They speak of me having a behaviour that is unacceptable towards other peoples women and its utter rubbish; what happens is that for some reason their women happen to have a talent that involves getting a crowd involved with their products on aspects of my concerns which may facilitate an outcome in which I met somebody I would want to spend the rest of my life with and then the abuses the culture and society goons pick up from it were set to make me homosexual and go on endlessly. What I do with them is find a way to establish a sense of responsibility between me and them and they spend a lot of time admiring those responsibilities while doing nothing about it and the outcome is a process where we try not to take about the kind of life it has chosen for itself but the boyfriend wants a reckoning.

So it is the sort of nonsense that carries on every day; nothing about me writing a Book, nothing about me at College, nothing about me preparing for University next year, such that this nonsense eclipses who I am and what I do and any causes which are associated with me wanting to find out why people think behaviour of workers ought to change in order for a recession to be managed and not their own practices which caused it in the first place is something that does not show up at all, nothing about my Trust system shows up and this hits very hard the prospects of getting into a relationship with other people, so these boyfriend threats do indicate their stupid civil rights had clearly looked like that again, seeking a response.

It is so difficult to get the head around the business of them and their media being the main problem here and therefore the only thing that I got to do until I happened to have worked as hard I have. They would say the problem with the Celebrities have been resolved at this point but it has not – when the years of claims I am discriminatory while criminals are buying films to spend my time robbing shoulders, are given back to me, there will be justice. As it stands the situation is still that my Books are now caught up between two interests and one says I set myself out as a character that can solve the problem I had written about but cannot and then they spend their time ripping up my life to boost their incomes as respect for what I have done seems to be incredibly difficult – the other never stops showing up to suggest I had written a Book about solving problems because I want people to ruin my life and then when the criminals got involved, it would be the first to take its need to squander all I have to a whole new level by setting out a phenomenon which says that I smell, about which none knows how this behaviour tended to stop the smell all together. The blow out being that culture and society goons have now collected my career and put it up somewhere as something that will help them ensure when they said my life was finished it really was – for some reason of which the Celebrities got involved with, even though they had already been lumbering me with the filthiest part of their careers because they dreamt of nothing but me serving them with the knowledge they had seen me display through my Books and have not bought the Books for that matter despite their insolence being developed around the money they had in the first place, so I tend not to do a thing about their idiots passing insults at me at a distance following the activities of society goons who put labels on me to start it in the first place never giving it a rest all day, such that there is no evidence of reasons I should beat it up as well but my tummy gives up on me anyway, which is because they are the product of show business, either local or brought in from overseas and the Celebrities should be sorting it out. Its an old story; they appear to have evolved – Hermits don’t have a public image of their own anymore because Celebrities control all forms of public life and it leaves me with the thinking that I used to consider my parents actions are overbearing obviously, now I am chicken over the same difficult decisions about their famous stupidities and the fact I have to work hard on it apparently facilitates threats from stupid boyfriends.

The  others claim this is equally a process of hanging around somewhere to invent ideas about hurting women despite the fact I interfere with them all the time; both statements being utter rubbish naturally, as the claims on hurting women is a matter of the fact they have not got a foggiest clue what they are talking about i.e. people who attack women are likely to be the types where the business of women not being affected by society chasing bottoms as much as they are, was something they had already taken advantage of, now they simply cannot understand how a woman ended up making a lot of money in such a condition and will not let it go until the results were something serious – they show up here all the time and would give anything to have me say I provided the support that brought about the success the women made and I do give them such tales as well but it is usually a wild goose chase whereby I did give support but the one they were talking about was untouched, so they had two enemies. In my case I have such women everywhere; it picks up my work and sets about the idea that I am vulnerable to a lot of abuses from America and its need to ensure it lived up to a process of covering me in all those abuses opens up a massive market that it makes a lot of money from, my problem being that a mistresses position like this is not something I want every scum to copy and make my life really tough by, so I had made a statement of it on social media and those who do not agree to follow my profiles or establish some sort of business with it need to abandon the role – it’s just the way people perceive my Office of State as applicable elsewhere in the world, the bits about the Court being a matter of sacrifices made for people whose bosses asked them to give up the job for reason of the plaything they found on the streets when referring to me, now I am at risk of getting into a relationship with somebody that makes more money because no part of who I really am will get some attention by a bunch of famous twats who behave as though they lived here and will have a piece of my life to enhance their belief they were superior to me, if I liked it or not, so this has become the thing that is about to be put to the test here as well. The point is that these goons talking nonsense about me making plans to attack women really have not got a clue what they are talking about and it seems their insulting, abusive and violent practical jokes being played on me, to follow up the way the actions of their criminals affect me while I am forced to think of them as important people by their Politicians will very well end up producing an outcome whereby that stupid dream that I am making war on women became a reality. They claim its about there being me everywhere like I was big enough for such accolade but then again we have been through a history of misery because they want to handle me while getting authorities to have enough of my complain, so I became toy for their stupidities which apparently had not worked as it were. The gimmicks are all possible because there is such a small amount of respect they are fooling around with the idea they know where my Books are located - when I do handle their own as well, it will never turn to a matter of how it ended up at a door step of charities or government support, it will show up at their door step and ensure there was a progressive way to get around what evil is bothering them as well - so far is the warning of how it affected me which does not appeal; such that their point is the nature of my activities being that if they stopped bothering me they would drop to poverty and destitution instantly but we know the recession started in 2007 while I have written this in 2020, the real jobs never appeal and since it was a financial crisis, those who allowed people get things free of charge and looked to make money in the long term as long as they found a way to keep the finance circulating in the economic system from moving off have been persecuted to a point where it had become a fun global stage phenomenon to do so - it does appear this time there are not prospects of hanging around the City centre declaring an every man for himself situation that allows them leave customers to the dogs whenever they faced any crisis and the crisis it self was created by them.