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To address apprehension about getting involved with us, there has been since the economic crisis of 2007 which exposed much about the personal and financial operations of the people of the world, been one most outstanding source. I am referring to the dual eventuality of an apprehension that people have of starting all over again should I give them some equitable morale on one, hand while on the other, the fear of Media and popularity reprisals that cause them to demand a personal arrangement on my part which makes the apprehension worse as those who work property equity vandalism with Media are usually armed with more ammunition in the form of scandals to work with.

I should start therefore by saying that the fear of Media is usually unfounded as it is mostly built of perception and a little bit of confidence breaking market treachery. Some people will say it is a brave face placed on things but I am not putting a brave face on the fact I am aware and what I write does suggest I am in control of Media communities of civil rights vandals that presume to control the underbelly of Cities and appear not to have the will to get on with anything unless with narcissism and sexual context abuses they are attacking and threatening others, to take up peoples time and dare the busy public into a fight - so am I aware of and in complete control of the advertisement based vandalism that eventually adds up to administrative action which is akin to the control of whole neighbourhoods in order to manage and run a premises.

My vision remains the need to get the Public spending the spare change that is usually set aside by those who are seen behaving in very unusual ways at the market place, whose actions add up sometimes to shop lifting for attrition, who work most of the reasons that vandals with Media access love to think themselves famous on my Books; therefore, rather than a total control of what happens in terms of Business, I have opted for the partnership based operational procedure that we see here. Eventually I dare say it is okay to shop, take part and see how Intellectual Property Administration solutions from the Estate works for you. 

I wish you the best of Luck 

There is talk now of endemic failure of leadership naturally which is utter nonsense there is no failure of leadership anywhere, it’s the irony of the idea that those who have what has not been gratuitously left for them to keep even though they did not deserve it by idiots who are many times their size or given to them by tall scum getting dangerous with money in the City centre, do not have the right to enjoy the same decency or Human rights that other people are allowed to have by Law. Now they are famous and important too, some of them are Celebrities therefore had what others do not, that these things have been gained at my expense is completely irrelevant, the point is that I am abused because I am important and once the history had been built they were important too, same as the business of having what other people do not have. They do say I speak of these things but it does not make me better off which is what must change unless the Books I write actually belong to them and we can see it’s the same way they spend time helping goons to the secrets behind how women protect themselves when faced with very violent and evil Men, so that these fools might be able to creep behind people a quarter of their size and help them to fame and fortune which lets them dart off the sugar baby insults that builds up the idea they are about to kill somebody and I am about to work for all I own and hand it over to weak women, that they tell me its about the market I have built for my Books and not the Books itself, as stupidly as possible.

About The Royal Hermitage Estate Broker Tutorial

The most common question I have been asked about my Books concern the Legal Premise on which the Equities contained may be deployed. This is the question I will answer in this section and will supply a two part answer for it.

Firstly, I have developed the Book Titles and Packaged them in such a way that the risk of deploying the Equities are contained within the premise of my public image and the working relationship we share as traders thereby limiting it to the lowest possible effect or eliminated completely. For those who are prospecting however, each context story I have told in the Book and each paragraph are developed as product of Equity exploits and therefore do not come with any risks, save concerning Intellectual property proliferation which might be responded to by the British Establishment or my Royal Partner. Others who have come across such responses have indicated and will wish to deploy their experience as a future edge to facilitate some form of repercussion based competition and therefore is neither the risk that my Customers should bear nor one that I should be discussing, even though I am quite happy to explain the situation here.

Further more, all our Books are sold directly from the Authors Office and have been Autographed by the Arch Prince Himself. This does not just serve an Aesthetic Purpose but is also a part of the Intellectual Property Administration Process, by which the Contained Creative and Creativity Functional Equities are Brokered. 

Today's Bulletin - The Estate
We are mainly concerned with prospecting packages of Property Equity based Intellectual Property Administration, which is developed from the Royal Estate. We write our Books to reflect the story of where we have been and what we have done, to provide for Equities concerning Public place Property security such as High Streets and Roadside Billboard Advertisement and we provide packages of creativity from a writing which helps our Brokers and Clients gain access to fundamentalism concerned with the development of products which we have set out to facilitate designs that achieve the purpose of Property Equity and Intellectual Property Administration. We also provide follow on services such as Publicity for the Royal Estate Brokered Equities and the Projects that Clients and creators develop with us, picking up on what products that have created are doing on the Streets at the Hands of the Customers Aesthetically in order to keep an inventory, by which regular updates and prospects for the development of Asset Equities at the Estate Trust which fulfil both the needs of all Clients and the World around us for the future.


Its never true that the Media can decide if or not I am able to make a living; what really happens is that I do not spend any time of my own doing something about the practical jokes the Media wants to play on my finances – it is usually based on stupidities associated with a certain trend that is to do with either being connected to people who can do violent acts or picking on those that are and then trying to get away with it all the time; it does brew the question of whether it is okay to say that people can follow every other type of trend but not this one but there are clear reasons why I never do a thing about it. That said, personal finances are personal for a reason and these kinds of insulting gimmicks were never set to last; they are now complaining about me very regularly because I have had to tolerate it for almost two decades and am starting to feel as though my time schedule is catching up with my inactions on the matter altogether. It goes without saying especially when they complain of young people being under attack from all angles while I can never have a Court in peace and my academic work and personal finances which are none of their business are both always under assault – in terms of the Court of which women make me deals about sex which causes men to show up around their case to demand it all the time, taking their jobs and careers and then families soon after from them, only to have people complain that I am not the only one attacking young people with a stubborn and insultingly abusive mannerism of extracting fame and fortune from peoples lives, in terms of my personal finances, I feel as though my Bank account has a mind of its own and keeps telling me I am telling lies about what these fools are really doing with the Media and its Celebrity and Popular culture where it concerns my personal life and public image, keeps telling me the state of the bank balance is what they are really doing. So it’s a matter of goons who need Books from this Company but will rather build a crowd that can help them prevent it from getting sold and it is the fact that this crowd is helping them create a determination to build me the dreams I had which were broken by them for trophy prestige that constitutes the reasons for their complains and an assumption they can control my finances – nothing but the same old western corruption of involvement which tends to learn a bit more respect from others when more and more of the joys of naivety is taken from them but above all, I would fancy they cleared that crowd they build up to help stop my Books from getting sold and stopped bothering me. The effect of these silly activities is one where my whole life comes to a stop because the point at which Politicians spent tax payer funds on their needs was never good enough, therefore it has become a matter of things they can do in my direction because if push came to shove they would win the violent aspects, thus important if they have played out their insanity to such a point that if they stopped it they would lose their minds, then followed it up with an assumption it is meant to be one of my daily concerns – while I am left feeling as though somebody is building a concrete wall on my front door every morning so I have to explain to my employer regularly why I cannot attend work, then get to tell me if I described him as a bloody idiot I would get into trouble; those who bellow the violent threats of which have spent their time training themselves on such things and will not stop blabbing about being a bigger power until I spend my time to train myself on handling them as well; it has happened before on the push comes to shove gimmicks being played out on football people who now do not fancy me very much, next stop will be the Media and then after I suppose it will all come to an end and feel very sad indeed.

They do claim I really have to grasp of what I have gotten myself into and it is utter nonsense as we all know that they only have raids from poverty based tribalism that they obviously have not got the money support – apart from which they also have Media and its purpose is to make money from the fact they have raised their children in appalling ways and wish to make use of other peoples lives to make it easy on themselves, hence we end up with endless conversations about what I have not worked for or earned, where I have gotten to way too early and undeservedly, a problem with my public image being their own to share as well and we have gotten from a process where I do not want people building popular culture on my public image to an outcome where they are ordering my every move and I am feeling sore all the time, as though my public image was their property to decide by if they want to make use of or not. 

The part that annoys me the most about these fools is their incompetence of course; it has Media at its disposal, it wants to run shopping channels and get rich quick but rather than buy Books I write to find out how to broker the equities it wants to make use of, what it does is savage Royal Public image that it cannot afford if it was told to pay for it and all because it wants to send this message that its children are racist or civil rights gits and the process of doing shopping channels on my public image to get rich quick is how it has always been, on account it would have added up to a favour done me to save my life, as insultingly as possible; so this is something it will do and it is all about the chest and tummy and anus of its victims and then I cannot get anywhere important because of it and my tummy never does what it should and I am always stressed and then I finally get told that the bad smell caused by their continued stressful and disobedient involvement that involves those insulting mockery and violent lasciviousness they will not stop because they would have won the violent bits if push came to shove will get me into trouble, making those stupid assumptions that it knows me well enough to. It is the same incompetence that gets them deciding what should become of people like me that are trying to make enough money to look after a Royal Estate on a Shoe string, whereas we see all the time such arrangements being made use of by the same fools – Twitter for instance is free but the structures are being paid for by a Company, same as Facebook and the whole time we have these systems which show that free of charge public usage can become a business acumen if you know how to make use of it, while the idiots continue to interfere to extract money from my life and tell me I am trying to run a Royal Estate on a Shoe string looking for trouble. As a piece of advice, I suppose I have never seen somebody suffer as a result of government Policy being made on economics except idiots that have set out structures for hurting people which they claim adds up to a business, just as an afterthought in this matter in case I play my part in the processes by which it is taken from them so I might have some peace as well. 

I cannot see therefore that I have gotten myself caught up in anything unusual (The only reason we have found ourselves in the situation is the Media but if I got about pointing out in such manner, I would not be having any fun myself. Top of the list apart from following me around at academic institutions to wreck my work and make statements that massage their ego, causing me the need to graduate on them and build a career thereof after to see whether they can back up their tales, is the fact that each time I prevent culture and society trouble makers building popular culture on my public image, the corruption of involvement that goes way back to an interference with my Court to boost their career and run off a life of domination on me gives the trouble makers I can control comfortably some form of publicity with which they can claim they have my public image to deploy to their own ends and this they do with what they claim was a dream job for them – it is very distressing for me of course and brews this question of whether it happens because they have got the same powers the politicians have, as we know the Politicians do it each time they want to inform their party members of what they suppose it would mean for the people to be powerful, the media and its operatives are yet to explain their point when they do, apart from making insulting statements about problems I should be sorting out to make them comfortable and then find they are unable to deal with those points in time when I think I am tired of it and tired of dealing with financial complications that come because of it. so they always claim that there is nothing I can do about it of course which is why I am on social media as well; the part about their need to see me in a gang fight which was the main disposition they worked to push me out of my academic work about a decade ago, only led to a process where the gangs chased their bottoms as well because they started it and they have been issuing threats at me that they could never back up because of it too – so I need to move it on to the part where I set them up for Law enforcement too, as we can see that the theory is that when people are handling culture and society trouble makers comfortably and the Media is letting the criminals out of the bag - claiming those that are really cannot get the job done while we know tools are being used such as a process where a potential murderer would know he has built himself some savings that will ensure he sleeps well in prison and therefore would not mind taking a life unless he is going up against somebody that could take it from him before the fight begins i.e. such measures prevent these kinds of people from taking risks with peoples lives and controls the problem very well, it would never lead to outcomes where the parents complain and the siblings complain and then the teachers at school and then everybody else right up to the point where a Judge in a Law Court complains as well, so this is the theory I am going to go by).

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We aim to dispatch all Orders as quickly as possible to their designated Locations and all queries may be resolved at the contact page by getting in touch with us directly. This is solely for resolution of Orders and Delivery discrepancies if any were to exist.

Today's Bulletin - Public Appearance (and all Media) Equity


- This much is clear about the Media and its investors - My Life is not about their problems and how I get off solving them.

- The only exit left for the spate of vandalism by American led Liberalist with Globalisation in mind has left only the managerial exit or running a campaign that will also build an Empire on the basis of informing people of the ill effects of their products, without reason or indeed provocation and on a completely unfounded basis, like I have learned from them.

- There is no Truth in the claim I can be compelled to pick up ugliness or violence like Fans of Communism make out.

- The Poor peoples Carnal wounding talk is always a self promotional gimmick that has not been earned, which is better seen as evil and not a social or Industrial problem. The Rich persons version is always an intention to harm as some things never change and I am not loved very much because my Books are my main commitment. All else Politics and Civil rights is insultingly waiting for others to work for it especially expected on the internet.

Let's get started

In this section, our main concern is that of the Estate Office Administration. All to do with Broker, Mobility and some Legal issues that would be too time and cost ineffective if followed on at a Law Court. A system I have developed for myself and readers/Brokers which works by means of Public place Property ownership balance and is therefore Industrial Crowd intensive. To find out more about this, Click the Button below to find out more.

Today's Bulletin - Administration General


I am often told that most of my activities amount to fallacies which are a threat to the operation of freedom like we see expressed by the Democratic Camp in the US that lost the 2016 General Elections and the President that was incumbent at the time but usually it is easy to understand on one hand why authorities are concerned about busy body Individuals who go about bothering dangerous people and then fail to do anything about them, if that is I am accused of acting in such ways all together presumably but that is not the subject matter in its right all together. The subject matter is more of a case where this threat to freedom is usually applicable when people wish to gain an access to National and International Media at my expense, which is worked by means of a need to get me sharing what I know, while the increasing difficulty I will have with them as a people is that they have a problem with the idea of paying for it. This adds up to a pyramid scam in which they organise themselves into families and show up on Media, whereby the entire purpose of their public appearances adds up to outcomes in which all who associate with me have to contend with their desire to make good an original provocation that works out a privilege of injustice process, while I am left on an end caring about them as they care about their friends and families. My point being that the reasons for hatred exhibited towards me by Politicians and Journalists and Civil Rights Moguls is entirely justified, it is concerned with a process where they lose every Culture that adds up to a process of bullying me over money and provoking me will therefore continue end in an outcome where I decide what they get to do what their time and then stop their fame for them as well. 

I am regularly informed that is is largely a matter of the extent of power I exhibit towards others, while the truth is rather that they enjoy building their own version of the issues I have resolved around my work, then set about blaming me for a lack of solutions for it and in the end when all had been considered especially those who would think they are famous but are not in my view, it becomes a matter of their desperate need for psychiatric help and I am left sore all over due to the fact their primary involvement with me is still based on the prognosis of evil that works distant violence when they are not getting what they want. All because they are a bit miffed about buying and reading a £26.00 Book.

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All that is needed by Brokers and Customers with respect to Property Administration can be found in this section. Mainly to do with my reputation all over the world, managing the Estate Books and Property Equity Library and also the Bookshop renaissance.

There are equitable securities available for some elements of personal life cruelty which are deployed for Industrial and market place duress. 

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Today's Bulletin - Renaissance General

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