The question raised here varies but mostly come down to the same issue i.e., that I am at risk of being an extremist. It is utter nonsense as the reality is that black people had a way of getting involved with me which wrecks University studies, performs such vile and violent nonsense that involved building a community that got imagination up my bum because of what they want to use me for and of course chasing my public image and finances, which is easy as far as they were concerned, because we shared the same skin colour and they were big enough to get involved with me in a manner that was different from the way other people did, making a mess of my Bookshop and finances, which process they have been in possession of for a decade and a half so far. It beats my imagination all the time that it was possible for people to decide that they wanted to build themselves up to a community in which they performed practical jokes that applied to the way my possession and finances should be used, as though their demands were the law of the land which gets bold enough to discuss my attitude with Politicians. All together it does show that they knew very little about me and really are not living in the real world when informed that it will end badly. The rest are the white people who ensure everything I did about it was spent already, even going as far as the idea that I am one of supporters of Brexit which none is aware of and if people were, I would end up in serious trouble which again is utter rubbish as we can see that the reasons Brexit occurred speaks for itself whether or not I was actively supporting it of which it is difficult to see what indeed they could do about the fact that I had, where big brother characters lead from the front with a need to liaise with Celebrities, get their Politicians and their stupid Children showering others with insults and spy on people until they catch victims with no clothes on to build communities that get imagination up the bum and cannot do anything about their academic pursuits and career without wanting to lay claims of ownership to my Public image and social life – this is their length and width, the threats are a bluff. It can always come to the blabbing about what they might do to ensure they ran the neighbourhoods, but it will only bring out the narcissism in others as well, when they go from the aforementioned to a process where they were driving haulage Trucks for instance and wanted arrangements that involved a process where they played a part in the lives of Celebrities which others do not want as well. The rest of it are gits from American talking nonsense about the problems I create being bigger than me and adding up to issues others had to clear out which will be an invalid argument when these idiots had pushed their perverted interest in my finances to a point where my prime interest in them was to catch every single one of them when they did and ensure that consequences I set out were not only greater than the effects of their personal decisions but also solved a problem as it were. It really does believe it is entitled to invent any stupid thing it wanted and to insert it into other peoples careers and personal finance matters but so does the problem also grow to a stage whereby one must decide what one really wants as well, especially with regards to black people.

They do claim that I have failed to acknowledge what has happened to me, especially at the Monarchy and it is utter nonsense as nothing whatsoever had happened to me as such – the truth of it is that I was found using foul language and swear words and there was confusion as to the reasons I did since the Media and City centre gits never allowed what I said to be listened to by those who needed to do so, it was never seen that I used those words in a professional capacity. So they too appropriate action on the matter and the Queen was displeased about it as the Queen was informed of the reasons that I used those words, from there we could see the extent to which these gimmicks ran on Royals that ran me down until they set me up for punishment and were led by the Prince of Wales, the Politicians who showed up at University and the jobs market after to run off practical jokes until I dropped out of University while at the Jobs market my career was trashed, the Media who then built a bubble for the whole thing and got themselves into trouble with criminals and hoodlums because they knew where my Books were located and wanted to spend it on themselves. It loves to blow off its big mouth all the time in a world where a Doctor would want to examine a patient, assess symptoms and reach a diagnosis before he started to work on a Patient but they want to work on a patient using their own tools without going through examination and diagnosis process, talking nonsense about what it is not certain would happen if I got my own publicity specifically to target their stupidities as well. I have been told if there is something on my mind I needed to clear it as such but there is nothing there – when the business of waiting for idiots to pick up my service processes for something else that runs into what they believed my existence ought to look like, grabbing my income while I wait for them to move their businesses on years after year, during which time their Politicians were trashing my finances to help them to Government funds and build up the stupid confidence that helps them claim this was a matter of not being able to tolerate weak people, of which none knows what they were doing with my Books thereof as such, when it stops, so will I and if it does not, I am set to make them squirm picking up my service processes to make their own money while setting out what my existence really ought to look like and I plan to have it end with me standing of a plume of smoke bearing from a trashed Celebrity culture too.

First time round we saw how being oppressed because they felt like it, later setting out to make money from my social life, being oppressed while they were neither government operatives nor wealthy people ended with a need to build communities that got imagination around my private parts because I enjoyed working and dominating them while I lived on Government support, I plan to get away with everything I did about the Celebrities and insolent fans. The rest of the time they claim it annoyed them a pipsqueak like me had that much power of which they did not know the half of it as it extends to Economic power and applies to the Politicians as well i.e. consequences to the process where they had a choice to buy products from a wealth equity mistress but preferred to blow kisses at criminals on my public image to sell magazines and to get famous, then show up to trash my career when they buy products from wealth equity mistress, as an expression of their stupidities which they preferred to describe as power - mostly they can go fuck themselves. On the matter of the idea, I am trying to resolve these issues by war, it should be noted I am doing so such thing – they love to suggest the social classes were fluid, but it is rather shut tight on either side of those who are poor and those that are rich. I was taken to the upper class by the Queen Herself and we have issues that apply to industry which had emerged as a matter of the Queens Authority, these were issues that I was considered to be one of the best hands to handle and since then incurred the wrath of Celebrities and their tribalism idiots ripping up the finances i.e., they make the assumption publicly all the time, that they are best at looking for trouble and I don’t think that anybody wants to discuss it as such. The details on the other hand are that I wrote my Books in my capacity as a Hermit and Celebrities have been picking up my service processes to build a version of me that they existed in a manner they could tolerate to make me exist that way, this means that when people looked at my social life and public image while expressing an interest in my Books, my Bookshop failed to make the cut. Then they bring up those gimmicks where they got to teach me how to write Books but will be making sure other younger people who were ready to do a good job took it up, to rub salt into injury and hang about boasting of the consequences that would follow if I had not stopped what I am doing. When it comes to what needed to be stopped however, if the above mentioned facts had not educated enough, we are looking at a business of being able to take advantage of others through oversight and a need to control my finances developing into something of a habit of wrecking my career which added up to a crime, then the follow on abusive processes that will ensure I kept it secret so that they might continue to be famous – I could really do without their interest in my concerns, I could really do without the part that got confusing, I could do without the countermeasures taken while I had not responded due to fears of reprisals – so I think that as far as a continued habit of picking up my service processes to create another version of me was concerned, I will make them squirm as it were. They do claim I wanted the Monarchy to come to my aid, but we know if that happened my chances of getting away with it was slimmer and therefore not what had come into the picture as a function of what I wanted. I do not think the matter is a crisis as such, when it is suggested that there was too much of me around; take for instance the building of wealth Equity that I have – its purpose is to allow us push finance boundaries the way that a bunch of industry gits will not push their financial boundaries without handling our personal and social life but what these gits do when they get involved is try to suggest they were getting involved with the wealth equity but set about publicity that allowed them plug the problems of their social and personal lives into mine and make for me the same trouble that got them into trouble, while getting paid for being popular on my Public image by the same industry trouble makers who spend their money making trouble for others, which in turn creates the idea that what I did about them relied on other peoples finances, whereas the picture was a case of me, them and those who owned industrial property, therefore the prospect of a process where I stopped hurting them whilst this continues was very slim. The same is what I had to deal with at university but at university it was more a matter of sales practices not a matter of dominating and handling me, so my tummy could not handle it and I dropped out ill. Where we have ended up is largely a position in which black people had a separate way of getting involved with me and my concerns which had to stop and I have no idea when they take it up the angle that they were very important, who the fuck a 17-year abuse and career vandalism is playing with them at this stage as such. This is not scary; scary is when they organise communities like this to abuse me for reason, develop from a handful of ignorant twats that are incredibly good at looking for trouble, who show up here and end up in a situation where they gesture me to the left because they had not the knowledge to get themselves and me out of the trouble they had created, which effect is that those who then speak of moving into my right hand because they were bigger made me feel as if I was to implode rather soon, developed into a process where they thought their tribalistic stupidities required me to respond to their needs as though it was the Law of the Land, up to the point where they discussed my attitude with Politicians and it had to be settled in blood – this is scary and I believe when I say I have had enough of them and black peoples involvement with me and that of the likes in the white community needed to be the same as that of everybody else lest it ended badly, I have done my best on the matter.