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They say I would not say these things where they were at their best and it is about taking risks apparently. What we know as a matter of a certainty is that they reach arrangement with Public transport operatives to spend a lot of time insulting me in Public to churn my tummy and build up to a sense that I was due for violence over it, so that it can be said there was an arena where those who did not like me could attack me, only to get around complaining of my attitude to the Politicians because they interfere like this every time I step outside of my door to attend my concerns – the reason for this was a need to build an exceptionality for their children whom they claimed were superior boys, in order to achieve a mans world, thus where it was clear that if criminals were befriending them more than the criminal attention was paid to me, they needed to find their mates and stop pushing it as it were. Its as they say none could have guessed how much I disliked Celebrities but it is a matter of people who are unhappy being unhappy with my feelings, when angry they were angry with my temper, when they fought their corner, they fought with my body and it gets increasingly abusive, so they devise a way to ensure they killed off their image as losers by attacking me all together; reasons we had arrived at this point where I am about to enjoy my war on Celebrities from a certain social disposition as well. There is that other story raised about the way I run my affairs being a terrible thing but I am convinced it was rather okay – whilst we know that it was the residual problem with their narcissism in the first place, then the part where we dealt with it as a Community and the existence of characters who wanted exception and claimed they could handle their own but showed up looking for conveniences that they tackled everybody to get every day, making sense of which one was likely to assist others if they found somebody in need etc – I do not understand why sorting out my financial matters to make them feel more comfortable with my existence was so important and I should know, since it was messed up by a Labour party to built up areas of relationships I had with my parents for all the wrong reasons in the most public places and they had deployed it as a tool to get paid for being popular. In the end these are the sorts of problems for which a wealth equity system was developed; the question has been a matter of a song that earns somebody 5 million pounds and is still in circulation and was about the time they got passionate for some reason on account of the problems they created for others, especially if they were because the Police got involved, the question being whether I had the stomach for it but we have now also reached the part where we need to get back to a business of making popular culture that way, if after stopping us to engage in an 8 year campaign of intense revenge, they have created the problem again and are complaining about it to a point of issuing threats at the innocent people they took advantage of i.e. the purpose of my activities being to build up enough equity for it, about which they say there were places I would not do them.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, October 5, 2019, In : Finance and Liquidity Cycle 

They now claim my main problem is that I expect everybody to get on with what I want while I have a problem with people  in general and it is utter nonsense – what really happens is that everything these people do relies on others, especially the difficult parts, so they always tend to need some sort of hate figure, attacking such a person being a right or wrong thing of which is largely a matter for debate. I have not been getting around making publicity for the fact I have been dragged ou...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Friday, September 6, 2019, In : Finance and Liquidity Cycle 

I am told that my Books do not make any sense and it is utter nonsense, their activities do not make any sense, especially that of ageist idiots who believe they have spent enough time on the work force to torture me for the rest of my life for being a moral person, broke with a good reputation and starting out in the world, like some natural right that they have got; its not that I do not agree with them but the Books are about them and none of their activities makes sense, they are simply c...

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