The big mouth says I am caught up in a cat and dogs conundrum but the last time we checked, they would never stop complaining of the state of their culture and society for handling my person and property over their money issues – it eventually resulted in people being taught that those who learn and get around the world kinaesthetically are not necessarily a bad thing but those who have been wrecking the finances to hang around at Job centres telling me what to do with integration, are now the ones complaining the most about their behaviour, threats issued at me because I am not getting into a fight likely then to lead to far more serious outcomes than their stupidities may predict. There is nothing more to the activities of these goons save choosing poverty for Political power gimmicks and even when they have got jobs, it is just a job, their lives are not linked to it to make it a career like all those who have amassed enough savings since teenage years to live in comfortable neighbourhoods, they save their lives to get involved with powerful people and crush those who stand between them and what they want, talking nonsense at me all the time over some stupid Celebrity culture and what my personality can be used for – we have not begun discussing their Industry trouble makers wrecking careers and employing criminals in the neighbourhoods to carry on anyway, what we have been caught up with is the same idiots who appear to have a problem with younger people forcing private security Industry work on me nor have we started talking about the business of insults and abuses to make use of the personality if I wanted them to or not becoming more and more violent, which facilitates the process of getting their imagination up my bum and hanging around somewhere to project all sorts of nonsense which suggest they were important people, claiming all my personal decisions were bad decisions and the smell is the irrefutable fact of that with a big mouth, especially when they want to boast about their stupidities promising they will get me and then eventually doing so, while I have actually not been doing anything about them the entire time. We see it at Industry as well, where it will conduct these stupid tribalism raids to the highest possible levels and at the sign of any challenge abandon its post and give word to people to do the same, leaving consumers to the dogs to do peoples stuff all the time – it works in their world but the question now is whether we have ever seen it work in the real world and yet it’s a battle of a life time to keep their stupidities off ones livelihood. So its all very well looking for glory blabbing Cat and Dogs, I am now going to get off setting a stage which shows my Clients that I am in control of this situation as something that exists because they are bloody idiots who are constantly in need of leadership and if that does not keep them off my income margins, I will take up that oppression gimmick with them as well and the first stage of that will be to get my hands on that stupid wealth inequality problem they complain about and begin making my own contributions to it too.

The Monarchy is in crisis they say and I am a main contributory factor which is utter nonsense as what happens is that the Royals they got along with will not stop berating me over the state of my finances, which has now earned them a certain type of friends that make it impossible for them to conduct the actual Royal business itself. Much the same as we cannot be free of the big mouth that invites itself into this concerns to make statements on how I will not progress because my Books were offensive, as a sign their nature which looks like they are always in need of the services of an exorcist had come through with the right practical joke to handle me the way they want with a big mouth. They also never stop claiming that it is a mystery what my problem is naturally which is utter nonsense as there is no 24 hours in which their stupidities do not find amusing the process of getting on Media to ipdate the pUblic on their version of me, despite repeated warnings we have now entered a stage where it has done enough damage here to secure them a response. Their friends at the Monarchy claim I dredge up Public matters to run off my own private gimmicks by all the time which is utter nonsense as everything I own belongs to me save when HM wants it commandeered for Public service and in order to stay safe, I place the National Cote of Arms on my Websites where I know actions the kind have been ordered in the past, even so HM Cote of Arms is a completely different thing from the National one which any who is not as insulting as these goons are would have been able to see. The problem is that their case is getting worse and worse i.e. they are always seen deploying the work that National security operatives do, in order to make money and get rich and this is usually my sensibility; that all is well save for those who always deploy work done by National security operatives to make money and get rich. For their part the whole thing is now developing into a question of whether they are deploying the Queens duties as well but for me it has become a matter of the insults of their fat cats who cannot have enough and one of these days it seems that the whole thing will be settled on those insults that help them to top up the sense they were very important blabbed at me all the time, especially considering the idiots are getting increasingly physical at it and can never stop telling lies at my expense. It is also said that I am at war with Media which is utter nonsense as I only want my Court back – the Media idiots who invited themselves into it to take up something we created to allow the women cover me with respect to culture and society goons and I cover them with respect to their public appearance security issues, what we had left being spent on matters of domestic violence, to work their career advancement, now have the money and power they have always dreamt of but have a new dream which adds up to a threat alongside it, with a big mouth as well, while their black idiots having been denied cannot keep their insults off my case. I am not at war with Media, I have suffered the difficult aspects of looking after the Court whenever people are threatened with job loss if they do not select friends from their own social standing for years, now my Bookshop is a mess, black idiots want some too and will get at any cost with a big mouth, bearing in mind this whole nonsense started off due to their insults following me around like an education on the reasons people commit murder, as stupidly as possible and it appears that I do not have the Court itself anymore – I don’t cover the women on matters of their Public appearances and they don’t cover me on matters of culture and society idiots who now have free range to get their imagination up my bum as much as they liked.

I am told that I am this prolific trouble maker at the Monarchy who rather considers himself as a favoured character and its utter rubbish – what really happens is that the Politicians wouldn’t let it be about the sort of explosive Politics they would have had if a nobody like myself got involved with the Monarchy and wrecked it without taking any of the benefits for himself, so that more important people like them may become important into the future. Then the others at the Monarchy had to invent their own version as well and since which both have increasingly enjoyed jumping on the band waggon of boasting about how well they do, then show up here to work around reasons they think they should perform knocking on wood routines that leave me sore all over and get their imagination up my bum all day long. It comes on the back of the endless complain from the Politicians about the bottom hurting from stupid culture and society troublemakers, after they had decided it was perfectly alright for me to drop out of University to facilitate this nonsense.

So what has come of it is a business of taking seriously that nonsense about Men’s world and women’s world that wrecks everything around here and set a stage for those who want to get out of it, which I have now left in the authority of the Crown but those who have earned the right to be free of it have fought for that right as we can see, so any who want to enjoy some have to fight for it too. Its been 15 years and moving them on is becoming more impossible because they are convinced their civil rights looks like this and everything I have worked for vanishes into thin air to make trouble just like I was taught at Church during Childhood, that it would if I spent time with them, while I don’t spend time with them as such, I am simply very inferior and they very superior that they work out a way to consume my whole life like an item by tying me down somewhere and inviting themselves into my concerns to make it operable. It now need to shut down the stupid media comments, keep away from my Books and stop following me around before I hatch my own process of beating it down endlessly as well.

I do get asked if I know why they behave in such ways but it’s the same tale of corporate stupidities, where even the Government should understand how somebody’s property has gone a long way to help them run a secure country and why it should mean that they can take whatever they wanted it is niggled their tummy – so we find also that when their opponents are weaker than they are, what others own is their own already because they already have companies they own and have a duty to look after. I have been told that people like me think I am in control of these issues while I am not and its utter nonsense as I am fully in control of it: it is really all about bigot Politics - the point in time at which the insults on the streets channeled at me because of how I could be used started becoming something more, began with Obama, who had a position that suggested what he did not like about his Country was the very things he wanted to do with other peoples Country instead of solve his own problems, now left me with the absolute scum who spend time talking about their problems with respect to the very fact that I exist and is now developing into something of those stupid insults and their need to address me being something that will be put to them as a gimmick that affects my career in a bad way, so they might work out how they wanted to stop it. The imagination we have mostly is that being its this bad, Mr Trump will not come up with some of his own as well but the reality is that when you are not criticising the rubbish that comes from Africa, you should not criticise the USA. They do say I am a small Man who spends most of his time seeking power and that it was their main problem but its an old story as such; either they say I am a small man who dreams of power or they wreck everything around here to make themselves comfortable, then justify it by inventing a way of hurting themselves on my behalf but the problem is still a simple chart of the way I look after myself, right down to a Royal Order, being something that belongs to cracked up out of my league, who now spends a lot of time talking nonsense in public because I am left smelling of what I ate all the time - we can always continue until we find one issue that will get to them in a way that produces results. Its the same tale as ever i.e. will soon find some women to play with and the pretext that women and sex exists will wreck my whole life but for me especially the problem is that nothing is escapable with a big mouth. Personally I really wish that big brothers and big sisters would lay off the guy who deals with bullying that makes people smell according to the insults that replaces respect for what I really do and start living their own lives, warts and all.