I am now told that I look like war all the time and it tends to make a very unsafe existence for everybody but its not really the case – the truth of it is the same old gimmicks from civil rights trouble makers of tackling me over a period of years, to raise some provocation that I am unable to deal with while the politicians covered it up with all sorts of municipal living based corrupt legislation, which is usually the safer option if the Public can elect another Party that then gets about undoing it, all meant to serve their drive for wealth and social equality with me as scapegoat. They do continue to claim there is nothing I can do about it which is incredibly stupid, it does nothing but leave the question of; since I am thinking about doing something, when do I plan to start and it’s the same stupidities with the effects of tax payer funds being spent on their needs to mean that they attack me more because they needed more self-confidence as well, as it is looking for a response that will match its stupidities. So the ageists are convinced my view of them is rather something to be lorded, something mysterious and scary but its only those that did not become as successful as their mates were, earning themselves a God given right to pick on somebody younger in order to catch on with their mates financially but the difficult part once their foolish Politicians get along with it is that tax payer funds being spent to help them with financial problems actually constitutes the stage at which they were in need for self- confidence, so thereafter my whole life gets flushed down the loo because they were important and people were willing to harm me on their behalf. The Political goons think there is little I can do about it while reality is that the last time I went too far, they got off to Buckingham Palace to fight my battles and make a mess of public living conditions in the Country, so now I am really trying not to go too far again but they must realise that my real view of them and their insanity is mainly something of some very twisted and evil people whose only good deeds are the money they spend on the High Streets to help maintain businesses through which people get jobs and if it does begin to stifle me like it currently is, the stage will be set for an outcome where I take that their stuff and they will get it back in hell. The Celebrities will never stop complaining while they have not refrained from setting me challenges which mean that my Books are perverted into problem solvers fame that allows their corrupt fans to abuse me and get rewarded financially for so doing, while they tell all sorts of allies about my Book, making a mess of it to work powers of Liberal USA where people think there is no force in this world that can keep you safe from the juxtaposition that exists between Republicans and Democrats, such that you are screwed any direction you head and are done for if you remain by yourself, for absolutely no reason and it’s a response they will remember for a long time that they seek as far as I am concerned. In effect, there is no problem here save the fact that they all spend the day switch people off my Book sales and it does mean I am going to begin an attack on their financial wellbeing as well, while those stories that are developed from how I need to be afraid of them when they ensure I cannot get a moments peace from gangs and criminals and racists, is looking for a 24 hour response on my part as well. The theory that they are clever and completely out of control for me is not actually based on fact – what happens with these idiots is that they want to get some very stupid people into confined spaces and then screw with those until a bad thing happens, so when I started writing Books, I ended up in a condition where their need to pillage my academic work and get fame from my Public image meant I ended up in this condition as well; whilst they had ended up with another situation that meant what they have conditioned members of the public into had become something they complained about every day, I on the other hand got on with a writing career by making sure what I knew ended up in the minds of the stupid people, lest I have to pay the price for their gimmicks every time they talked about freedom and Democracy, so the idiots got off on Media to build themselves prospective business empire based on what my books will provide completely free of charge and started abuses and attacks based on what I had which they didn’t, as stupidly as possible – i.e. same story that 90% of what we hear them complain about is a behaviour members of the Public have exhibited because of what their stupidities have conditioned people into. The real world that they refuse to live in is one where those who can beat me up will never stop lapping it and those who cannot will never stop hurting themselves, the big mouth blabbing on Media all of the time, looking for a response that it will never forget, while their fantasy world says they were incredibly clever and out of my league – entirely normal then but I am the one said to be stirring up Public instability, while they are the ones getting people stuck in a position where those who are important couldn’t fuck them well if a life depended on it but will want to punish those that are out of the league of unworthy leaders all the time, meaning I am unable to get free from the insults which cause my allies and trading partners to desert me, the same insults that tends to make them rich with their stupid popularity – it does need to keep away from my Books, stop following me around and really try to put an end to its addiction to passing those stupid insults in my direction, especially when it has a media and Celebrity job to fool around with. Speaking of which I do wonder if they Politicians really can tell what it means when it they say I smell and need to get off being gay i.e. from being attacked because I had much I worked for but could not protect and dared to walk into Church, to abusive nonsense built up and covered up with corrupt legislation, to homosexuality I mean, like they were in need of an exorcist ASAP.

It does call for a need to apply thought processes to the whole thing; the fact that they get those University qualifications they do not believe in and don’t know how to use, then set about seeking out people that have lower qualifications after getting through hell to acquire it, with talents that may be placed at this disposal, which appears to be the only thing that can make their qualifications a profitable investment. Then again, should a person apply thought to the other side of the story, we find that their civil disobedience and criminal disobedience is out of control, they don’t have the energy to simply get off making money by working for it either, have a pathological fear of work and have never learned to stop telling lies – thus we see that the qualifications are very important to them, very necessary; the problem we have being that it does need to stop passing its insults at me, needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around and then I get asked what their state of affairs is, which is the grand old case of dot com millionaire and I will teach you secrets of riches gimmicks targeting me all the time – it believes it’s stupid self to have found somebody it may take advantage of without consequences apparently, unlike at Industry where the guys round people up and during the last AGM decide that what belongs to the abusers is needed as well, it is now clear what I do is ignore everything they do to take money out of the market, provided they are buying products from the market they take it from if they wish to avoid some more trouble and we know this is the main reason that they must ensure I lived in hell for every products they have bought, as stupidly as possible.

They do claim their actions search for wealth and social equality and I could never make sense of how saddling people with provocation and abuse that they can do nothing about, abuse that they can never catch up with if they wanted to respond to it and then hang around on Media to look like they were a huge problem for me while showing the worry associated with the fact that I will get away with absolutely everything I want to do with them as well. I do have a history here by the way, as I worked on the matter and some women showed up to make popular culture from it, which helped to support young people at school if the bad effects of criminal activity affected criminals in a way that brought forth an expression that ended up in the Media waves to be run off over and over again every day, after nearly a decade on onslaught, they had finally destroyed it and now they are in need of wealth equality themselves as we are unable to prevent people from making their own money with our work all together, so I have no idea what the fucking idiots have in mind but I know they cannot keep their hands to themselves, always need to handle others and are going to have to give me my space or I will take it. Their point is usually that they know what their academic qualifications are meant for, they simply want to be Royalty as well and I can understand it but am lost as per what their problem with the responsibility was – the fact for instance that there are culture and society people everywhere who really love to chase the bum and since my position is recognised, unless I got around pricking them, it’s never a problem for me either way. It becomes quite clear when we start to explore their wealth and social equality gimmicks in detail, how things will play out when I ensured the Celebrities were part of the good feeling that comes from peddling that stupid culture and society of theirs for money, while I ensured they were famous irrespective of how ugly they were as well, making them a part of the corrupt living that Celebrities exhibit, goes without saying the next time they follow me around with this nonsense at academic institutions, I will burn their world and make them watch me do it (on the contrary, this is not my latest epiphany, such talk which sets out clearly what their wealth and social equality gimmicks are about).