I am told that the way I stare at people is one of my main problems and it is utter nonsense – I have no idea why they like to think what I am looking at is their makeup and their dresses and the way they look, while it is not what I am looking at all, never mind the fact most of the time, I am not looking at them at all; what really happens is that they set about building me a reputation which suggests that my personality contrary to being the outcome of spending time in a Hermitage is actually a product of sleeping with peoples wives and so they are the ones who are most touchy and abusive and violent and complain the most about the consequences of not being able to tell why I am the way that I am or what indeed that I am looking at, so they set this out as an excuse for more violently abusive behaviour that gets increasingly personal, especially the females. Then we find them boast that the Politicians are still getting the better of me on such matters which is utter nonsense – what we find is that it’s a Politics of abuse that will not change yet until I had decided it should be a case of Me versus them and the goons they spend tax payer funds to help financially at society, about which they will say I have not got a chance while we know their whole lives are built on getting around making a mess of peoples lives in order to make people into victims and it causes one to have fantasies of what extremists and racists would do with their bottoms if they were made to be victims as well and it is all that I really have to do about them. The idiots who get the tax payer funds on the other hand are another story entirely and we will never be able to explain why it is that when they get such money and help themselves out financially, they show up here to wreck the one I built with my own sweat so to speak, what we do know is that the talk from their Politicians does not make it better, we do know they will show up and cling to my Bookshop making a mess and at the end tell me how I am meant to exist, including a process where the fools who love to play practical jokes with my career, public image and finance, only to stand up at the other end making homosexuality out of the mess they create, while seeking fame are people that are being used to conduct business and should be respected in the sense that nothing should be done about their abusive activities, the entire time which we know that these idiots do not play up practical jokes with their own lives and career and finances, especially the Americans and their stupidities are therefore in no position to decide how it applies to Industry, success, business or market. I do get asked why I think people do this but it’s the same story we saw at the early stage of the economic crisis of the decide i.e. round up some talented people for public abuse behaviours and employ criminals in people’s neighbourhood gimmicks – I am very fed up with it at this stage, their big mouths do not make it any better, they will not keep off handling my Books and their stupid Celebrity culture is still the means through which not only do they get to allow an idiot build a crowd that they provide financial leadership for by pillaging my public work, public image and earning margins on Media, a very problematic way of running their show business as abusively and disobediently as possible but is also the means through which each time I tell people off these processes of making a mess of my Bookshop, especially concerning the insulting Media comments they make about my concerns, I end up somewhere looking as though I had done something wrong and am deserving of punishment, hence the way forward is the part where I found a way to get my hands on it as well. They do raise the bottom hurting issues which do not exist – when they want to be nice, they will ask, all I can say is that this is a Bookshop, I am an Arch Prince and want to trade my Books in a particular way, this fact should be the only reason that they got involved with it; in essence the bottom hurting issues are a matter of sitting down at Government concerns to think that there is a part of their stupidities which is salvageable. They do say I made a big case out of the bottom hurting bits naturally and yes I did, since they have never listened to what others are saying to them and I keep shutting down my identity because they raise a lot of questions and abuse over it, such that when the amount I am shutting down gets to around 70% to 80% then the bottom hurting, smell issues and claims I am homosexual ensues – I had to run it the way they wanted it and now it’s time for them to get Books I have written for each time they show up around it.

Those who like to think its all about me therefore needed to know that in the last 48 Hours I have been grappling with nothing important, just Celebrities shoving me and my concerns in order to drag a crowd into a condition of providing financial leadership on my Bookshop and Public image, such that each time I stem it, another group of idiots begin to obsessively spend money on the show businesses that is being sold in such ways to get more responses from me, then hang around somewhere claiming I couldn’t take them on if I tried and yet we know the history we have was the part where I dropped out of University and promised to waylay them at the Jobs Market which I did, so I guess the next stage will be a proper test on whether or not I can actually take them on. Its like when I am told I need to stop the foul language I use while it is not really a habit as such, just an easier choice since what has happened in time is that these goons had travelled overseas to bring into the Country other of their friends that behave the same way and their need to exhibit this behaviour got all the way to the Monarchy, we are done with it at this point but the Whites want to show they own the Country, so their insults generally means – fuck me and its fuck your society as well, fuck me and its fuck your city centre as well, it is usually language so well woven into what I had said and done, that they could no separate it from everything they have gathered here on their Industrial espionage gimmicks, which means they suffer heart burn and eating disorders as much I do for the time that they spend on me. The rest like to say they want freedom from me which does not make any sense whatsoever – talking about something I got to do in other to provide them an exit for the fact their abusive behaviour had left them stuck with me to such an extent that they had run out of time to get famous is that which exists firmly as talk in fantasy world but if they were keen on their freedom, it will be much the same case where a world in which they got it at my expense without my finances looking as they had found it does not exist, whilst I am not asking them to rebuild it but that they gave me my space on seeing they have not run out of time to get famous in their lifetimes because of me. The eventual outcome of their behaviour is the part where they say characters like me never listen to stronger people until the war breakout then we want to be safe and alive thereof and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that they are now well vested in the knowledge of where the problems are and believe they should be listened to but simple facts remain, like a reality where if somebody does a job by talking like MPs debate facts and arrive at law, it should be easy to respect the problems associated with the fact anybody can talk as a matter of what is other peoples career but what they prefer is narcissism that involves the comments they want to make because they believe other people’s livelihoods to be a joke and its usually before we find them complain more so on an International front.

I have been told on some occasions, that I think this people to have a purpose and therefore trying to support them but I don’t – when I say we sat down at Government concerns to think a part of their stupidities is salvageable, practically what I mean is that only the Politicians really know how low they have stooped for corruption and this forms the basis on which Politicians use them to win elections and keep Government Offices – having spent tax payer funds on them to eliminate generic ways of associating ourselves with their foul imagination, it appears there is public need to make sense of what they should be using the money for. We find there are diplomats working National interests overseas for instance, which gives rise to an outcome where those who get along with British interests are facilitated to do so, where there are as such no civil conflicts and there are not overseas interventions but once these gits got involved we find such a mess had been made of it and the greatest problem in the entire world is that they are being called up to do the wars – where we find them wreck people’s lives some more because there are some Daddy characters somewhere. My part in the matter is one where they appear to target me for bullying all the time and believe I am worried about it, while its simply a case of the way that opportunities at set out in various communities and what Parents do to control their Children in it. Hence it all feeds into those other claims I make out what I have just realised to be facts I already knew which is utter nonsense as it’s a matter of simple deduction of human behaviour i.e. the goons who love to play with me a hurtful narcissism and abusive gimmicks all the time, are a typical example – they have done it all the way to the Monarchy and until it becomes a main preoccupation of mine, does not appear to be a behaviour they want to move away from either; what they believe they had achieved is a condition where I had lost a Royal Hermitage, what they have really achieved on the other hand is a business of building themselves a history here which sets them out as society play guys and Public transport play guys, hence we can see what will come of it if I started spending a lot of time on it.