I am now said to be hanging around waiting to get married to a wealthy woman and it will never make sense to be either – what happens is these fools showing up on Media to push relationships at me, which blocks my living to such an extent I wanted to see where it led, this meant going off to chase issues associated with keeping a relationship with them, such as National backyard issues, which feed into local and cross border crimes and what these were doing with their Media careers and any lives we may have had if we ended up in a relationship with each other, when I have been beaten down all day by such things, to find that people think at their behest, that I spend my time thinking about getting married to a wealthy woman, it really does make me feel as if I am about to explode over it as well.  They point out HM has asked those would not let it be to find me a relationship and we have seen them show up all over to make a mess and get in league with these Media goons all the time, knowing I am on social media and therefore contactable but will never do it. I don’t know why they believe I will want a relationship with them when they do not have a sense of direction in the first place. What has become the result of these gimmicks is that my ability to establish a relationship with somebody I am interested in, is now in their hands and it goes without saying they are looking for trouble again, as it were; they do say that the Celebrities will help them out naturally but the problem with the Celebrities is still the same case of their version of show business ruthlessness, where none had become a big star without first taking advantage of and completely destroying the life of a moral and religious person, so they have chosen an Arch Prince but their problem is that the challenges associated with an Arch Prince is the part where they think the local peoples warrior spirit is an issue in the USA for instance and I will be making them spend that money on the wars for fighting me, while in the UK it is even easier for me to than it is in the USA. So I do get asked if I know of a prognosis for this behaviour and there is none save the Politics of Royal in-laws and each time it makes such a mess of my day it gets me responding by wanting a process where that was all we were doing with Public life, there is a big fuss and then there is a process of getting out of such Politics and then the whole mess will start afresh every day, complaining of my responses the entire time. I am said to be completely unconcerned that my whole life has stagnated and it is utter nonsense – what happens is that the same fools who spend all their time following me around with Public messy social issues, to wreck the career and finances are now the people who are targeting me because my situation is incredibly sad; that I am in the same place they found me 10 years ago hurts me more than it hurts them apparently and it is starting to grow into something of a need to sit down somebody and work on the business of developing a real habit of hating them, I have avoided it time and time again, not least because each time I think about it, the process of following it up feeds already into the business of the bloody idiots telling lies and stealing things, to tell me I needed to watch my back and the picture becomes one of my studies and my Book writing and my career through which I will watch my back in terms of those stupid third level warehouses and shops that appears to be the reason their imagination gets up my bum all day while they tell lies and steal thing from me endlessly. So we find people ask about wealth equality issues on this basis of which currently there isn’t any – the Labour Party that facilitates wrecking the lives of talented people to suck up to the rich looking healthy has now crashed and burned, so any wealth equality issues that comes up because it is created by Tories will be quite obvious and can be challenged on a case by case basis. I do get told it is quite dishonest for a Royal like myself to be engaged in wealth inequality matters but I did not set out to create people wealth equity either; the problem was that I personally had difficulty in the sense that these fools had decided if I were taken advantage of they would by doing so, secure themselves a lucrative disposition for keeping their incomes at a high level every week and that if I had secured every other route by which they could, they would still catch me during career and job processes, as well as relationships and family, hunting and rounding me up like I am an animal all day, as stupidly as possible, no matter how many times they failed at it, talking nonsense on Media. So it’s the same way younger people faced difficulties with their social life, especially those who were moral and religious being tackled by parents they should have relied on for everything on account they were holier than thou characters, never mind the drugs running completely wild on the streets as well, by the time I had set out the way forward in terms of the academic pursuits and everything else associated with it, I considered the business of ageist idiots choosing poverty in order to set me out as the most profitable victim when it comes to ideas on how they can take advantage of people to secure a more comfortable pension than what their foolish personal decisions allowed them to attain and ended up with wealth equity systems – so I have recently had to keep a closer eye on it because of the onslaught of Celebrities and the fact I tended to get stuck with idiots who pick up people my age for sexual purposes, the idea being that having sex with people my age gives them access to property I had denied them and goes on and on like that while the Politicians and Media hang around telling lies over it i.e. once I had completed the wealth equity systems everybody had to have it and they were not going to ask nicely. It has become quite clear that if suffering is not inflicted on every idiot who believes it is their duty and leadership to acquire my property for the scum they look upon as fans, I along with others I am responsible for as such will not get a breathing space from it.

There is lose talk now on how I must stop using a reference to the word evil as it stops conversations on everything, the same who spend time complaining that war enemies have access to my work and that I am responsible for the harm that comes to security operatives, their silly media version of the truth being what public living must be based on, while the reality is that with their help, I have watched characters who hate the very business of me getting around my own concerns allowing vulnerability of women and very young people to cease an existence as something they can always rely on, talking as though they needed the support of an exorcist before they did something drastic over it, to being able to play practical jokes with my career and finances to such an extent it was possible to get off boasting about changing me, while everything I said which should have had an acceptable degree of an effect on such things, simply becomes something that makes fame for others on Media – the question being whether these gits know what evil actually looks like when they had decided others needed to stop using the word all together because it stops their own sense of progress. So I guess that like I get the sense all the time around here, it will be one of those cases where a bait is laid out for them to walk into a situation and get their brains bashed in, not because they would not have walked into that situation as a matter of probability but because it would be more fun if a bait was laid out for it, then it will stop skimming off my work to make its money chasing conveniences as insultingly as possible, then hang around on its stupid media telling me which words I may use because it believes it had become increasingly important – by the way of which they have not yet made themselves important when handling my public image and Books as disobediently as possible, according to the stupidities of their Politicians by paying me for keeping these matters out of general public living, the part they are good at is making a mess to issue those stupid threats of war when asked to tidy it up.

Its similar to the other story that I am struggling in terms of relationships which is utter nonsense; if I got into a relationship it would be somebody that likely supported me in what I am doing, never joined the stupid crowd claiming the idea I am an Arch Prince was a matter of my own insanity, to stand up somewhere tackling me for the way the insult have affected them, while whether or not I ended up with personality issues because of it, did not change the fact they will have been getting married to a member of the Royal family and would become an in-law of the Royal family in the process thereby needing to act the part as well – we can see how difficult it would be for somebody who has more money than I do to fulfil such a role as it were, besides which they mostly have very little sense of direction and I needed a break from it too. We see these sort of thing feed into Military matters where it was rather clear what Security Operatives did with their time involved making the enemies and taking out the trash literally, such that if they are not spending time fighting other peoples enemies because these gits were very important, it does make villains out of heroes and we know he results of such things will be visited on them in a future where we had to find out what the results of their insane activities had become. They claim the problem to be that I am never seen doing any of the violent bits while the facts of their insults goes beyond the disobedient processes of continually showing up to chase money around my concerns into something of the fact it would never have served the purposes of the Church if I did – that said we have heard enough of the complaining from them to last a lifetime, of the consequences of fat cats tackling me because I have taken up a position that does not allow them turn Military careers into their money making rackets as abusively and insultingly as they, whereby they have now completely abandoned trading and spent time instead getting acquainted with the Prince of Wales because they want to handle me – these Media and Celebrity goons whose friends claim I needed to stop using the word evil complain about the effects of this more than I do while their inability to respect the fact that a Published and displayed Book is no longer vulnerable to their career piracy, right up to the point where these scum who look like an exorcist should get to work right away, gained access to my finance bottom lines for the purpose of practical jokes which may even permeate mainstream living later on.