The claim made is that I am a disrespectful twit who thinks that Celebrity was aware of who I am, and it is always expressed with an inability to keep their stupid hands to themselves because it would love to drag me into trouble with the Police the way its busy body stupidities had wasted its own life. I don’t think Celebrities are aware of who I am, I think that they are the cream of the crop when it comes to a group of people who spend a lot of time inventing fabulous ideas on how to be financially well off and unsociable, so primarily, if they will not cease abusive comments that make a mess of my finances because they were getting around the City on a flying carpet of insults, lies, lasciviousness and partying, then we have got a real problem. On the whole however, it does not really know why it needed to meet with somebody in a board room to discuss business, it knows it had to plug its stupidities into my social life and get paid for being popular, once finished, it shares the money with a community that will get imagination up my bum, knowing of the consequences that were linked to a process where it ran off partying and lasciviousness on me each time it met with somebody in a boardroom to discuss business, as it left me feeling like I was to vomit every thing that I put in my mouth all day long.

As for the story of being attacked and handled at any level, what is really happening is more a matter of a handful of idiots with great ideas about humiliating me constantly but it is always the answer for all their problems when we had not yet gotten to the part where they were labelled as girl men and boy lovers, so that it became so obvious that despite all their gimmicks, they knew nothing about being a Man as such and the blow back of the insulting bottom chasing issues would mean that if such actions were also taken concerning the popularity idiots who wreck my studies and career to hang about on media with abuses that will get people to attack me until I parted with some secret they can make money with – the you me employers and bottom chasing insults, alongside the issue of Celebrities having the lease to abuse my career and person, make stupid scandalous statements they think added up to a process of showing affection to their lovers at my expense, we would be talking about absolutely everything that they had. It does not mean that it is where I might likely stop, just the part where I work as though I am operating with a civil situation and not a service one, the service one being the part where the need to make a mess of peoples civil duties produced an outcome in which the threat of finding that when you faced a National level enemy you had already run your mind through what you were likely to do, gives rise to victims of such nonsense putting them up in Hospital beds. It is not where I am likely to end my case either, as we see their silly children had since begun another campaign about where I stopped with my disrespect while others handled my life and work to make money with a big mouth and we have not yet seen where the stupidities of their parents stopped so far i.e., when insults from their children meant that they had a social cost to foot and likewise the insults from them meant their children had social costs to deal with as well, such that they ended up where they had to live in incestuous relationships and there was worse to come – it is the one that will make the most sense of the fact that what has wrecked my career and finances is a matter of these fools exploring my civic duties to find that it was easier for me to fight back than set about looking for trouble, so organised a community that will operate on the abuse of my person to ensure they were rich and famous and the process involved getting imagination up my bum after setting out a fight I am meant to get involved with every day. The other story is that Americans like to see me do security guard activities but it is a case that will likely stop when I take them up at the Markets and wait for them there every single day to ensure they kept their insults at Home as well – I mean they saw me do security guard job sometime but it was the part where they were likely to perform filthy gimmicks on me in order to chase top industry jobs and pay packets that will make them real men, which when resisted resulted in threats to the jobs of those who occupied protected premises, so I had to deal with that too; that they are now expecting me to pick up security guard work is an indication that they believed their stupid selves to be very good at looking for trouble. So I do get told I play off my destructive activities as something beeline which I do as none is entitled to my career and it is not clear how much work I have to do on the one issue before it stops being the social lives a bunch of idiots had devised for themselves yet – we are heading towards such results as I will cause them so much pain and trouble and distress, they would claim I had devised a new career but it was all part of a profile building process for a Bookshop (beyond which it seems that what keeps them distracted from other peoples careers and finances all those times we did not take much notice of their gimmicks, is the gangs and crime, the shooting and stabbing, of which it is clear the reasons people are usually so angry).

I could never understand the reasons they found it easier to show up on Media and build a Crowd that will be entertained by a process of spending time addressing me abusively and passing insults at me, I do know however that they enjoy nothing better than to put themselves in charge of Public matters concerning which they knew nothing, so they might build this crowd because the tendency for me to give away a secret when abused and exasperated was high and it needed to stop I suppose with a process whereby I did something to ensure they were forced to read a Book I had written for every involvement with me as well, alternatively which they do have Children at Home to address for pleasure all the time. Take the homosexuals issues for instance; we understand that homosexuals had an issue with me because they could have the best sex by handling my personal life and public image – so when the idiots get involved they build a crowd that will decide how much civil rights I loved and run it off every day to make sense of their financial problems, the lies they tell and the smile they can put on their faces while they used their perdition as a tool of assault with a big mouth but the problem for me despite feeling sore all over because of their involvement, was as simple an a process where homosexuals got to understand that if this was the condition for their homosexuality, I will be there when the penis is being inserted into the vagina or the anus or whatever and they will be the first to grow tired of this creation – this is an example of gimmicks these fools pull at my expense to tear down my wellbeing and involve themselves with matters their stupidities are too great to respect and I think it is about to head off towards an ending fitting for their perdition as well. The story of the way I end up in such a predicament is nothing unusual, the process involved picking up what they claim are mistakes but are ways that I work in a deliberate fashion to achieve results associated with Public problems concerning which they did complain more than most people complained anyway: what they then do with it is to pick out a crowd, run off abuses and use the results as the determining factor for which career I was entitled to have based on careers I already have, depending on how brave I have been – the only way to reciprocate naturally will be to pick up the fact majority of them have been to prison, had criminal records and thereby run off the same process for them as well, whereby it seems that if I didn’t, their stupidities will never come to a conclusion. If I did however I would have had to ensure they understood that I didn’t need to as there was no part of my personal, private and professional concerns which required to and was therefore likely to do it for the sole purpose of extreme destruction without keeping any of the stupid history as usual, I do like to mention that enough had not yet died, judging from their opinion of me and their need for these gimmicks all together as it were. It is the story of the men who would be women, the same story as usual and the need to get imagination around my private parts abusively and violently is currently the biggest motivation towards a process of running off their own humiliation disposition that involved making sense of those stupid sugar babies and popularity gits ripping up my finances over the last decade and involved the fact they were bottom chasers and boy lovers not real men like they profess to be endlessly, which will progress into the part where each insult by their children was something they picked up at work and each insult by them was something their children picked up at school, leaving them the prospects of ending up in incestuous relationships when it gets abusive enough too, it seems that unless I did this, their insolence will not cease to get around my anus and stagnate my career and finances in the process, to ensure their foolish money problems was everybody else’s worry. They always claim they had legitimate concerns and I understand entirely, considering the society and the leadership issues, it is assumed that their concerns were legitimate naturally, it is the insulting me and pushing up my stress levels for gimmicks that will get them paid for being popular, that is the source of all problems in this place. So I do get told that I should not recognise their cause which I don’t in a larger sense as such but they have been fighting my wars as well and this is what it is really useful for: it believes that it is a real Man and we are that bit away from beginning the process of humiliating their stupidities in public to make money and get paid for being popular as well, so I believe that one more stupid move will kick it from here too.

They make those statements all the time about the idea I build up of having won a great battle which is not what it is about at all - it is really about the insidiousness and boldness of the Gold diggers who have since picked up my service processes to pretend they were so important I had to pay professional attention to their stupidities; whilst Clients spoke of products and services, they spoke of me getting into a fight with people and the people I am meant to get into a fight to protect, so it does appear that ending up in a situation where I taught them some lessons they will never forget is currently likely to be an inevitable experience. The bragging is that I never had a chance against them but it is never what I had a chance against as such, only a matter where it is all about the way they pick up my career, issue accusations, make a mess of my social life, take out the best work I have done for it and set about making their own money at Industry, this professional curtesy does solve a lot of problems and when ageist idiots whose stupid children later decide where mine is meant to stop while we were still in the dark as to when that of their foolish parents got to. show up here, they need buy and read a Book.

It is then suggested that I am a paedophile which is acceptable if they had again developed another gimmick that suggested they would like to sacrifice me to make sense of new civil rights, therefore come up with a story that will facilitate me being attacked for it and we know such nonsense runs off until I too hang about making sense of what the public wants and how they could give it considering the effects of their immoral personal decisions. It is a serious accusation as such but none is paying, you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues idiots to antagonise those who had dealings with the people that employed them, we are all aware that they are paid to do the job in hand, it is an example of where their own gimmick stops I assume. The idea is that I have a lot of skeletons in my closet and I feel like it most of the time  considering the number of occasions that I bump into a situation where they had decided I was born into the world to die so that their stupidities may have more money and civil rights, however it is up to them to investigate those skeletons and bring it all to the surface for all to see, on the contrary which it does not indicate guilt but a sign that I want to get them murdered.