I am now said to be a character that would never say what I am heard saying if I had to say them in a condition whereby people knew what I physically looked like and it makes me so annoyed because the reality of what happens here is that a photo of myself will not help to describe me as an Arch Prince, as much as the National coat of Arms would. That said, I would want to go into the matter fully never the less – that I wouldn’t say what I say on grounds Politicians have spent tax payer funds to work on society in a way that wrecks my finances and career, only to show up alongside some media trouble makers to measure of build an obfuscation from the levels of self-confidence that I have left, while waiting somewhere with some Publicity that will help them claim everything that I did about it as their own property and work, pertaining to their own fame, public image and career all together. A character that would not say what he says when people know what he looks like because they have extended their madness to the Monarchy, so their children hate and attack me because I am seen to be acting in a way that supports those who chase the bottom if their insults meant I shut down access to popular culture so that society and culture trouble makers may get a hold of them, chase their bum and make them do things, that I would not say what I say because the parents of such children i.e. the characters to whom I wouldn’t not say what I say, teach their children to tackle me because of what happens to them when I carried through certain civil responsibility that left their abusive behaviour making them look the part for the wars and conflicts that their fellow abusive friends from overseas engage in all the time – that I wouldn’t say what I say because they have built themselves a reputation that suggests I am exposed to their insanity when they go beyond the limits of what their Offices require of them and perform incredibly stilly behaviour that tends to ride on the idea that I am completely unaware of what Government does and what the parameters of their duties at Government was, especially if they were spending a lot of their time on corruption that gets Girls and Celebrities weeing on me career wise, as frequently as suggests their entire lives was spent on developing such nonsense; it’s all fun gimmick at the expense of those who would rather talk it over until it becomes a real issue with those who would rather die over it as it were.

They do claim I talk like so but people are fighting my battles all the time, whereas what happens is that people deploy my Royal Order to help them do their Armed Forces Jobs well, while these goons have respect for nothing, so what Military personnel do for a living is shooting people – the sort of nonsense that gets people taking their own lives due to trauma stress while the fat cats stupidities got all over the place and yet should I be nice enough to tell them they may claim to fight my battles assuming it’s not a process of getting out a corruption that means they are always setting up stupid women to either build me publicity that gets me into a fight with extremists or making sense of the activities of gangs and criminals on m Public image when they think they were more able bodied than I was, provided it was a matter which showed they wanted to be part of my Trust system and were interested in my Books.

It’s pretty much like the story that it’s all about money with me making trouble for everybody, about which there is no single grain of truth whatsoever, since we know what happens is that I built a trust system I attached to a Royal Hermitage and  Bookshop for it, when I pay them to advertise or help me sell my Books, the money and Publicity is usually always spent on what they think I should be doing or where on the ladder of society I should be located, on telling me to begin from scratch as none knows who the hell I am when I am trying to get them selling my Books to people I already know, which brings about an outcome where I wait for the results which is usually damage to my Royal reputation and Trust system, allowing me a license to make them complain about the look of their careers and city centre activities due to what I have been up to as well. This is what really happens and each time they tell lies about it, their lies makes it more complicated and then we find their stupidities show up all over my Public image to encumber it because they have not got the intelligence to deal with what they have created, issuing those stupid threats that show they were never a part of what happened when their parents engaged in the work, force, so when it was their turn, showed up to build a relationship with society hoodlums that involved creating a need to investigate and expose violent parts of my character that I did not previously know existed, while they ran off to the academic institutions to pass exams and show up in Public places to pass insults at me that gets them assuming they had created fear while I feel very sorry for them and the consequences of what has actually developed into an educated but stupid life all together – the same feeding into the activities of their stupid Celebrities who spend all their time wasting my property each time they see it, to make statements about fundamentally hating their parents but preferring to rip up other people’s lives while keeping an alliance with their parents instead. So what happens is that they damage my Trust simply because they are disrespectful, take my money and fail to sell my Books but rather spend my money and publicity passing insults at me that suggest their stupidities were beating their wives, not me complaining about money to a stage where it becomes a problem for everybody and each time they tell lies about these facts, the simple process of putting up their brand and trade to see things work the normal way becomes increasingly difficult as there is little their stupidities can do about me.

The story that continues to fuel and drive this nonsense of course is the business of the Labour Party threatening me all the time – an old story of assessing what I need to do about that foolish need to fulfil fantasies of getting rich people to depart from their money and show up in public places to work towards building them something that will result in equality with those who are more successful than they are, like something the Nazis could not have accomplished if they tried. It never stops working its need to show the importance of holding Government Office and using it to beat down somebody, rip up a life and a career and the need to handle me over it, ensure that as I continue to make progress with myself, more and more people are affected and the pool of people who are affected are more and more important, while it tells lies on Media about how I were the provocateur, gets mockeries from Journalists while ranting on with it and not noticing what journalists are doing, as if there is very much their Labour Party stupidities can do about me, if they have progressed at this point from tackling me to boast of how important they would have been if they required a certain respect from me in Africa, to complaining of a complete destruction of their international development platforms by myself and now a fight for their lives to ensure that my need to see that those who dish it get it, does not continue to develop an outcome where I am in such control of their foolish lives that I manipulate them into a clash with very violent extremists whenever they dish it for me all the time. I do rather pay attention to the fact that thinking about their activities in this way is a dangerous path to follow but so am I becoming very fed up with the insults and abuses and threats which their stupidities cannot back up, acting as though tax payer funds were their property for such foolish purposes as well the entire time. Not handling me and not threatening me is still the best option for solving their problems, a story of how I encumber the Public image of Politicians who show up here to pillage the career and run me off a Public image that gets me caught up with the stupidities of society and culture trouble makers until they are able to detach me from my reputation and claim it for themselves on media, worked over a 15 year period so far will not help their cause – I mean I can refuse to respond to this nonsense since I know it’s the application of schizophrenia but their threats are becoming more pervasive, more intrusive and more vicious, no idea what their stupidities believe rich people are getting which Government work they got themselves involved with but do not appreciate all together is not giving them as well – we all know it will pay most of its attention to the business of ripping up my whole life over fantasies of being rich like rich people because it engages with large populations of people whenever it wants to win elections and should be able to transform this into market as stupidly as possible, forgetting that rich people tend to spend their time on a set thing to such an extent that people can pick up other parts of their lives and take advantage of them with it, while its stupidities wants to hold to the Government work for the salary and a starting point where its practical jokes at my expense will propel its madness towards this, beginning with the street shops that are situated next to its constituency Office – likely to continue until the hoodlums rule them and the Parliament all together as it were; we all know they are paid enough money to buy a new House for every time that their Party wins a Four year Term in this Country to begin with.

So we find that the whole thing feeds into the activities of the stupid Celebrities that they have a need to attack people via Government Offices in order to serve, where I am told I make a mess of my life while what happens is the mess the idiots make of my career because they want me to cover their backsides but have such little respect for me that they do not have time to read Books I had written, which would have actually helped their stupidities to accomplish such a thing all together. Once mentioned like so, we find that the idiots will deploy their Media as a tool to take up job roles I could have been respectful enough to perform for their rich Celebrities whose money I can account for better than they can because they never stop buying equipment and venues that allow them make it on my Public image and feeds further into the idea I make a mess of my whole life and blame other people for it, while it was rather clear that it would have been the mess they claimed it was, if my relations with others was entirely operated on a professional platform, whereby we know that making it that way while I have not removed them from my concerns will leave me with problems in the future on account I had done it before but the Politicians wrecked that, so if I did it again I would be taking into account a risk which I was very well aware of but took anyway.

It’s always a boast about handling me while the gits are unable to do such thing; we know for instance that being a self-employed individual who runs that Trust that helps people deal with Public matters, to sell Books that helps them with financial betterment looking to the future, does not tend to do well with women around, if I listened to their stupidities, whereby it becomes a question of whether the bottom feeders who bottom feed and get the imagination up peoples bottoms while at it had been taken care of before I thought about tackling women but it becomes more serious when looking towards the way they get around with women as well – meeting one that is uncontrollably excited about seeing them, talking about problems and wishing them well, results in violence, then they get off ripping up my finances to pick up relationship with the most beautiful women around and build themselves matrimony where there is no love, to spice up their foolish sex lives with my thought patter, and spend time in public blowing off the big mouth about how I have a personality that suggests I am important while I am no one, then complain about the smell while at it. The blabbing about handling me is all good, save they are very well aware their parents and communities spend time on nothing else but running me down, while each time they conducted their tribalism raids in the City centre, to get to the top end of Industry, their stupidities knew where their families were located and that I was never a part of it, worth considering thereof in case they got a response from me that educated them about the sort of nonsense I had to put up with each time they got to the Office. The simplest part of this matter is still that these idiots had stopped handling me as such, we know there is nothing they can do about me at this point. Speaking of other more relevant matters, we find that people claim I always pick up what I have said and written when others are about to make use of it, while reality is that they want to make use of it in terms of the idea that handling culture and society trouble makers can be done later, as what their stupidities were more interested in was the fighting I would get myself involved with while they manipulated me into doing it for them as it were – so obviously, it is either handling culture and society trouble makers was to be done later or they wanted to take a more active role and Books had to be read and my had to get going as soon as possible, I personally simply want to move on, even as we can see that by mentioning it Television personality idiots had already deployed it to cover their arses and spent their media time passing bread winner insults at me when they believe I want to recover a market and ensure they were paying for what their well of villain stupidities made use of. It is not a risk I should be taking, we all know the bottom hurting issues is a product of the lives of Celebrities whereby they took their clothes of an thousands even millions of people were a part of the experience, while they claim to have the ability to control what people did, as the reality that dawns in terms of the filthiest part of their lives their stupidities handle my Books to get me stuck with, is that people have seen their arses. It’s a Bookshop and getting involved with a Bookshop is what they should do when they show up all over it. These matters are a problem for two simple reasons, one of those is that they forget where their own lives are located at my expense while I have to deal with that stupid picture that means their families are on one side running me down while a gap existed between those and their tribalism raid activities on Industry wearing suits in the City centre to threaten me all the time with a big mouth – the other reason is that of a bunch of idiots grabbing my Books and putting it in a condition where their stupidities may play a practical joke with it and have never paid for a copy of their own while at it, talking nonsense about me freedom, both group of git free from the smell bits, looking for  response.

It is never a crisis for me, these are a bunch of idiots who spend all their time being seen doing something to either take part in very violent gang activities or do something which brings such activities into other people’s mainstream living when they are for some reason busy with something else – it is how those who warm their way into people’s lives, deny the validity of religion and seek to repress religious people with Celebrity culture and squander peoples family finance bases on their sociopath behaviour tendencies work; there is a plan, a blame factor and an exit once they are finished with the nefarious effects and a really stupid idea behind it, that their idiocy made them famous which facilitates further corruption of involvement for others. For my part, the complaint I had shut down their popular culture and some insults about confiscating my Royal Hermitage or using it to solve financial problems which they have always planned to with pyramid schemes in the City that attacks my Books all the time because it wants to behave in a way that is harmful and create problems that affect people beyond its own boundaries, while the insults of entertaining such thoughts at my expense is becoming unbearable and the USA has never been more powerful according to its stupid opinion around my concerns. It is however the fact that I am always having to deal with a picture whereby there is nothing good to their character content save the money they spend at the shops, hanging around the street corners, seeking to wear and own what they see celebrities wears and own, which shows they exist at the lowest possible point of social obscurity that there is and blowing off the big mouth about what will happen to those who do its stuff while handling me with what I consider to be the world’s worst disobedient attitude – it leaves me inundated with a sense of what people mean when the street murders happen and those who do it make those statements that at least none will be doing their stuff where their stupidities are going thereafter etc and their Politicians are now in a fight for their lives to ensure I no longer had enough power over them whereby I get them stuck with extremists whose lives they cannot stop wrecking in order to make general living as dangerous for me as possible for each foolish lies they tell at my expense – the application being that the idiots love to get off bothering extremists and criminals but have no idea what will be done to them or how to tackle what will be done to them, all their stupidities understood is how superior they were, their money problems and who was to blame for it, which feeds into the fact the rest of us live in a society where we behave in a way that makes existence so difficult for criminals and violent people that they tend to think taking it out on a random person will make them feel better about themselves.

I am now told I relish the mess that Brexit caused which we know is the matter of the lies they tell in all its forms; what we know to be true about Brexit on the other hand being that it such a problem on account of the way that the Nation must wait for the Politicians to pull around the business interests they have in Europe into a condition that carries on in the same path that they had chosen to pursue before the Brexit vote occurred – and the conditions in which the Brexit vote occurred was pretty much the one about their great idea to see their teenage Children in expensive cars, getting around with Celebrities and passing insults at everybody that is not their mate, which becomes profitable at a later date; they love to pass these insults at me all the time naturally and it does make me wonder if it is the same way they lost the Brexit vote that they want to lose something very important on my account bearing in mind I was one of the main targets for their insults, due to the way their Interests in Europe was set out. They have always continued to claim that I take sides in the matter while reality is more a case of the fact it’s difficult for me when I meet people and the fact I have no wish to get an imagination up peoples bottoms adds up to a new thing I have set out for them to get accustomed to in the world place and it’s all because of a collection of idealistic fools having ideas about the macro and micro sides of the economy, such that they need to ensure others were convinced of own position being where the sewers are – it comes up with these ideas all the time and does nothing about the consequences, so I am getting people accustomed to something new unnecessarily and unable to progress my career as a result of it on grounds their insults had become a phenomenon – it is the reason that Brexit happened and each time we point it out, we find their Politicians giving us the gratuitous and drawing attention to the way things are done overseas, to indicate they will be the ones who have to negotiate with other Countries once we had decided what the Country ought to look like and it’s so annoying because this was a matter about Brexit and not what happens overseas, besides which if they were concerned about what happens overseas the Brexit matter would not have been placed secondary to their Europe based business interests and a need to preserve nd protect the plans they had set out to get rich quick as abusively of others as possible in Parliament. This sort of talk is known to get their stupid women telling me I am a loser and incapable of doing anything about anything while we know what happens is that their Celebrities come up with a plan to make a mess of my academic work and career, once they find they had done their worst without achieving anything, the need to get involved with crime and ensure they did some damage that helped them fulfil their desires ensues but I have had enough of them and warned more times than I can remember about tolerating this nonsense over the past decade and a half, should I find I don’t have enough time to make my finances look the part of the work I do here, they will find me make the revenge worth it in every way imaginable by planning my life on their foolish Celebrity wallets, just before the business of not being able to keep their big mouths shut stopped blabbing about me being a loser. We all know it’s a matter of entertainment Industry big wigs who sit about as insultingly as possible, coming up with plans to take advantage of talented people with their stupidities at the heart of it, then the need to convince others that the foolishness combined on both sides, including the claim the rest of us usually get into the bedroom to fool around while sex involves what is left of a mess made with pornographers and Media and criminals , sex, sex, sex like that looking for trouble alongside a plan to find a scapegoat when it goes wrong, is what fame actually looks like, so I really have had enough of their stupidities, would fancy they kept their insults where it is appreciated, keep off my Books and stopped following me around. Such good lairs, they have been able to convince their silly Politicians that this was the least productive part of the economy but I am sure the Politicians themselves can no longer deny at this stage, how much the Nation is spending on the needs and excesses of the Celebrities, never mind the fact they dodge the taxes as well.

They do claim that I interfere with their concerns which is utter nonsense – during the early days it was all cause and effect; wrecks the career and I run off a campaign over its financial corruption that means its bottom hurts badly enough to gets its homosexuals all over the place blabbing what they cannot fully explain, lest I became one myself all together to say the least. If it wrecks my Livelihood, then I too will shut down access to Popular culture which ensures that hoodlums and criminals can chase its bum and make it hurt badly enough for it to start having children and looking after a family as well no matter how famous its stupidities were – so it had since developed into a matter of attrition, so I am starting to look the part of getting a move on over the matter.  I have been told that I know everything about show business but do not wish to get involved and am therefore hiding something but am not – I am just not predisposed to get involved with the Public for show business and for everything I am predisposed to get involved with the Public for, the example of the fact none of it affects peoples family finance structures is never good enough for them to copy or good enough to rescue me from the business of being their most attractive target. Now they say I am fighting a losing battle which is utter rubbish – we all know what happens is the entertainment Industry and its very insolent investors going back to the days when the business of getting me to show up at a place where I end up dropping out of school over and over again started with me bumping into subliminal nonsense on the streets about the use of my personality of how their insulting stupidities had found their kid on whom their fucking future depends, so what they do is employ some Celebrities I get along with and draft in their idiots later but they currently do not like to work with these idiots of theirs, so they will keep taking from us until they were ready for that which is something that has to stop; I mean its not difficult to see a lot of money gets paid out in entertainment, so those who get the work roles prepare and invest in themselves, if they do want this they buy it and if they don’t they use their own fucking idiots to make a films, so the prospect of losing battles is when the Companies I get along with me have some shareholders in there who cannot stop handling me, having recently bought venues and tools that allowed them engage with the Public to extract money from my Public image which they invest in these Companies to get more, as stupidly as possible – its not difficult to see they are courting trouble if they do not wish to stop picking up my Assets to make their films out of their own discretion, especially when American and especially when black American.