I am now told that the problems are getting bigger and bigger and they are not, besides which I had resolved all the matters associated with what people claim are daily problems I should concern myself with and if they read my Books they would have gained from that – what they have done instead is to run off this nonsense to a stage where a bunch of idiots get up on Media to make statements that add up to the prerogative that rich people deserve at my expense, which feeds into the evil activities that want to gain access to main stream living and another stage to chase up in terms of the relationship they have with me being about them wanting to see how I will die but either way, the problems were resolved in the Books and I should not be helping them, which causes me to go round and round in circles as if I am insane.

Its been five years now of a bunch of idiots who claimed the work they had on Media was their dream job, deploying the job to help these fools perform this nonsense and which adds up to an impediment that prevents me from running a Bookshop and in that time none has lost a salary or a work role yet, so I could never make sense of the stupid threats they issue at me while the history is that they never stop complaining about action I take to get them stuck with extremists and criminals as well. They always eventually resort to that story of saying I am Royalty and have everything that Royalty should but others have nothing which is all good, save when they say that I am no Royalty and that it is all in my head – so we have this two disposition associated with when their Celebrity stupidities thinks the only way to make money is to sell other peoples family life and best made plans and that there is absolutely no other way to make money, meaning their men are in constant need of my privacy to sell and to own, while their women are in constant need of my public image to sell and to won, the entire time of which the fucking idiots can tell what I am capable of entirely when they have not yet earned a response from it, especially due to their alliance with rebellious Royalty that make statements about own position all the time, which changes nothing of who my friends and family are. The two disposition being that if I say that I am Royalty due to their greed and insulting opportunism, then every damage they do here will be done within a premise that moves matters one step closer to an outcome where I launched my own attack on those stupid Careers and Family life they have got as well but when they say I am no Royalty it is largely a matter of social issues of which their gay stupidities are well aware is a terrible thing to spend all day pushing others into. They do also claim it is something Muslims are doing and yes it is, those tend to forget where their religion is located all the time, especially now that they have got some terrorists killing people in the name of their religion, especially those who believe in something else and should they combine it with some incredible insults and a need to tell lies constantly, the results will be explosive – it has not yet funded the student loan debts that were the outcome of me dropping out of University the first time because it could not stop showing up on my public image to chase money and get its stupid Muslim imagination up my bottom and continues to act as if its stupidities were the only experience of Muslims I have had in my entire life and therefore should add up to a reasons I cannot make a decision on the matter while it got on with whatever it liked at my expense.

The part where they have Royals that support it has never been news to any person, they always say Royals are responsible for stifling my Book sales and not Celebrities or Media and I couldn’t agree more, since we also know that whenever it shows up all over me and the parts where I have done the best work for my career, to blab about prerogatives wealthy peoples deserve, looking like it has a mean cunt between its legs and some pricks to back her up if I did anything unusual, claiming I am the biggest bitch in the land with its imagination getting up my bum and setting public discourse about my tummy, it is usually fostered by other Royals, who need to keep away from my Books, especially as I am neither married to or in a relationship of any kind with their stupidities, the Media and Celebrities however do need to give it a rest, so that was the problem and it was all taken care of through the Books.

They have now been engaged in telling tales endlessly of how I am responsible for the bad places that black people came into the UK to find themselves in the Country and its quite amazing how I just get on with my own concerns to find I have been giving people false facts on how to be superior to me – the gits have never stopped making statements that suggest they were superior to me each time they showed up in Public places, since last they travelled to the UK, the last time we checked and as far as I am concerned they are worried about the British bits but are not yet finished with something they started with the Germans some years ago either. The claim I am not afraid of them and really should be which is utter nonsense – its bigger than me, taller than me but every society idiot can invent something associated with a pyramid scheme to get rich quick on my Public image and what I do to protect myself will make its stupidities my mortal enemy on the International front, while it has got bigger and taller people like its stupid self to get involved with and establish relationships with as it were, such that the Media ones can never have enough if their stupidities can build a crowd over it through the Means that pays the main salary. The Politicians are more a matter of how it needs to be shown I am a character that will like to impose my ideology on others bearing in mind criminals love them so and the part they are afraid of involves finding out how I will die and not a matter of their criminal friends and lovers forming ideologies that suggest when everybody is able to steal what they need, wealth inequality issues will be resolved – so they now have to grapple with reprisals for having me drop out of University to express this nonsense in return for a process where they lost grip of the Political career to show what they will do to express it. it does this, whereby once it makes some money for the ego and gains a media presence, it develops from idiocy associated with an alliance it makes with society idiots teaching me lessons 24/7 on the use of my personality and public image, while it claims I wouldn’t say what I say where it matters because it’s a tall idiot getting dangerous with money, stifling my Book sales until it made its Millions in the City or stock market, never seen putting down the other story of telling people the sort of trouble I see it out of this world, when  plod on regardless and some of its plans come to naught and will not keep the mouth shut until I took the risk of it to see what its stupidities will do as well, especially the blacks – it seems that once they gain money and media presence, the only thing worth selling in this world was my Family life and this is what the main problem with their stupidities and its Fashion and Celebrity idiocy really is; it needs to keep away from my Books if it is not paying the Bills for it as it were.

I do get told that what I am doing now is too little too late and its utter rubbish – this nonsense about being tackled by idiots in the City issuing threats because they were getting dangerous with money, telling me my Bookshop will never be successful until they were rich first, because I defended myself from me and my wife bullying you until you smell of what you ate society idiots, began in the later part of 2014, which was 6 years after the do my stuff, ding your stuff, doing stuff, stupid children got into league with their goons in the education system to wreck my academic pursuits. The reality of it is that these fools are convinced, based on evidence that simply ignoring them and moving on with my concerns wrecks their career to warrant conversations they have with people on media, which show they are willing to hurt somebody at random if they cannot reach me, that other peoples lives really should be about their stupidities and that they can handle peoples lives anyway that they liked, the blabbing never stops until I got into the City centre intent on taking the risk associated with it as well. They always claim it’s a matter of fighting my battles which is utter nonsense; they have never fought my battles; what really happened is that I did something with my Office on social media immediately after I found by 2016 that they will not allow me keep a factory job and will not allow me keep a security guard job either and the Bookshop was to run only when they were rich on my public image like their stupidities had sworn with big mouth and they said that I had accepted liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel on the field, I simply thought it the decent thing not to abandon them never the less but the truth of it is that there are people in the security services that will never allow them fight my battles as such – we are talking about processes associated with other peoples dangerous jobs and their foolish woman wanting a piece of that so that I ceased to be a man that was a threat to their stupidities whenever they wanted to get comfortable with my work and or possessions, and we are talking about such nonsense as a business of the fact they are always getting around with Terrorists and Criminals to show up and boast of the bad things that occur when Celebrities are forced to stop being nice to Government, to which effect they became friends with Terrorists and Criminals, soon after they got involved with the National security services – we are talking about outcomes of this behaviour whereby they say I will get into trouble because on account they have been fooling around with my work so much, some of it ended up in the hands of terrorists and criminals whereby they got hurt or it was a threat to them and can never be seen keeping their big mouth shut over it, while the society twats had since gone off to Buckingham Palace to fight my battles and become more important than I am. Its never a complicated thing for me in anyway – I know them well enough to understand that they are villains and they regularly than they actually need, we don’t measure it by the standards of a reasonable person anymore, we know the ethnic minorities get into trouble with the Police as a Community for example, I know them well enough to understand that they are Villains who invent very wicked activities to engage themselves with, the energy and health for it which entirely relies on other people – so I have been responsible for activities that push them into security service business as well for my part, since I am aware of the way security service operatives actually work i.e. ten buildings were blown up by Terrorists yesterday and 5 persons have been spotted behaving like Terrorists, we expect those 5 persons to be killed immediately but the way they work is to tease out what is really going on with those 5 persons and get to the bottom of the issue, the job was to stop buildings being blown up by terrorists in the future and the involvement of these idiots pushes them to kill people all the time while the job never gets done. So I have been shoving them as well because I think their twats need to get it done too, like they have been warned more times than they can remember, that I will certainly get away with it and yes they claim they have been teaching me lessons since which I suppose makes sense of the whole gimmick all together but the lessons they have been teaching here is wholly a case of the fact they are so desperate for attention that their imagination gets up my anus constantly, it is guaranteed to secure attention apparently and so will I experiment with the responses I give to it until I find one that their stupidities will fall head over heels in love with too.