They now claim my main problem is that I expect everybody to get on with what I want while I have a problem with people  in general and it is utter nonsense – what really happens is that everything these people do relies on others, especially the difficult parts, so they always tend to need some sort of hate figure, attacking such a person being a right or wrong thing of which is largely a matter for debate. I have not been getting around making publicity for the fact I have been dragged out of my University study in an organised way, because people want to use my personality to catch up with their age mates on the financial front – the Men want me sorting out women issues, the women want me attacking men to make them comfortable, the young people want me coming up with some wise idea for some reason at random, purely evil in every way as such; it is never really a problem as long as I do not see them and or their Media and or Celebrities show up all over my Books like they have done the past few years to earn themselves the history we now have. This I am certain will fall on deaf ears so the process is usually that they will never stay away from my Books and stop following me around until they get what they want and the response from me is usually that they are set to secure themselves a consequence for it as well; one of the consequences that look very good are naturally the fact the women cannot stop threatening me when they are not famous and have some civil rights to play with and some poverty issues to screw around by – this usually means they regularly walk up to me on the streets, nobody knows why they believe it is okay to and build publicity for themselves on my left hand side in order to claim my public image for themselves, a state of mind that is so stupid it thinks when it has access to Media and Celebrities it was all powerful and had to try and handle me all of the time. The Men on the other hand leave subliminal messages I bump into all the time, that I am a character that has a personality they want to use for money, that I am their kid on whom their future depends to be abused at will. The young people have come to think of me as a hate figure that will take punishment for the consequences of their stupid behaviour and of course make a flesh they can attack to feel good about themselves whenever they want to get straight and pass exams in school. So if it is saying that it does not want to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, it is fair enough to assume that this was not good enough for everybody and that they are looking for a response which I am supposed to provide as well. I do get asked of the exact stage when I thought I needed to make a move on this matter and I have never thought about it, they pushed me into doing it – take my social media for instance; I have 200 people and they read what I write because they are getting involved with a Book shop and it will mean a 200 that I can plan a Bookshop business with but if I had 1000 that got involved for other purposes, showed up to pass judgements and reviews without reading anything I have written ever, not even the one they had to buy, then we have a problem, I have been patient enough with them since 2009 when I had the Books Published, if I were to speak only of the Books I had written. It does go beyond this however – the same social media is an example still; my progress was never a matter of get it all done and cleared up, then put it up and be determinate about the people that got involved with it, my progress had been gradual and they have been displayed as an update for people to see, so I did not need to tackle them, the reason I have is that the business of putting a label on me that says I am a bum and therefore ripe for the kicking all the time was done at the precise point when I had started to set out my Bookshop for trading more seriously and they could do without the consequences the same way I could do without it but what they prefer is a case where they stated that I am the character that is known to be used in that way as a matter of trend. In the end I thought that allowing them run their course over the 13 year period like they had will set out clearly to the Politicians, why I should not have been bullied out of University at Westminster over those stupid claims people like me have a problem with it and then we deploy it to make money on a later date – I mean the reality that has been exposed is a business of tackling me while complaining at Westminster which eventually feed into social policies and then laws get made on it and even while during those times that laws had not yet been made on it, they were explaining their actions via Media, based on the good Essays I wrote at University and the way I responded to my legal studies at the time, about which the main problem still were those years before when I said I was not gay but it was not good enough for them, leaving me with a state of mind whereby I had to express my discomfort concerning other people’s barely criminal existence and their various adage, getting the Politicians on their side in terms of me having a problem with it but wanting it later when I am trying to make money, such that at the same they had started making laws that give people who bullied me an advantage for example, it was clear what it was that was happening but was denied by the Politicians too, so they bullied and made up the reasons as they got along until I ended up looking like the person who deserves it because I did something wrong. I have not thought of it as a problem either for my part; what they are now having to deal with is that each time people tackle me, I will go back to the time it began and that means whole Politicians systems in jeopardy until they either can stop me or pay me to keep what is really the most stupid career secrets that they have – Then again, we can see why they need to keep away from my Books, stop following me around and clear my Public image space. They are currently living in dream world and this dream world is entirely facilitated by access to publicly owned property that can be used to ensure I am unable to defend myself from a process where their confidence was based on the fact I had not done the same things they have done to me – the fact they things to tell me when I ask them to keep off my Books and clear my Public image space, only to get involved if they want to buy and read the Books is an indication that they believe it is a form of solid guarantee that allows them do whatever they like at my expense and allows them to feel as if they were on top of the world; naturally incredibly annoying as such. I have never thought it would be a problem as it cannot be that difficult for people to get over a habit of handling my person and my public image space which needs to be protected once the whole thing had become a business premises and what stupidities drive them to seek such habits as well – we all know I can stop it by tackling the access their parents have to my privacy and that business of women and kids insults getting all over my case to drag me down to that stage where I drop out of University all the time while they bottom feed and get their silly imagination up my bum. The business of allowing them handle me over the 13 year period that they have was largely due to the fact they were after me first of and the women bits were always blabbing insults at my expense as well; the insults that are meant to ensure I got through hell and stood at the other side with some money to facilitate female libido by as well, so it was not random and was not a case of being beaten down like they have suggested that it was as well – they do point out I did all that while living on state benefits but it does not work that way, it’s a game that they want to play; the correct thing is to leave home at 18 and start paying taxes the same year up to 65, then take a retirement and the years you had spent going through the processes will leave you experience that can influence what people are doing at government buildings to affect your retirement, what they do here is wreck the academic work and so that looks like the Pawn bits, the welfare system serves the knight that counter attacks and so on and by the time the game is over, it’s a 12 year period that ensures their Politicians can no longer tell lies, in terms of the fact the only relationship they have with me is bullying. It’s like when they say that I have learning difficulties while we have been discussing an length how they came to the conclusion that the only other group of people facing the sort of career complications that I face are ex criminals and hoodlums but it does feed into the constant process of being berated as stupidly as possible for setting myself out as a tough person while I am not – usually shows that even whilst taking advantage of my Hermitage at the start because I don’t have a poor history and their need to take advantage of me therefore tends to expose their own history, which later ends with using my history to make a name for themselves and if the incentive if big enough the altercation with me will be fabricated for it.

They do point out that what annoys them the most about me is that I am a low achiever trying to make my position felt in the high places of Government and it is utter rubbish – we can also see that when I say they are educated idiots and want to spend my time showing it, we will end up with those cases where they expect me to deal with social issues that churn their tummy. The main matter here has been that Public servant deploy my work for the purposes of their Offices and that I am such a low achiever whose work is being deployed in a Country where there are people with high IQ – it never stops, it never stops making the comments and the comments never stop making a mess of the academic work and the Bookshop and it never stops showing off money that it has engaged with the public to extract from my Public image as prove of its stupid success while at it. It is not news to any person that they hang around at the Monarchy making themselves characters that The Queen does not want to do business with, behaving as if the Monarchy is a place of Wealth and power and it is up to them to spend it, while I have ended up with a reputation for spending and wasting Royal Government property while I do not have access to any part of it and we see their silly Celebrities pick up on this all the time, completely free from the questions that are supposed to weed out the business of how people make them the stupid rich people that they are on other people’s lives. They do claim that I make a mess of the Monarchy or make the Monarchy appear common whereas it should be above everybody so that it might protect them from the bottom hurting issues which is utter nonsense – what causes most of it is their insults and in my case especially it’s about wanting me to cover their backsides while the abusive ways they have wrecked my academic work and career has not yet been recorded in the history of Celebrity bullying and abuse, so we are now talking about the idea that they have achieved more than I have as such because I have not wrecked their own as well and they do say that mine is a controversial success while there is only the business of a Hermitage that was confirmed for me in the last part of 2003 and the academic work I picked up in 2004 which was completely destroyed in a few years and the silliness that has taken over every aspects of public engagement with my concerns since then – now I have to look after the Businesses and Interests that showed up at the Hermitage since its inception, which I have by setting out a Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration service, alongside the academic work that I should have finished before I started and the business of making a mess of me, churning my tummy and distracting me, is the prove they need that I am a low achiever, while they are complaining about the way I warn them of the consequences concerning the business of distracting me from what I am doing, the business of disturbing this place while it is already such a tight schedule, no thanks to them all together – and we have not started talking about the process of making a mess of my Public work and showing up here to point out how my position churns the tummy when their insults are responsible for doing so i.e. it wants me to cover its backside while it spends time with its celebrities heaping abuses on me, makes a mess of it all and starts to build publicity for the idea I have a body type that can withstand bullying that churns the tummy, knowing well that this will feed into the sex industry and forge a reason that they will end up complaining about me again. The point being that when Public servants deploy my work to get Public work done, they should not be stopped, as the probability is that they will likely show up on the same issue at a later date with the authority of Crown and this will have added up to something of time that belongs to the idiots who do it, to spend as they saw fit. There is the other story about the smell issues they point out endlessly, alongside the tale of how annoying I am to them each time I set out the idea I am Royalty – in terms of the former it’s an old case not just of the business of their high IQ not protecting them from Career pirates while I found it easy to shut down the activities of society trouble makers and Celebrities, then wait for which goon will tell me I do not have access to my Public image therefore, it develops into something of not doing anything about it until the Public issues around it are cleared up i.e. that I am an equivalent of the goons who help Celebrities work the corrupt fame but spend time with society people instead and like Celebrity corruption makes these goons smell, society trouble makers churn my tummy all the time and like to say there isn’t a thing I can do about it whereas the way I see it is that I have not yet set them a deadline for giving my tummy a break yet as it were – so I do nothing about it because I will be coping out if I did before the Public matters around it had been resolved but as I said, their blabbing can lead to outcomes where their stupidities is considered in terms of a deadline for stopping it. The story of how I annoy them when I say I am Royalty was nothing unusual either; we know I a Royalty when Celebrities want to make their own fame on my Public image, then hang around somewhere complaining about the hurting bottom issues I have refused to resolve in order to make their stupid selves comfortable but I am no Royalty when I had an opinion about it, what the goons do not do thereafter apparently is get the financial issues resolved, what they do instead is show they find it very difficult to keep their mouth shut with respect to my concerns especially. It just doesn’t stop and will likely become a lot more serious than what I have described here.

I want an end to all the comments and statements, I have made it quite clear that what is targets is what people think of my Bookshop and its Public notoriety, unless those who are doing it want to share their salaries and show themselves to be a handful of responsible idiots, it should stop when I say so. Like when it is said that I move at a Snail’s pace and do not support my on State provided security, both of which are incorrect – for the former, what I have said here can be construed as Police work very easily, as I am talking about Police work if I am talking about society trouble makers and Celebrities pushing young people into crime and riot and when we see them at it on the motor ways especially they cannot let people a moments break on grounds they were very important, for the latter what happens is that these same goons have been spending time playing up a gimmick that says they control me for the State provided security and control State provided security for me to play up both sides and have been doing it for so long that they are able to make a public disposition from it on Media; so when State provided security behaves like them, they face the music and when they behave like they should they face the music for it too as there is no other way to make them considerate and reasonable people.