There is talk now that I am the main enemy that everybody faces and that they ought to put their differences aside and look to that. I could never make sense of it myself anyway, especially with respect to those who are trying to win elections on such disposition. They do love to brag however that it is the fear that causes me to respond but we all know it’s rather time constraints and a need to explore exactly what they find stimulating about it all together regardless of how annoying. It plays into the crimes I have committed against Celebrities by deciding society trouble makers ought to sort out own problems on the public lives of Celebrities for every abusive behaviour thrown at me to complain about it but it was only after five years of financial complications were created for me to facilitate practical jokes on my income margins which allowed Industry trouble makers to make people rich whenever people were being stupid at my expense. So they have said this is largely a matter of the fact I have been making their lives complicated in such ways but before then, they had decided to gather up hoodlums in the local Communities, to share what I was doing at University with until I dropped out, never got an apology for it and they never paid off the debts either, what I have had is the continued process of the destruction of my property chasing money on my concerns because this happened to have added up to their greatest victory to date. Personally however I am still unable to after all these years, make sense of the prognosis behind their appetite for destruction which is only matched with their appetite for abusive behaviour, especially the sexual type that tends to put them in charge – the former rips up peoples career because it is a fine past time to make something of the way victims respond to such threatening activities, the latter helps to protect their career and I have no idea where the confidence was developed such that their stupidities believed they could handle me physically like we see them express all of the time either – clearly very good at it, unless I too have developed a parameter for hate that I stand on in order to push back, it never stops, whereby it is better to draw attention to the fact that they have no right to handle me than to get around doing so but it is still a question of what would happen if while I didn’t draw up such a hate parameter, a Politician did instead and got about working it in Government buildings, since their need to handle me for practical jokes had become a Public problem. They do love to boast that I do not have a chance naturally but we are very well aware that the other course of action which does not involve setting out hate parameter to push back with, is more destructive than setting out the hate parameter itself and if I am complaining about their stupidities and its destruction, it is not necessarily the ideal course of action either, like the crime I have committed against Celebrities which cannot be forgiven for the fact their fame was built on the relationship I had with my Publishers, is that I allowed society trouble makers to get all over their public image too. Much the same as the story that I am trapped with the Media while I am not, just have a lot of people on Media who are Loyal to me but that said, it’s an old story about having a Court of Media Operatives where we support each other on matters of Public place appearances being commandeered by Men that wreck our lives and then set about telling us they have done that sort of things before here in the west and very well aware of what the consequences can be but did not think it will apply to them since they were more important than I am. Hence the reasons their need to make stupid comments about my Books which stifle my business is beginning to secure increasingly more frequent warnings on my part, towards an outcome where the fight had begun and they were around to see that there was no way back from it too – much the same way that it feeds into the idea I am afraid of standing up for my Books while this sort of nonsense is the reason an audience cannot enjoy a Book written by an Arch Prince at a Hermitage concerning matters of society trouble makers, culture trouble makers and probably criminals as well; the reasons those warnings need to become more intense and action needs to be taken as it were, bearing in mind the abuses and bullying are now beginning to adopt a sensibility that suggest it is what they were being paid for whenever they got to work and therefore not likely to stop. They do say that they will lose their minds because of the conditions I have set out for them to stop it by while there is nothing I can do about them but I don’t care – that they will lose their minds of they stopped and will lose their minds if they continued was the idea; I mean their women find it easy to say everybody is okay and I am the main problem while their Politicians tried to win elections on it precisely because these behaviour are not getting a good enough or strong enough response from me. Its needs to keep away from the Books and shut down the Comments if sharing the salary and discussing it at the Dining Table with the Wife for doing so, would have made its stupidities a Clever idiot indeed. It’s the one single issue that there has always been on this matter i.e. the Celebrities and Media operatives had decided I cannot do anything with my own Royal Public image on which their Fashion and Fame and money depends, as stupidly as possible, where the same principle applies that they would lose their minds if I cut them off and so needed to ensure that I had rather lost it, talking nonsense about the trouble I will get into if I introduced myself to people as an Arch Prince, coupled with the financial mess caused because they are always making stupid comments about the Book I wrote from the Hermitage while grabbing the benefits to share with people publicly displayed on Media – it is a matter that must now be costed. It is sitting alongside the idea that I believe my future to be infinite while I returned to the UK in 2001 and between 2002 and 2003, I worked in a factory, between 2004 and 2008 I attended University where their new future was built by destroying mine, between 2009 and 2012, I published my Book and completed my Legal Executives Qualification, between 2014 and 2016, it was quite clear from the security guard job I picked up, that they will not allow me a breathing space unless I took one of my own accord and we are now living in 2019, with the prospect of a fight over people picking up my finances to cut out the bottom and set out the behaviour as a practicable city joke they might want to enjoy is going through the warning phase. They say I should be getting around with wealthy people but had chosen poor people instead and that am not very troubled by the Monarchy because I have never been there; the reality of course is that I really shouldn’t be getting around with anybody and this is certainly not going to change when whilst what I think of money is something the Government created and the Central banking system distributes to make big businesses more comfortable, I am denied any means of earning money to pay my way on an ambient basis because a bunch of idiots with Media access believe they are in control of my life using very vile practical jokes they think that I do nothing about because there is nothing I can do – the part about the Monarchy being that such tales are very rich if it comes from the same people who are trying to lay claims of ownership to the other part of me that exists separately from the very messy one that I am trying to tidy up presently. When they say that I claim I am an Arch Prince as though I am serving the Monarchy out of private Expense is usually bandied around while they knew it was exactly what I was doing and therefore meant to be incredibly insulting – this is then the question that makes it worthwhile i.e. an entire Monarchy deploys my work to help run a Country and I don’t get into any trouble even in terms of social life for it, yet if Celebrities plug their show business into my Public image my whole life comes to a stop, I am left sore all over, drop out of school and cannot get on with my life because others had commandeered the Public image – then somebody will show up here and say that it is the religion we engage ourselves in that causes all the wars in the world. Speaking of religion of which they say I hate Muslims while reality is that I know nothing about Islam and think of people as people first before thinking of them as Muslims; really difficult to settle where they got the hate bits from when it would not have been clear what to hate if I am more interested in my Christian activities; it might even be a valid disposition to take, that since there is Islamic association with Jihad, the violence would tend to mean that they were unable to control the criminal influences that get around their religious backyard but it is only a valid argument when a person had not visited areas of Islamic pilgrimage such as Mecca for instance. So, the Islam bit is all a matter of people making trouble and they do have a question to answer as per whether they tended to forget where their own religion was located. As for the story of negative things I have said due to encounter with Muslims, it’s an old story about people proving to me they were more Men than I am, by provoking me intensely and then keeping an eye on me to ensure I did not just sit in my backyard and let it all drop away or something like that and soon enough which I become a very disturbed person and possibly mentally ill too – save I probably am just as insane, so likely to build it up into a Public image for them, so they return to the brotherhood who will likely ask them if they want another person’s own, that they might be encouraged to go around making more trouble – feeding further into the reputation I already have for doing terrible things and getting away with it.

They speak of an existent uneven playing field all of the time but such a thing would be a scenario in which people work and did not get paid, not one where war is waged on those who had a monopoly on their own talents – usually as unfathomably stupid as the Media displayed abusive processes of making a right mess of products and then signing themselves off the customer list to build their own version of it and get rich quick works, since a business is really meant to be a partnership with those who deploy the product to improve their lives. I have had enough of it for my part and wish to progress it to a tit for tart scenario where I am able to get beyond the insulting practical jokes to deciding exactly what happens in every turn. Like they say my sanity is called to question and the need to move into my right hand has developed a new resurgence. I don’t know why I am set out as the villain while those who do have never once been able to clear out this process of idiots making something sexy from their personal lives as a fringe benefit that Men can enjoy and make money from, while I rather have to clear it out from mine frustratingly every so often, as privileged female idiots enjoy getting their stupid men to do it and placing insulting labels on me whenever they are not complaining or seeking outcomes in which I was homosexual, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about.