I have been told many times that I have basically stolen everything associated with my Office and it is utter nonsense  - we have all been aware that all hell will break lose the day that they handle my State provided security for their purposes at National service, which is exactly what happened from the latter part of 2013; so there is really no need for those dreams of stirring up panic coming true as all they have done after, is set out their goons to ensure enough publicity had been raised of how people owe them an eternal debt, then set about shutting down the rest of my life, to keep the parts that they have been claiming as theirs, which means I am living with this incredibly stupid result whereby everything about me including the way I talk and walk is being stolen. I do get told I had counter attacked on the matter and yes, I did, as I am now on course to take over their Fashion and Celebrity too. They always say that I need to be afraid of them because they are allied with Royal Family members and I don’t need to be afraid of anything as they know I have been expressing displeasure enough times on the matter of wrecking my academic work and finances in order to spend money on equipment and venues by which to extract money from my Public image and buy shares with any Companies I have involved myself with, so as to cling to my Public image to fulfil dreams of living on easy street while getting the imagination up my bottom the entire time – the problem with the Royals that continue to support them obviously was that they have seen how much of a public problem doing so creates but have no wish to stop doing it, what they want to talk about instead is that I am hated because I am broke and even my Public image is a mess and yes I understand that since they were always likely to hate anything they cannot take advantage of at Celebrity culture, the problem of course is that they are responsible for the damage themselves. The reason this matter happens like this at the Monarchy all hinges on leadership that the Prince of Wales provides, the rest is secondary i.e. if his Royal Highness thinks of his Office as something he understands in terms of letting young people be free and strong and get around with energy and vitality, while at the same time One makes out that I am a character that is meant to give up who he is in order to facilitate the one ascendance to the throne, we can see why Public conditions are the way that they are – those who claim they will make me are blabbing naturally, like the issue of me stealing everything I have, we know that bottom really hurts since last it showed up at Russia for some reason; I still wonder what they were doing in Russia to this day – outcomes are mostly that they appear to have been fostering Far right extremism while selling British State secrets, such that when we build Air Craft Carriers, they protect us for 4 Years at maximum and its all an internet fiasco – the progression is clearly that this nonsense about what they will force me to do is incredibly insulting. Its all much the same as when we hear them put up questions on why these issues target me all the time, which reasons are Chiefly a matter of being a weak Man that women can bully, who has then gone off to work for things women can take off him to provide a life for themselves, whereby I got the energy that allowed me work for it probably as a matter of borrowing it from their stupid selves to say the least in terms of the many assumptions that will arise as per the prognosis of such nonsense. So Its difficult for me to make sense of the fact that they have gotten accustomed to this nonsense and that I am now grappling with the fact it is part of their civil rights as far as they were concerned; what I do as well with my time therefore need be emphasised at all times, I am not interested in their problems, writing Books is how my time is spent.

So some have said it’s a National crisis as none can tell what is happening at the Monarchy while I might be able to offer some insight but its rather an old story of some people pretending that whilst they do one thing at the Monarchy, there might be tricks they may be able to run off in order to ensure that the usual results of such behaviour did not come to bear, chief of this of which is telling lies in order to wreck people’s lives and get around with Celebrities – we know this is happening already I.e. Dad characters getting off to fight their battles for them and some getting seriously hurt or killed over it and they have decided to express the extent of their civil and criminal disobedience by building me one of those as well, using the fact I picked up a bad neighbourhood to help me with facts that facilitate Books which I am to write from a Hermitage and none knows why they can never try beating me down from the good neighbourhoods all together – so it does appear that I am going to write another propaganda on this matter, as it seems that someone really should abdicate their position for it but are trying hard to ensure such an outcome as means that whilst they did these actions, the consequences did not come to bear. Their story has always been that they do these things because they are loyal to me and it is utter nonsense too; I don’t believe that goon who spend their time expressing hatred for women while building public place security for well of villains can ever do anything or develop a state of mind which is loyal to me; there are two ways in which I approach the matter that is clearly incredibly provocative when they get rid of the women in order to handle my state provided security which is how all these nonsense started in the first place – one of my ways is the Hermitage one whereby it should be clear the entire thing is evil and its purpose is to ensure its stupidities are playing out on mainstream living and I was afraid of them because they were allied to more important members of the Royal Family, so clearly of which if I did not respond to the abuses and the insults, there was nothing that they could do about it – likewise my other response being as they are able to acknowledge and history confirms, that anything I did about it would have been done entirely on my terms.

I have been asked if I hated Celebrity culture which I don’t but Celebrity culture has its specific purpose and the people who do it best are the Irish; you could never tell an Irish Man like they do me, that you want to wreck his career, patent bits of his life to your name and set about building him Publicity that says he should be getting into a fight to protect you, it would be one of those times when you didn’t know what was coming to get you and when and this is because they are the ones who do Celebrity culture in the UK and therefore know everything about it. The English are more a matter of questions of what I have seen drawn into a picture before on a Company freight – that if you made your car out of Cheese and you put headlamps on that car, when the headlamps produced light, you would be in no doubt as to what sort of light it was, it does not handle the Celebrity culture as well as the Irish who do it and stand at the other end looking after some women who then take it upon themselves at personal expense to promote British interests and values, especially in the USA. The bit about Scotland will be the part I am told I exaggerate all the time while reality rather shows my alarmist behaviour was an understatement i.e. that hanging around telling lies and what people do with those lies, such as the last time they bought some Cars and I looked at it a certain way that made them feel good, generally meant they built a crowd to help them wreck my career because they wanted to maintain the prospect of me looking at their Cars in that way, which then adds up to a matter of wealthy people I should be afraid of, as stupidly as possible, we see that these are very stupid individuals all the time and that they had soon latched onto other people’s personality and public image, by the time they were done, wrecked careers and family finance bases and are off issuing threats to grab income margins and Public image – for my part I love to ensure they are stuck with me until a complain about my behaviour made a global phenomenon, otherwise it was obvious I found their insults, especially the American ones distasteful and sickening. It is never going to happen that while behaviour is done to foster these at the high levels of Government, that we can assure ourselves that something else will be the result of it - I do not respond so often to the insults because what I am spending time on with respect to it is that they were making a point, the point being that I am distracting while they were trying to get on with their careers but whilst this is supposed to have been supported by evidence that I invite myself into my concerns, the only evidence we have is the reverse of that happening.