I am told that my Books do not make any sense and it is utter nonsense, their activities do not make any sense, especially that of ageist idiots who believe they have spent enough time on the work force to torture me for the rest of my life for being a moral person, broke with a good reputation and starting out in the world, like some natural right that they have got; its not that I do not agree with them but the Books are about them and none of their activities makes sense, they are simply comfortable inserting it into my life and career and now that they can read it in a Book we have come full circle too – what happens is that each time I have anything to do with a Client, there will be a functional aspect to the creative equity, there will be a service aspect and there will be an idealistic aspect but what I deal with each time is the intensity of their abuses and insults making those stupid statements about one person is worth being sacrificed to help alleviate their problems and that of those around them, that my work is totally inundated with it – so that is the Book and they now have to decide either to keep away from it or read it. Some people have said I have turned my business into a revenge vendetta but I have not; we see the younger idiots blabbing nonsense about becoming more important than I am on my Public image, boasting of how I will never get out of what they have created for me, while all they have done is see that Politicians spend time pillaging my finances, so they need to spend time working on me in terms of how I dealt with the problems and gradually got pushed into that stage where they needed to see how I will die – knowing that this is a disposition that ensures that of the three of us, their stupidities were the ones that suffered the most, cannot stop blabbing about their needs, their privileges as younger people and all sorts of nonsense about who will force me to protect them while my whole life is toxic already; it has always been as simple as showing here either to read the things I have written on the Websites or to conduct a legitimate purchase and a legitimate review, I am certain that it is not too much to ask. They do say that my Equities are getting spent anyway and I am aware of it too; typical scenario, it will spend time pillaging my Book sales for some strange reason and when its bottom hurts its Fashion people will grab my Assets and use it to cover her arse because she has had a bad experience in life before and yet sometimes it is so obvious that if I say I have a Fashion Model’s Coven, then most of what I do will operate in my Interest and that of that Coven as well, such that if they are not Members of it, it had nothing to do with them; so it’s another one where they say I need to engage in some attitude rectification with Industry people where I tell them what not to damage so I might get by as well and it will never happen – what will happen is a proceeding on their part with what is left of their business and their days in this world in a certain way, while I proceed with the way they have left me to proceed as well. It’s about a disrespect for rich people they say and it’s an old tale of how Millionaires are made through quick money but what people do with themselves is never actually about the money – so we find once these idiots had made money from something about which 80% of the market and product ideas was taken from another person, in effect stolen, they show up all over the place filled with energy that puts them in the same par as criminals, which is unbearably annoying because you then have a responsibility that is completely pointless of looking after the rights of the Millions of people who use your products while the people their sales armies distribute products to have not changed their stupidities as well because there was no opportunity for them to be changed for the better as it were; it needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around with its disrespect, needs to know I don’t think that they actually matter with that stupid tribalism raid. It’s like when they say I should be afraid of Brexit when I really shouldn’t; I mean it’s the good old social control problem of wanting to pillage my whole life in order to put up my idea as Daddy’s own and it will be Daddy’s idea and Sons and will be successful into the foreseeable future – we all know if people were able to prevail against Winston, Churchill would never have happened, like we see them follow me around at University to play up practical jokes and try to find out how I am going to die until I smell of what I ate and drop out and then the personality that was not hidden away through an academic qualification, has been freed for all to get rich and famous by. I am told I have taken my money problems to a stage where everybody is engulfed in it but I don’t have money problems, these nonsense is what creates me the Money problem: Money was created to make big business comfortable and I am supposed to gather facts on how to acquire some when I want to fund my supplies and act accordingly, not sit around being goaded by mentally disturbed twats from civil rights, who tell lies all the time and really have nothing to live for – hence main case is still the matter of Celebrities saddling me with Pornography while they pillage my Books at Hollywood and this generally tends to mean that each time I had everything settled, I find another variation of my Assets have been created by some lark who had made an advertisement and the social media profile of the good friend that is trying to protect me from everybody else is the huge Country full of the free and brave is not following mine either, when that was just a click away from them and does not have my Book, just knows where it is located: thus it becomes very clear that people will always make a mess of the income and work money numbers around here if I did not take this case of making sure they don’t have any part of my business when I cannot run it, that I might do something else with myself to a level that is satisfactorily destructive for them as well. They do claim my problems to be that I think none can grab my career but none can grab my career – what I do around here is write Books, not get goaded into smelling of what I ate and being unable to leave my home by a collection of civil rights twats that have heard me say something important and if they have not heard me blab my own prejudices about them need keep their discriminative big mouth firmly shut too – it’s not grabbing any careers around here, needs to get a Book and the main problem is that they always need to make a mess of my writers personality, and public image on which people depend and I will sell them Books by and it always feels like I have fresh water source and their stupidities love to go in there for a bath – I will never stop punishing them as a Community for it. I have been told I don’t think much of older people which is not the case: what happens is people gravitating towards me in terms of a need to be part of something with respect to Cult behaviour and naturally it means that it becomes more obvious how getting caught up with Big brother’s gangs, criminals and hoodlums thing generally means you end up acting like your situation is everybody else’s fault.