They claim I am here getting all over the place because people fought my wars and yet I was happy for the Police to keep doing Police work; I wouldn’t know, I know however that I am an example of the effects their stupidities did produce, as we have completely forgotten that it was the safety and wellbeing of people who lived in areas we designated as ideological no man’s land, as they burned my assets in communist territories to get me doing the bidding of celebrities forcibly, which bidding of celebrities was therefore incredibly important. The kind of effects such nonsense will have on Police work will be that Police were unable to decide which criminal minds took up job roles in the department and we have not heard all about their media appearances due to the results of such effects yet, we have only to put up with the daily gimmicks. Eventual result here is the three main activities that tear down my finances every day, shooting off the big mouth at me as well i.e. it picks up my earnings to make stupid announcements about young millionaires it created from twats that did what it wanted, it picks up my daily business as something which the world of men created to improve the lives of men and it gets involved with my concerns unprofessionally, to build communities that made use of products it created by copying what my clients did with me, hence services I provided were never complete and it was impossible to talk about readership at the Bookshop. Finished with this, it is now working civil service narcissism to make me homeless, while its stupidities ensured I was never employed because I resist its practical jokes; shows up here every day to display something of idiots who got involved with Industry property owners to be the right hand man and left hand man, playing with my earnings, at the same time while it kept its own, it only learned to become a bully and not what is really important having been that I have allowed it to keep its earnings. They claim I behaved like a foreigner and my activities were not really British which is nothing unusual, as they were so wealthy they needed to set me out as a bum so they can bully me to befriend the wealthy, but we had a problem when my career and social life stagnated because a whole community was built up to see me without my clothes on and seek stupid evil immoral society fortunes by doing so. Every time that the Politicians had given their stupidities an opportunity to have a go at the jobs of public enforcement officers, we end up with something like this and when I mentioned it so, I must have said something which allowed its stupidities to learn its place again, so it does have my congratulations thereof.

From which it is then said that I am always seen getting involved with people beyond my league. I could never make sense of it but I do not know why they talked too much on such matters anyway – the reality bears towards the fact that they are always trying to enforce the will of my parents alongside their famous gits who cannot stop doing it because they were pushing their careers by picking up my earnings and building a profile for their stupid selves, where my publishers were doing business and then following it up with public media lies that set me out as the aggressor. In the end the Prince of Wales does not want the Queen to decide the content of his character and I do not want my mother to decide mine, eventually the proof in the pudding was a question of which one showed up at university to trash people’s academic pursuits about which they clearly were paying the fees. Chief of ideas coming from my mum about how I should be used by others was sexual apparently and so it plays into those claims that my position was confusing, as among all the Royals I am the one with the most influence, the most power and the greatest number of ides concerning, matrimony, privacy and matters that occur behind closed doors. To which effect it is clearly not the best of ideas to continue running off stories about the way I spend time trying to involve myself with people beyond my league, even though it might be one of the most convenient ways for people to boost their ego. Where I stand is that I am an Arch Prince, I am a humble person and have conveniently picked up HM leadership as the reasons I should not fill in the third part of my character, after my professional and personal life with popularity – so some of these people claim they make these announcements because they were fighting my wars and I could never make out why they have stopped fighting anyway.

I do not think that it is a complicated matter, contrary to the way I have spoken of it – the simple reality is that those whose salaries are not the thing that a bunch of people who think they were normal if they were willing to kill themselves when they were prevented from being homosexual for instance, have no real informed disposition, station or position for an opinion on this matter – this is the sort of madness I am referring to when their earnings had made them bullies, it ought to shock them back to reality, especially for the sake of victims, on the fact that others make sacrifices for them to enjoy what is really important, while the simplest of their uninvited gimmicks cannot be prevented unless peoples suffered and died, while they got to shoot off their big mouth on media about what they were capable of and especially as per the worst they could do, with a twisted sense of right and wrong that I here can no longer tolerate as such. It needs to get involved with my concerns professionally only or I will embark on a means to stop their stupidities badly, a fringe people run the world these days.

I am informed that people have been vouching for me to come to harm but they have always done so, time and again will try to improve the prospect by annoying an extremist over my public appearances, until the extremists murdered them being unaware that they were intending that I got targeted. It is not an unusual story as a whole but overall they do suggest their actions are not a discrimination for a form of social issues where I was more powerful and then they were more powerful than I am as well, so I may make sense of how it felt. I am aware of this grooming me for harm to have occurred over a period of years and it had since now arrived at a point where their fringe society stupidities takes up so much of my time, it would make sense if I did come to harm but it still comes down to the one main problem as usual i.e. it needs to get involved with my concerns professionally, when it shows up buy and read a Book, stay away from my personal and social life – unless its activities were about making my University pursuits looks as they found it before their profitable abusive gimmicks began and is also about the success of my Bookshop, I suggest they make comments and gestures about their own lives, as such stupidities are not what I do for a living.

They do say that people like me are always of the opinion we were tough until it goes badly wrong but it is the big mouth wagging naturally; when it does develop into a case of me making the road between home and work hell, for the purpose of walking into its Office 30 minutes after it did, to take it on for fingering my bum on its way there, which effect is that I cannot meet the people I was designated to meet for the day and cannot stay in my home either because I smelled, with intent to beat it up and improve the situation doing so, then we will get to see how much time it really had to hang about somewhere dreaming that I came to harm. I mean it is the sort of environment where if I picked up on its abusive superior sons smoking class A drugs at 11.00 am while preventing other children attending school to run local street gangs, I will be the one doing the discrimination instead as it were. eventually their American friends raise this point about whether I thought that there should be a penal system that punished them for these activities, which I don’t, it simply needs to get involved with my concerns professionally, regardless of what it is doing with its own life, the stupidities where it got to groom me for threats and harm is not what I do for a living. Other facts are more a matter of how easy it is for famous idiots to jump on a band waggon when people are being targeted by such things, after they raised the roof wrecking peoples careers complaining about it for years, in my case specifically, the matter being one that involved picking up a bad neighbourhood to write some Books by.

Overall these are the kinds of unbearably stupid people who were the main reasons that armed forces operatives had a code of conduct, the problem here is that it loved to make a mess of my career and finances because it dreams of having some form of power to dominate me and a link between running me down making sense of things it does to ensure its finances did not fall through completely each time it was being lazy for a long period of time. What then happens as people have said they would like me to be free of it being that I am already free of it, I am only just trying to recover my working processes, where I stuff their heads with what I am thinking, hence when they shoot off their mouth up to 40% of the blabbing would have been something I had put in there in the first place. The crisis had become since last Celebrities picked it up to say that it meant I had divulged enough of my career to them, to facilitate a process where if they and their media were trusted, my career could be stolen, this has been running for years and they have ended up harming themselves as well, so not only were their twats issues threats on this basis, it was also issuing threats on the basis of the endless insults to suggest they had need of my public image because I am Royalty and already had everything that any human being could dream of, shooting off the big mouth about consequences that will come my way because I encumber their mobility. It has done this, forged an alliance with rogue landlords to pick me up in the bathroom and share details with WMCA where they helped build communities that finger my bum while they ran me down to befriend the wealthy but cracked up out of my league and its famous idiots making sex industry deals to target me has not done its worst of its life of the men yet, the big mouth is dreaming of a time I came to harm as well.