains to draw parity between the two. The Celebrities claim the problem with me is that I impede their Celebrity culture and Popular culture and yes I do because it is now all about getting famous on my Public image – we all know Politicians for instance make laws that ensure people can get around their concerns safely no matter who they are but if caught sleeping with a prostitute they will lose the Job, so everybody tidies up after themselves apart from the Celebrities and the same are the only twats we have, who cannot stop destroying peoples property every time they make that money others seem to account for better than they can as it were – so should be observe more objectively, we find that low lives running around peoples backyard, getting imagination up peoples bottoms to grab opportunities, have nothing to do with those who are always seen working hard to meet their financial commitments or those who are actually successful in current position but the Celebrities whom they follow an idolise never tidy up after letting them into people concerns to run off what has become some of the most abusive and prejudicial ways of seeking fame and fortune ever devised and if it is impossible for people to keep off my Books and stop following me around, impossible to stop making stupid comments on Media if it was clear my finances will be affected, I will sack it for them as well for my part in this matter, I can no longer wait for it to simply move on; it does that all the time, apart from the older goons who need to hustle somewhere around where I have done the best work for my career blabbing about me being unstoppable while they have stopped me stuck somewhere between the communities and the shops, building their own societies that will get imagination up my bum because they don’t want to smell by themselves for good measure as well, every time we see them its about the fact no part of their character was good, save the part where they spent money at the shops and the only people making it good at the shop keepers who use the money to employ and to keep a livelihood, then it starts to buy and show up the things it has seen Celebrities wear or possess, blabbing which one has grabbed his idea, career and stuff every single moment, the Celebrities they idolise becoming obsessed with the thrilling response they get when they wreck my career instead od tidying up after their stupid selves following the mannerism of the fans that provide them the money they make from their career and I have had enough of it too.

I could spend 5 years running off an ambient campaign for my Books and its not that I have not ended up with huge Public interest either, its just that I have ended up with the wrong one, followed by hustling idiots described above getting all over it to tell me what I need to abandon for those who actually have money to invest because it’s a waste of space or resources that I spend time with a business that is not making progress. They blab about this being evidence of their power just as they are starting to find a position of making sure I got legitimate purchases and legitimate reviews from them or their kept their mouths off my career, will be a measure of my powers as well. I have pointed out this matter will lead to a show down with Celebrities before it goes into the Sunset for my part and it definitely well on this trajectory – we have heard them garnish it time and again with claims I tell them off with intent to ensure they moved on but will only end up doing what they wanted at the end and its all a business of collecting my work and starting again since they wrecked the academic work and got off building Publicity that leaves me battling this nonsense whereby it is either I sued them every single time they did it or I will end up being sued for being myself, hence they are patenting bits of my life to their names and building me Publicity that says I should be getting into a fight while screwing with the Interest of the Monarchy, which they know will get them into trouble, so they might gain excuses for it.

I have been asked what stage exactly my whole life became so complicated and it is not complicated in anyway, all we have here is the insanity of Media playing its hand fully; one of those mentally ill, evil and illiterate goons will get around making up a case for being able to put you to an errand and the Media will shower it with National stage Publicity as per you were meant to do something violent about it, then build a community that helps its low lives grab more opportunity getting imagination up your private parts all day, once they have exhausted this we find them start another one concerning a weak link that wants to be successful while they had to eb brave to get where they are – the effect is that the society trouble makers start off a gimmick of me adopting a personality that says I am important while they really were and when I handle their case as well for tackling anything that becomes convinced that what I do around here is write some Books, they get to the same Media goons who have been boasting all along, trying to get me into some gang and criminal activity that will tackle society on account their jobs contributed more to the Country in their view, to demand a means for claiming they had grabbed my career and they will get it without a hitch, soon the bottom is hurting and I am having to ask the question of whether the Media needs this for survival, while they issued those insulting threats about beating up a kid that is not co-operating with a big mouth; it is the only problem we have here and I could really do without it. they do claim I professed to have had control of the matter and yes I do, I am simply not doing it anymore as such since I usually get stopped whenever I do, until I drop out of school etc – I am not doing it anymore, I am not going too far with society anymore because those who demand that I do have not yet met my conditions nor have their need to compare me to goons they have helped to money and venues to extract money from my Public image tended to facilitate their prejudicial nepotism nonsense which suggest that young people have done better than I have – its now up to them to do it.