They do speak of the olden days all the time and its utter nonsense too – the olden days will be the one where they make out every fool that thinks it is possible for an ethnic minority to become a friend of racist but if it didn’t work that way because his racist friends sooner or later shot and stabbed him, thought the Community that emerged from it was meant to be something that everybody was going to be a part of as long as they were an ethnic minority, whether they liked it or not, for the purpose of the in-community bred gangs and criminals that will get rich off it later on as it were, brewing even more of an institutional form of the racism everybody was worried about in the first place, the days when they claimed these sorts of individuals were what all black people looked like. So in my case my Dad could never live in the UK but I don’t have a choice because I am British, so I had taken steps which meant I became a hate figure because the effect is that while these goons got along with the fame and fortune race Politics criminals at Celebrity culture that they got along with, I had taken steps to avert the racism they stir up because they hate those parents of theirs who are very strict about their stupidities and were hoping the racism they stirred up will endanger the lives of such Parents, knowing racists are silly enough to do it or raise Publicity by running off racist campaigns which allows them to cement what they have already built up as the idea all black people are the same as they are - most of which have now developed from something of their need to follow me around for the purpose of using my personality to make the fame and fortune, while stealing from the shops every time I step outside of my door, so I might be linked to it, into something of a need to make it quite clear if they have not heard me blow off the big mouth on how much I hated their Africa Caribbean Communities, need keep their Prejudiced stupidities about my person to themselves as well; it is usually a two part story like these but the way we did it in Africa was the one where if you are good at grabbing the Public image of young people to blab nonsense about your fucking mates doing your stuff all the time and so on, then you needed to allow them complete the academic work, so that they acquired more of the Public image that you can grab going into the future and when you got killed by somebody at some stage, it would be clear that the system does not really tend to punish Criminals everyday even for the worst possible crimes, FYI – we do let them be as well. It leads to those statements I think I can handle the Celebrities but cannot which is utter rubbish; we all know Celebrities are very lawless idiots surrounded by security being sold them by another group of lawless idiots, spending the best made plans that I was raised from Childhood to understand very well, so my parents might be proud of me for being a successful person on their stupid selves, it needs to keep away from my Books unless it wrote it instead as it were – we are now past the bits where we wanted to prove what will become of the Industry fools who spend money on them to allow them get up to all these nonsense as it were, we now know the twats can only show up here to pay off some bad people like Celebrities and need to stop issuing their stupid threats at me – they now need to get off showing the reason they got that no asset no liability money was a function of claims that others had something they didn’t and need to get out them spending it to acquire what they didn’t have, so that those who gave it to them might get their money back and stop showing up here blabbing rubbish on how I will be handled when they cannot achieve such things; saying I cannot do anything about it goes beyond a need to teach them a lesson they will never forget for every time their stupidities got anywhere near National treasury, whereby it is likely an eventuality will have emerged where I took it very, very personally indeed.

They do claim I continue to underestimate this problem and its risks which is utter nonsense – all I really need is the interested Parties showing up near my Books and being left along long enough for them to buy it and read it; what I have here instead is a group of idiots getting involved with my Books to see if I will tell a story later on of how I could have been a star until the Celebrities got involved and I am now full of regrets – you live with this nonsense all your life and in your late 30s are looking like an idiot who couldn’t get it sorted out while you already did at 17, all because I wrote a Book a decade ago and the same idiots who wrecked the academic work to hate the Books that came from it have gotten after the Books as well, putting it back to when it started and when I finished my Books in 2010, we are talking about 15 years of dealing with a daily test from their problems and stupidities but then again it does appear as if the Celebrities want to play a part in the matter as well, hence I need to ensure they were obliged too. I do get told what I really need is to talk with Industry people about co-operation and its utter nonsense; what really happens is that Industry people think they have their own Royalty to fool around with, like we see them pervert my writing career into a process where I bent to the will of their money and set about working for market that they and their friends could exploit, we have seen them engage again in the daily perversion of my concerns into something about some Royalty fighting off their enemies while they made money and got connected on his Public image; but as I said, the problem has been Celebrities wanting to play a part, about which I have had a need to get them show up here and display how they were nearly more important than I am using my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved with their stupidities again as it were, the Industry people on the other hand need my Books and they can buy it or leave it – it is starting to develop into something more serious; a three star designer will spend time fooling around with my Equities to make his money, making my whole life toxic, cannot follow my social media while in a perpetual bidding process for my Creative Assets for years, then a new kid will show up to pick up those Assets and become a major Rival and I will be punished for causing them to lose money. So they were doing very well when everything I did when I left my door step was picked up to make designer ware that Celebrities can make them rich for until they had to ensure I dropped out of University and ended up in debt, which is still their biggest problem as we speak but all together, I am starting to put out messages in public about having enough of their stupidities showing up here to conduct improper investiture at this Office, extract money from my Public image and pass insults at me that will change the world, never mind the fact access to my person has now been perverted into something society gits may fool around with to get connected in their own right, which have pushed those security guard abuses through the roof and is starting to look like the next reason I will feel as if my Health, personal dignity and academic pursuits are under siege and act to burn their world for it too.

They claim now that there are great forces protecting me from being a proper victim of racism and its utter nonsense as well – we all know that the only challenge I have with my work is that their stupidities showing up around it from Government buildings, Media and Celebrity culture serves to prevent those who are interested from investing in the Equities that I am winning my contracts with and this means I need to ensure they gave people the time to buy and read my Books but they have made it so complicated that these kinds of incredibly stupid questions make sense. So the answer to such nonsense is that it would have scared me if I had no other choice than to try and get by with what the White Man had built, about which they would say that I am fast looking like it too, to which I would say their vandalism of my property and the fact I dropped out of University to end up with debt have not yet been avenged by the way. So the only reason I dropped out of University is that these idiots and their ethnic minority fools who spend all their time playing up practical jokes with the finances of those who have what they don’t thereby forfeiting their right to dignity for instance is because they were chasing money with that personality and Public image I was so selfish I was trying to keep to myself by making sure it was permeated with an academic qualification – the idiots have just done another one with my Books as it were and the Celebrities are also hanging up somewhere blowing off the big mouth at me all the time, as though the prospects of shredding their Celebrity culture and show business has no probability of becoming a work ethic at this Office. it did begin as stupidly enough naturally – something to do with seeing me walk into a Church and having this need to see what I would become if I were forced to preach Gospel on the Streets while they made money off my Public image, which showed right away that their stupidities had hit the jackpot and would never go away from then on – now it has clearly become a question of me being victim of racism and apart from the business of their Royal friends bullying me to make me look like boyfriend material which is what their own version of modern people deciding what my existence should be like was all about, when they have to deal with the racism that applies to them and their own section of society, I am left wondering if they think I ought to be caught up with it because they were either paying me for doing so or that it is what I do for a living. They have continued to tell their Politicians that I get around looking for trouble that is too big for me naturally and it is utter rubbish as well – what happens is that like their Politicians ask what must be done about it regularly, its an old case of not fixing it when it is not broken, their stupidities were less successful than their mates for a reason and their naturally predatory stupidities were always likely to target young broke people with good reputation – it cannot stop getting imagination up my bum to make money and I will never stop shredding that stupid society to run this Bookshop as well, the anger towards me is that they are losing money and I have not yet organised family, career and public life in a way that makes them suffer like their Celebrity culture invites it’s stupid self into my concerns all day long just yet as it were, no idea what they are complaining about, like we hear them say there is nothing I can do about them while it was rather clear if I told the Celebrities and the Fashion Goons and Media gits and Political trouble makers to stop running off all sorts of nonsense which adds up to incorrect investiture at this Royal Office, the probability was that an inability to stop doing so will lead to an outcome in which I acquired venues and equipment that let me engage with the Public in a way that shreds their own as well – I was still thinking straight during the days that these fools showed up all over my Public image to run off their Popular culture, I am unable to figure out how the fact the money issues and Celebrities are not the main thing for a Hermitage has come to mean they need to ensure I cannot pay off my invoices and that their stupidities have become more important than I am, hence a typical scenario that will help me work out exactly how they plan to become a threat for the future. The American ones are always right obviously and Trump is racist while I am a character they have stupidly set out as one that will suffer to right the bad things that have happened to poor people and it is clearly not a very good start for them when we hear them complain all day long; it’s my challenge obviously i.e. that money and celebrity is not the main thing for a Hermitage but the invoices will be paid never the less, none of their business and I hope that they are taking note of the effects their stupidities have on me and why personal finances is considered personal in the first place – they have boasted it is not about violence whereby I do not have a chance, that it is about squandering all I have and of course they don’t think it is a real question as well when I am wondering what the real relevance of Celebrity is as it were, until this becomes a work ethic at this Office as well; it needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. There is now a clear link between the activities if those who have no business with either Royalty or a Religious Hermitage and the nauseating financial difficulties I have to deal with and they have considered those very abusive and insulting prejudices their stupidities can never run out of, to have decided what reality is around here – so they are not squandering anything, they have come up against systems meant to ensure they are unable to damage absolutely everything they got their hands on and of course are getting too old for fame which is what the frustration is all about. They have continued to maintain I have a very bad attitude which is utter nonsense – the latest one is that I got a security guard job and it was 2 and a half years spent on imaginations getting up my Bum, hurting my Eyes, hurting the back of my head and all kinds of distant abusive behaviour that helped to foster the power Politicians will have over me for the future, now I am living on University Credit and thereafter at this disposal, having acquired what they wanted, none can explain why I am sore all over everyday and must be followed around and made to smell in Public – we saw the same idiots at it in the University along with black fiends they brought in from overseas, now blabbing how I am a small man with a small penis who wants to get into Government buildings and decide how they should be punished for doing the wrong thing, meant they had conquered me all the way to Buckingham Palace – no idea why they cannot keep their insults to themselves or share it with the Men and Women in their own stupid lives but we know each time they bring up some superiority and comparison stories, there are other boys and girls like them out there but those behave the way we see them behave because the Parents had chosen them to assist with Public matters in the process of running a considerably sized business – these idiots then must be thinking their parents own the Country. I am finished and done for is a practical joke, the challenge to remove the business of nearly being somebody important until the Celebrities got involved is a gimmick they have come to enjoy so much everyday and I too am starting to wonder who needs Celebrity jobs on this planet anyway and why it seems to be important; they can avoid what is to come next easily by putting a stop to their foolishness being channelled at me and by not following me around for it ever again. They do claim they are nice people which is not the case at all, most of the problems we have is due to an involvement with my concerns whereby they don’t have to be Loyal and are superior – so when they are stuck with things like characters whose social position is somewhere between the Communities and the kids who pass exams to get jobs that helped control the high street and do not want to go down smelling by themselves, I end up dropping out of University, that becomes their biggest trophy as they can pillage the public image to get rich quick, there is no prove they are really stupid as far as they were concerned, it is not a behaviour that needed changing, while when we think of the consequences the reasons were so easily avoidable like so. Same as when I am told I never really make myself clear on racism while we know if you have been dealing with abusive black women all day, should you meet a Muslim women who is nice to you for a moment, you cannot deny it feels good, cannot deny its diverse, unless you got attacked by the Husband who claimed you are sleeping with her for instance; it has always been a collection of idiots deciding their version of the world is the way I have had history with human beings. It has always been a simple matter of taking care of the civil living issues and the fact these are the main crux of goons who want government Office deployed to protect them from the abusive processes associated with getting a job and when it’s time for Football for example, we feel as if the flood gates have been opened up and there is no reason it should not be part of normalcy – I don’t know why those who refuse to grasp this or listen to what others are saying to them on it, like to get involved with Government Office, I know that they soon screw up their lives and want to move into my right hand, then get me beaten up to ensure I never think of it again, which is what this is all about – something of a series of years ending in an outcome where I have so much of them on my case I will need to get into a fight all the time, in order to prove myself, just so I might get on with my own concerns, as stupidly as possible -Celebrities have always been the best dealers at this nonsense and are naturally behind it as such, their method of responding to goons who chase their body parts is that their temper matters and other peoples feelings do not, so as a result of which they screw their lives and all hell has broken over on a global stage over mine, no idea whom exactly they suppose is screwing with them here as well.

The newest eventuality at Government is that of Ministers at Parliament voting to Block a no deal Brexit which it is said I would have an opinion about, no idea why it is suggested my opinion matters but we all know it’s another occasion where we chose if we lived in a Country where the applicable decisions of the Public is respected or those who had been voted into Government change it at will, hence reality becomes more obvious the matter of how the Politicians cannot have their Cake and eat it i.e. a decision which the Public makes is a decision which the Public makes and that which MPs make is that which MPs make and not some vested Interests deciding which Country makes them the most comfortable. I would then get told its another case of preservation for the Monarchy while reality is a matter of people who needed to be reminded that the system of Government works well and does not need any changing for something that is rather uncertain on account they felt like it and had no knowledge whatsoever of how the Government of the Country works, streetwise or academically – about a group of people who constantly rip up our lives because they can tell what is in our heart of hearts where we do not think of them as our Bosses which condition needs to change. They do claim for their part its about Government, whips and tricks but its usually a matter of when it comes to those it applies as well and their ego is irrelevant on the matter of whether I am an Arch Prince or not.