The stories run off on Media to help encumber my ability to prevent controversies running running around all day, which are used to sell products on this Hermitage and my Public image abusively are many but the one I cannot stand is the idea that I want to be seen as an advocate of social equality while I am really not. It is annoying because it is usually a last resort, something people do when I had cleared out everything else and there was nothing left. I don’t think it matters either, since I am of the opinion if I tied down Celebrities and Liberal Politicians in a certain position and delayed or eliminated the prospects of them securing their demands from others over a decade or a decade and a half, It would be quite an achievement and on that backdrop they would make better sense of what I mean when I say they needed to get off my Hermitage and engage with the Books, of which if they don’t fancy the Books needed to get lost.

They do claim I love to dominate and conquer and its utter rubbish as what happens is that I cannot function without the women in my head, so I always try to acquire some and likewise there are women who cannot function on those gimmicks men invent about moving into peoples right hand to ensure their victims did not get to think about or access that aspect of existence anymore – the problem being when I build it up, they had rounded up the career and nothing is ever complete – no fulfilled career, no wife and family and I cannot make a life with the people around whom I have built it, looking for trouble which they make worse with those stupid bread winner insults.

They do not scare me in anyway, just a handful of fools doing what they do best with respect to how others showed up at the market often and then one day showed up there with nothing to sell but their bodies and there are the other cracked up out of my league characters who have their legendary civil and criminal disobedience to fool around with, picking on people that are stronger and setting me out as a character that can handle them while I got controlled, which the Asians and Middle East twats love to play out the most, looking like I am going to have to learn how to get the imagination up peoples bottoms before it stops how they would fancy it did. Never mind the part where they used to be caught up in gangs and simply cannot tolerate the fact that I appear to exist without any personal choices which got me caught up in one - goes without saying the idea what they have wrestled from me will end up in their right hand side and make them money, only adds up to their Industry gits and minions getting imagination up my bum, looking for a response that I believe this time, they really are annoying me enough to get.

So I have been told I am really digging into the mental illness issues at this stage but I am not; if I did, I would have been chasing a grand case where I had a way to manage the mental health in each and every case of this nonsense, which meant that once I stitched all of them together my mind would be in a stitched up and sound position at all times. I mean take the Celebrities for example, their insistence on building everything that gets imagination up my bum ought to give rise to an outcome in which they had to protect everything that allows them escape the effects of such nonsense, since it was quite clear that if I got my hands on it, they will never see it again as it were – such that whilst I am not doing so, it is becoming a wonder as per whether I am allowed to move on or when they churn the tummy their stupidities want to do something about the smell or keep their mouth shut.

They do tell me my actions add up to a war but I think what a war would look like is a case where I wanted to ensure this was the last time people ran off controversies at my expense by which they will sell and advertise products by insulting and abusing me and so an ultimatum for another event of such nonsense being maintained every time I had cleared it out would be the best prospects for a war that did fit their stupidities well enough as it were. The problem with these fools is how they take a small process of causing others a lot of distress and then turn it into a public crisis – this is a simple case where business managers and their local idiots who get imagination up peoples bottoms to secure their sales developed a habit of telling me how to exist which meant they ended up on the other side with my whole life and Hermitage at their disposal, the very feeling itself being the bane of their abusive behaviour and is meant to indicate wealth and power; they could always stop it.

So we find the way it has developed is one where they blab about influence of Germany all the time while what is happening with those is that their insults have now produced results where their interests in Africa and South America are in decline, so they never stopped banging me; the behaviour was rife since the economic crisis when for some reason Germany must safeguard itself against the British and before any found out what was really happening there was a story about Germany biggest bank and any efforts to rebuild the economy in Asia was decimated; thereafter it was rebuilt and their need to come up with something similar had become a habit, the outcome being that since then, I had my bits which I had gotten accustomed to like the ones they have got and I don’t think that threatening me helps to resolve it; the efficient pricks therefore need push me a little bit and see if I am not going to push this further as well. They claim it has always been German influence the entire time and yes it has, my point is that I am an Arch Prince who does not give into people moving into my right hand and do not think that my people should be doing the same as well – if their idiocy is aware of how it is going, whatever their case with the bread winner insolence that appears to make them endless profit in this place, want to change something for the better, need to get on and do so, as threatening me is never likely to improve a thing. It needs to keep away from my Hermitage and engage with the Books I have written, if it does not like my Books, need to get out and move on and of course it should not go without mentioning that the efficient pricks never stop lying, while what I have done to secure British interests hence we are not having to repeatedly rebuild everything because of them is paying off too.

The economic problems had given us an opportunity to do things better and this was one of them; where everything that supports British in Africa and South America looked like mankind and there was little we could do – now it has become clear with a bit work that what gets solved militarily is really a mobility issues, perhaps not being spared statements on which businesses should be owned by superior people and which should be owned by inferior people especially when products turn up here in the UK as well but nothing to raise the hair for that is not traditionally known to show up at administrative Office. None understands why the Germans are hell bent on destroying it when they take part in less of the overseas wars unless they were doing their stuff but we know its an example of what people end up with when their need to hang around communities drinking to the health of those who dared to own what they don’t, then show up on the streets to run people down and get rich by violent lasciviousness is not being tackled. The Americans who play around with this say they are checking me to ensure I am not an instrument of oppression and I suppose it has its Merits but I don’t see how running off controversy by which people abuse me to plug products into my public image and Hermitage was part of it. My point is that I am passionate about what I have achieved here and do not see how their insults will likely improve where they have ended up for threatening it.