Now they say what we have here is a classic case of small Men trying to do things that are too big for them and it is utter rubbish; the last time they took that seriously they ended up seeking privileges of injustice from parliament because I counted all the Men in their societies, so I am sure they have other more meaningful people in their lives to pass their insults at, considering we have a History and I am very tired of it. I don’t know why they need to run off this tale of putting me in a difficult situation which facilitates all this nonsense anyway – the only thing they do here which successfully achieved such nonsense is the destruction of my Books, which is clearly not the way to handle another person’s property; we know on the other hand that when they get involved with the Military to claim that they did National service and their disposition should decide Public Policy, we do not live in a world that works like that even if they ran it from the US to Communist Territory, it would not affect any person save the silly Politicians who play their games with them – we also know they follow this up with a process of building a crowd that will agree with them that my work and property is their own or even my person too, such that the more attention I pay to their stupidities is the worse it gets and we also know it stems from a process where I picked some very bad neighbourhood to live in, so I might be around the things that I am more inspired to write Books about, which have been the catalytic factor in the increased abusive behaviour aimed at grabbing my career, as stupidly as possible, does need to give me my space. Eventually none of it makes sense, only the part where some silly Politicians had spent tax payer funds on those foolish things they have done to acquire money they put up as a tool for making people feel inadequate enough to part with more money over their needs to be popular and these Political goons have always suggested it’s a matter of Parliamentary Power, of which it was clear the only Political Party in possession of what the Public wants was the Labour Party that names itself after the fact people need jobs, hence when their own is to be used in the same way, we will all vote for Labour when we need jobs but when we need Careers understand we need to start voting something else ASAP – so we understand it’s a Parliamentary Party because people vote for it due to the fact it deploys tax payer funds to do something about wealth inequality in a sustainable way and some will say I know about Economics and understand it never works but yes it never works, we are talking about money they have given to poor people who save some and spend some to boost demand which also boosts their job opportunities and lifts people out of poverty but these gits really have no Public Policy which can make the Companies comply with this not run away with the money, what they have is sly, cunning, insults, abuses and sheer evil that creates the sense they are in dire need of an exorcism, like getting involved with the security services in order to secure support from the Public in order to have their way with a personality I cultivated in a Hermitage and blab about such nonsense setting the stage for economic Policy as well, to get involved with the Companies and get rich in their own right without doing any associated work or activities to that effect, in essence the beginnings of an outcome by which we will eventually begin to hear them speak of the Nationalisation of Privately own Businesses. The fall out is what we have already seen, where getting tax payer funds spent on your problems allows you to pillage peoples lives and careers to make your own power; now they think there is little I can do about it while we all know that it will likely push me to a point where I begin my own campaigns to set out a deadline when their need to get the imagination up my body orifices is going to stop and that they have built a whole future on prejudicial insults that also allow them claim I am mentally ill, such that to be free of it is to become very thorough about making it clear what you think of every tiny bit of those prejudicial insults too; fair to say it will push it to a stage where I commit myself to a deadline and then this nonsense will stop the way that they would like it to. I mean its impossible to make sense of how insulting people and building a crowd for it adds up to a civil right but they now have Media, Celebrity and Political careers from abusing me – when they do issue those threats it sounds to me all the time like it has progressed from suckling me ad abusively as possible to ensure they became healthy and I was always sickly as an emphasis of their stupid superiority, to a point where their stupidities must have exceeded itself and wanted somebody to establish what reality actually looks like – I have no idea why it has anything to do with me that their stupidities are seeing something either on the left hand side or on the right and I have no idea what it is that their idiocy sees on the left hand side and right hand side either; if it has not heard me say something about how much I hate its nonsense in a prejudicial manner, I think we have reached a point of such an overbearing complain about me around here that they need keep off my concerns and keep the big mouth firmly shut. The idea Politics can protect them from me is a great old story naturally, we all know its abuse of my career and finances are meant to indicate it has some football hooligan character backing its stupidities – while the problem we have today was largely started when I dropped out of University to spend too much time with society trouble makers in a world where we know that the only way to ensure the Police is serving us is to join up and that while we have other jobs to do, it is our duty to behave in a way which does not get them or any other security services operatives on our door step, so I did get society goons making sense of the way their stupid jobs work as well, to shut them up and show I am not mentally ill and they did get their pubescent idiots to develop a thing for getting the imagination up my Bum and its now progressing towards a degree of abuse that will commit me to a deadline for stopping it – needs to stay away from my Books and give me my space. As for my sexual habits having brought about this matter; its utter nonsense as these insults mean I have been stuck in conditions that make sense of anal sex for 15 years now – we have seen the pinnacle of this nonsense for be a daily need for getting involved with my Business for other reasons until they drove away interests and Clients and I could never run a Bookshop anymore, hence fair to say that in as much as this nonsense is a perception but has an effect anyway, my sexual habits only exist in my head but the effect is just as good. Its only interests in me which has only be explained on grounds their insults also extend to claims of owning me while they build a crowd which backs their stupidities up at it too – its only interest in me being to see how I am going to die when I don’t even know what their names are.

I have been told my sense of Commitment is terrible but there is nothing wrong with it as such – these trouble makers according to our National Finance Audits system hold in their hands a sizable chunk of Public income, those who do not have the right leadership to get them circulating that money where it should be need to stop criticising me – in the end, their sense of Commitment is to show up at a Royal Hermitage for the purpose of buying a Book, it ensures that they can make leaders go round and round public problems already solved, while they got themselves involved with security services jobs and claimed its their version of being made to go round and round over problems they solve by protecting people, where the insults will never end but they will have to do it never the left, thus what happens to them at security services must decide Public Economy Policy. What I get for my part is the business of this economy no longer experimenting on itself because everybody wants to try their hands on running a venture due to the silly leadership that they provide and for it they are starting to look like Celebrity is a bad idea; it began when I dropped out of University which I should never have as they did not need it to access everything that happens whenever I stepped outside of my door – First they started patenting bits of my life to their name and once they were done garnishing the process of digging popularity holes around me in a hope I will say something and fall into one of those in order to become a character peoples picked on every time that people wanted to be famous, they followed it on with telling the Public that I am a character they got to oppress for good feelings in order to sell the show business products and then their Industry psychopath goons who blab nonsense about the extent of peoples powers when a conversation is being had with them, started me a campaign that suggested I was the one to suffer dearly in order to ensure the Economic recovery was easy on everybody; what we have today is the outcome of that, they never needed it and they do not need it now even so. The known precedent of me getting out of this sorts of nonsense was when I grew up as a Teenager, now I am an Adult and now growing anywhere, so I have to wait, when it becomes amusing, I survive too.