Most infuriating is that tale they love to tell all the time, of how the problem with me is that I think I can handle the Celebrities – I do wonder which one is handling the Celebrities anyway, what I know is that they had tried to grab my career and since last that failed, I have been saddled with a history of insults they can play practical jokes with until they either had it or destroyed it like we see them give their own to the frugal. So it is all the same as when I spend time to show big businesses there are rumours I am trying to make money from the shadow their ventures have casted around the world and it is not true, I turn up once all was settled and agreed to find myself stuck with an idiot who clings to my sales numbers because I did not have the time to arrange my products and business practices in a way that hurts him every day as well, who then tells me that his money will not run out before I am finished, should I start a fight. In the case of the Celebrities there is no reason the show business products should be appealing as such but because it has had a history of Industry goons helping them to tap into people’s feelings with quick money that access venues and equipment, it has had some history of success and this is what the Banks are always interested in – when I do point it out like so, normal people would have been able to see that I am on a schedule and need to start getting the Books sold as soon as possible while they needed to stop showing up where I have placed it. They have said for their part that they find me insulting and it is so annoying especially when followed up with an imagination that gets up my bum as stupidly as possible; so an Arch Prince has had a public image that some idiots have handled to make popular culture which has provided them with enough money to find him insulting as well and it is quite incredible as it were – needless to say the idiots have since bought themselves big houses in the Country side, which informs them of the reasons that The Queen lives in a Castle for example, nobody knows what more they want from me as it stands. The reality on the ground is still the same as ever i.e. they will take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image, the fact those pictures also end up at the shops to build me hell on the High Streets was bad enough but the reality is that every instance of that photo which shows up in Public is a process where somebody they signed a contract with to make those pictures is trying to make a living from it; now it’s not clear if they are in need of exorcism or something like that because this is beyond being a twisted human being and it then leaves me with the immense work to tidy it up, pick up some picture here and there and make a statement on social media pointing to the areas of Public work that their stupidities have been making a mess of and now it finds me insulting too – when it makes some songs to entertain the Public and get rich quick for example it clearly does not need to get around claiming it oppresses me with money to gain equality which makes the show business products more appealing to the Public but it is the only thing these idiots do with Publicity; clearly of which is a matter of goons that people try to keep their children from, who turn neighbourhoods on its head to plan their lives on people’s Wallets being convinced their stupidities were famous, finds me insulting. Then we find out most of the times thereafter that it is about how others Royals feel about me, which does not make any sense whatsoever; we all know it’s not just those who fancy Fashion goons and Celebrities that learned lessons from the way that Princess Diana lost her life, these Royals never stop fooling around with Celebrity culture as though they had lost their Parents the way that HM has and then we find that when they spent so much time on it they cannot catch up with their duties, they set me out as some character that has played himself into a condition where he can be taken advantage of to get those duties done and it is becoming unbearably abusive, so it is fair to say I am going to do their own well, deterrence being measurable from the fact the society idiots who pick it up every time they come up with one have never once run out of ideas. In the end they say there are Muslim Royals involved too which is not unusual; Liberal America likes Muslims when they are not killing Muslims and then liking them thereafter, because Muslims help them with their need to handle women as trophy items and my finances have never been free of it because the idiots have only suffered a process where I sacked their partying and boogying lifestyle from new York to Japan, hence it could not get worse – here in the UK, they believe themselves to have gained connections with the Prince of Wales who wants to be a real Man and we all know that if a Fashion Model or Celebrities picks up my Public image and hands it over to photographers in the form of a video or picture or a film that patents bits of my life to their names, to make a living from – what emerges from this situation is that Industry people have put up property on that Public image while Government people want the Public engagements associated with it to be done, they are well aware both sides are very good at chasing bottoms but are looking like they want to find out which one will likely win again as it were; it makes sense of that big mouth blabbing about war all the time, and then saying nothing while it now appears they are about to get one. The Celebrities who find me insulting on the other hand beat the imagination every time; it puts up its stupidities on my Public image to get rich at Popular culture, buys a big House in the Country side to make sense of the reasons The Queen lives in a Castle and yet this behaviour continues still, finds me insulting as stupidly as possible.

They claim I presume much and it really has nothing to do with presumption; this matter has been running since 2002, I had dropped out of University in 2008 and nothing about it has changed – the Prince of Wales says I am a Character that was selected from the general Public to give up his life every day until he gives it all away and it is used to prepare for his reign while I am actually wildly different from that as a character, my student debts by the way have not yet been cleared but HRH Is now seen showing up somewhere at the backyard of Industry to handle matters of hoodlums doing other people’s stuff because I have financial issues to deal with. The same goes with the way I speak being a matter of who is handling liabilities in Government and not social status and then we hear them appoint themselves as usual to claim my position is facilitated by the Crown and the Crown therefore bears liability, having no clue what it is blabbing about the entire time. It was all entirely expected that if they had planned for decades a kind of life they will have when a Man takes up the Throne and I came round to change it because they damaged my work in a way that required a response to protect the Public, they would do these things, especially the alliance with Celebrity bits but after 50 years, the bits about the criminals having their own Royal to get around with, has not improved in the slightest bit in this Country. I don’t know why they believe I am meant to be afraid of it anyway; we all know Celebrities blab about being important and being Public figures and it’s all bah – all that interest them is to make money by escaping the abusive processes of doing a job and then set out another person’s livelihood as a punching bag for every instance that security operatives have chased their bums – so when it has not gotten a response for its vandalism, the prevalent behaviour will be like the one channelled at me i.e. that it knows where my Books are located and none will be able to read it until I fight my corner again like it saw me did the last time on account it needs the feeling, it will need it like so every day for 6 years and not for once grow up enough to wonder how I am paying off the invoices. Thus I am told that I jeopardise myself when I talk the way I do which I don’t; what happens is my State provided security getting into one fight after another without end and the assumption following on that I cannot administrate the issue while it is as simple as the idea current events showing that I look like a character that will get Celebrities doing their personal battles, doing their stuff, grafting and dealing with a difficult existence is not sufficient and hence needs more work; not yet overtly the guy through which they do their stuff, so the prevalent behaviour will not change for what I have described.